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Pokémon 390 is a species of Pokémon known as Chimchar. It is a Fire-type Pokémon and the pre-evolution of Monferno and Infernape. Chimchar is a small, bipedal monkey-like Pokémon with a flame at the end of its tail. It has black fur on its face, ears, arms, legs and tail and orange fur on its back and around its eyes. Its arms are short with three fingers on each hand and it has two toes on each foot. Its ears are pointed and it has a long snout with a black nose. Chimchar also has triangular flames on both sides of its head.Pokemon 390 is a Steel-type Pokémon, also known as the “Lonely Steel Pokémon”. It was introduced in Generation IV of the Pokémon series, and can be found in the Sinnoh region. It has a unique and distinct appearance, with its blue body and yellow face. Its body is covered with various metallic plates, giving it a distinct armored look.

Pokemon 390 has an average height of 3’7″ and weighs 135.6 lbs. Its primary ability is Sturdy, which prevents it from being knocked out by one hit. Its signature move is Iron Defense, which increases Pokemon 390’s Defense stat for five turns when used.

Overall, Pokemon 390 is an interesting Steel-type Pokémon with an interesting appearance and unique abilities. Its Sturdy ability makes it a powerful defensive fighter, while its Iron Defense move can be used to increase its defensive capabilities in battle.

Physical Features of Pokemon 390

Pokemon 390 is a dual type Fire/Flying Pokémon. It has a large yellow body, wings, and a tail that resemble a flame. Its head is blue and it has two small red eyes. Its feet are yellow and its beak is black. It also has two small horns on the top of its head. The wings of Pokemon 390 are long and thin, allowing it to fly with great speed and agility.

The tail of Pokemon 390 is made up of two distinct parts; the first part is made up of red flames while the second part is made up of white clouds. The tail can be used to create powerful gusts of wind which can be used to blow away opponents in battle or to help lift its own body off the ground during flight.

Pokemon 390 has a large, muscular body which allows it to move quickly and powerfully in battle. It can also use its wings to propel itself forward quickly, making it an incredibly agile fighter in aerial battles. Its horns can be used to create powerful shockwaves which can both damage opponents and push them away from the creature.

Overall, Pokemon 390 is an incredibly powerful creature with an impressive range of physical features which make it well-suited for both aerial combat as well as ground combat. Its speed, agility, strength, and ability to generate powerful gusts of wind all make it well suited for any situation or environment.

Weaknesses of Pokemon 390

Chimchar, the Pokemon with the number 390, has a few weaknesses. Its Fire-type attacks can be easily countered by Water-type Pokemon, making it vulnerable to them. It is also weak to Ground-type attacks, as well as Rock and Electric-type moves. Its low Defense stat means that it can be taken down quickly if it is hit with enough powerful attacks. Additionally, its Speed stat is relatively low compared to other Fire-types, meaning that it is often outsped by faster opponents and unable to make full use of its potential.

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Strengths of Pokemon 390

Despite its weaknesses, Chimchar has some notable strengths as well. It has an impressive Special Attack stat which allows it to make good use of its Fire-type attacks. It is also capable of learning powerful physical Fighting-type moves such as Close Combat and Flare Blitz which can be used to great effect against enemies with low Defense stats. Additionally, Chimchar’s Speed stat gives it the ability to outspeed most non-Legendary Pokemon and make use of its powerful set of moves before they can react. Finally, Chimchar’s dual typing gives it some additional resistances which allow it to take some hits from Water and Ground-type attacks more easily than pure Fire types would.

Types and Abilities of Pokemon 390

Pokemon 390 is a type of pocket monster that has been around since the late 1990s. It has become one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, and its popularity continues to grow. As such, there are many different types and abilities associated with Pokemon 390.

The main type of Pokemon 390 is the Water-type. This type is characterized by its high defense stat and resistance to physical attacks. It also has access to a wide variety of moves, including Surf, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, and Waterfall. In addition, it can learn special abilities such as Rain Dance and Hydration.

The second type associated with Pokemon 390 is the Electric-type. This type is characterized by its high speed stat and resistance to special attacks. It also has access to moves such as Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Spark, and Volt Tackle. In addition, it can learn special abilities such as Static Electricity and Electric Terrain.

The third type associated with Pokemon 390 is the Fire-type. This type is characterized by its high attack stat and resistance to fire attacks. It also has access to moves such as Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Overheat, and Inferno. In addition, it can learn special abilities such as Flash Fire and Drought.

The fourth type associated with Pokemon 390 is the Grass-type. This type is characterized by its high HP stat and resistance to grass attacks. It also has access to moves such as Leaf Blade, Razor Leaf, Seed Bomb, and Leech Seed. In addition, it can learn special abilities such as Chlorophyll and Overgrow.

Finally, there are several other types associated with Pokemon 390 that are less common but still present in some form or another in various games in the franchise: Fighting-type; Ghost-type; Flying-type; Steel-type; Dark-type; Dragon-type; Psychic-Type; Rock-Type; Ground-Type; Fairy Type; Bug Type; Poison Type; Normal Type; Ice Type &;Typeless Type.

Each of these types have their own unique strengths and weaknesses that make them different from each other when used in battle or traded between players worldwide over the internet or local wireless connections on various systems like Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Switch consoles.

In conclusion, there are many different types of Pokemon 390 that have varying stats for each pokemon depending on which version they appear in game play or through trading online or local wireless connection through various systems like Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Switch consoles each having their own unique abilities making them valuable assets for trainers looking for a competitive edge when battling against other players worldwide over internet connection or local wireless connections on various systems like Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Switch consoles allowing trainers to customize their team of pokemon according to their desired strategy making pokemon training an ever exciting adventure!

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Moves Available to Pokemon 390

Pokemon 390 has a variety of moves available to it that can be used in battle. These moves include physical attacks, special attacks, and status moves. Physical attacks are those which involve direct contact with the opponent, such as biting, scratching, or punching. Special attacks typically involve using energy or other elements to damage the opponent, such as fire or ice. Status moves are those which involve changing the environment in some way to affect the battle, such as raising the user’s stats or inflicting a status condition on the opponent.

Each move has its own unique properties, including power level and accuracy. Power level is how much damage that move can do when it hits its target; accuracy is how often the move will hit its target in battle. Moves can also have additional effects beyond just inflicting damage on an opponent; for example, some moves may have a chance of paralyzing an opponent or raising the user’s stats. Moves are also classified by type; for example, there are Water-type moves which do additional damage against Fire-type Pokemon.

In order to use these moves effectively in battle, it is important to understand their properties and how they interact with each other. Choosing the right combination of moves can make all the difference between winning and losing a battle. With so many different types of moves available to Pokemon 390, there is no shortage of options for trainers looking to find success in battle.

Breeding Requirements for Pokemon 390

Breeding is an important aspect of the Pokémon franchise, enabling players to obtain new Pokémon that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. To breed a Pokémon, the player must first meet certain requirements. The specific requirements for each species of Pokémon vary depending on the species, but all require a compatible male and female Pokémon. This compatibility is determined by the National Pokédex number, so it is important to know which Pokémon can breed with which.

In addition to compatibility, the two Pokémon must also be of opposite genders or one must be genderless. If both are genderless, then no breeding will occur. Additionally, wild caught Pokémon cannot be bred unless they have been previously bred in captivity. This ensures that all newly-hatched eggs contain only parent-approved genes and prevents inbreeding between wild caught individuals.

Finally, some species of Pokémon require special conditions in order to breed successfully. For example, some may require a certain item to be held by one parent when the egg is laid, while others may need a specific environmental condition such as rain or temperature before they will breed. It is important to research each species before attempting to breed them in order to determine what their requirements are and how best to fulfill them.

Once all these conditions have been met, breeding can begin! The parents will need an appropriate environment such as an open-air area or an incubator specifically designed for breeding Pokemon. Once inside this environment, they will typically lay one egg after several steps of courtship and mating rituals have been completed. Afterward, the egg may take up to several hours or days before it hatches into the desired species depending on its type and rarity.

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Evolution Requirements for Pokemon 390

The evolution requirements for Pokemon 390 vary depending on the species. The most common requirement is that the Pokemon must reach a certain level in order to evolve. Additionally, some species may require a particular item to be held by the Pokemon, or a specific move to be known. In some cases, two Pokemon of different species must be traded in order to cause an evolution. Finally, some species may require that a certain amount of experience points have been earned before it can evolve.

It is important to note that some species do not evolve at all and will remain in their original form throughout their life. Other species may only evolve once while still others may have multiple stages of evolution which require different requirements for each stage. In any case, it is important to know the specific evolution requirements for each individual species in order to ensure that your Pokemon evolves correctly.

Locations Where to Find Pokemon 390

Pokémon 390 can be found in various locations across the world. These locations range from popular cities and landmarks to more remote areas. In some cases, it may be necessary to travel long distances in order to locate and capture this elusive creature.

In the United States, Pokémon 390 can be found around New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and other major cities. It is also possible to find this rare Pokémon in the deserts of Arizona and Nevada.

Across Europe, this creature can be found in Paris, London, Madrid, Rome, Athens and other major cities. It can also be located in more rural areas throughout Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

In Asia, Pokémon 390 has been spotted around Tokyo as well as in Beijing and Shanghai. Other Asian countries such as India and Thailand are also home to this rare creature.

Australia is another region where Pokémon 390 can be found. This includes popular cities such as Sydney and Perth as well as smaller towns located throughout the country.

Finally, this elusive creature can also be spotted in South America including Brazil, Mexico City and other major cities throughout the continent. Travelling to remote areas may also help you locate this rare Pokémon more easily.


Pokemon 390, Chimchar, is an incredibly versatile and powerful Pokemon. Its Fire-type moves make it a great asset in battling, and its ability to learn many different types of attacks makes it a formidable opponent in any situation. Furthermore, Chimchar’s friendly demeanor and high stats make it a great partner for trainers who are just starting out in the world of Pokemon.

In conclusion, Chimchar is a great choice for any aspiring trainer. Its combination of powerful moves and friendly nature make it an ideal partner to have on your team. With the right training, Chimchar can be an invaluable asset to any trainer’s journey through the world of Pokemon!

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