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Pokémon 207 is a unique and powerful character from the popular Pokémon franchise. Its name is Gligar, and it is a Ground/Flying type of Pokémon. Gligar has a scorpion-like body, with four large claws and two wings. It is covered in blue scales, and its eyes are yellow with black pupils. Its most prominent feature is its tail, which ends in a large stinger. Gligar’s primary ability is Hyper Cutter, which allows it to block the effects of any attack that changes its stats. It also has the moves Fury Cutter, Earthquake, Wing Attack, and Sand Tomb as part of its move set. With its high defensive stats and incredible aerial mobility, Gligar can be an invaluable addition to any team.Teddiursa is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II. It is an adorable creature based on a small bear cub. Its main body is a light brown color with its face, feet, and three-pointed tail being cream colored. Its ears are rounded and black and it has two small fangs protruding from its mouth. Teddiursa has a very distinctive feature, which is the crescent moon mark on its forehead. It evolves from an Igglybuff at level 18 and into Ursaring at level 30.

Teddiursa’s main attacks are Baby-Doll Eyes, Lick, Fake Tears, Fury Swipes, and Slash. Its abilities are Pickup and Quick Feet. Teddiursa is known for being very cute but also quite mischievous. It has been known to steal food from campers’ picnic baskets in order to satisfy its sweet tooth! Teddiursa can be found in forests all over the world but is most commonly seen in the Johto region of the Pokémon world.

Physical Characteristics

Teddiursa is a small, bipedal, bear-like Pokémon. It has a short muzzle with a black nose, beady eyes, and a slightly curved mouth. Its fur is honey-brown and it has a large, crescent-shaped cream-colored marking on its forehead. Its paws have three claws each and are cream-colored as well. It also has four short legs and a short tail.

Teddiursa’s fur is soft to the touch and it enjoys being petted. Its claws are sharp enough to break through tree branches and open tough nuts, which it loves to eat. It also uses its sharp claws to climb trees in order to find honey. Teddiursa can be found in various habitats such as forests, mountain slopes, grasslands, and meadows.

Teddiursa’s Move Set

Teddiursa is a Normal-type Pokémon that was introduced in the second generation of the Pokémon franchise. It is known to have an adorable teddy-bear like appearance and can be found in forests in the Johto region. Teddiursa has a wide range of moves that it can learn, from physical attacks to status effects. It can learn the physical moves Slash, Fury Swipes, Hammer Arm, and Play Rough. Teddiursa can also use status moves such as Yawn, Growl, Charm, and Rest. For special attacks, Teddiursa can use Hyper Voice, Giga Impact, Focus Blast, and Grass Knot. Additionally, it also has access to the unique Z-move Twinkle Tackle which increases its Attack stat significantly when used correctly. Overall, Teddiursa has a great move set which makes it an effective battler in competitive play.

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Teddiursa’s move set also includes powerful support moves such as Helping Hand and Refresh which help it to perform better in battle by aiding its allies or restoring its own HP respectively. Its wide range of utility moves make it a great partner for both double battles and team battles. These include Follow Me which allows it to draw attention away from its ally and onto itself; Encore which forces an opponent to keep using the same move for several turns; Snatch which allows it to take any beneficial buff or debuff from an opponent; and Covet which lets it steal items from opponents. All these utility moves make Teddiursa a very versatile battler that can easily adapt to different situations.

Finally, Teddiursa’s learns two unique moves that make it stand out among other Pokémon: Fake Tears and Metronome. Fake Tears lowers the target’s Special Defense stat while Metronome randomly selects any move regardless of type or power level for use during battle. These two moves give Teddiursa added flexibility during battle as they allow it to adjust its strategy mid-battle depending on what kind of move would be most effective against its opponents at any given time. This makes Teddiursa one of the most unpredictable Pokémon in battle as well as one of the most difficult to defeat!

Teddiursa’s Evolution Chart

Teddiursa is a cute and cuddly Normal-type Pokémon. It is the pre-evolved form of Ursaring, and is found in the Johto region. Teddiursa evolves into Ursaring when it reaches level 30. Teddiursa’s evolution chart can be seen in the Pokédex, which shows its evolutionary line from baby Teddiursa to adult Ursaring.

Teddiursa has several different abilities, including Pickup, Quick Feet, and Honey Gather. Pickup allows it to find items after battle, while Quick Feet increases its Speed stat if it gets hurt by an opponent. Honey Gather allows it to find sweet honey that can be used for healing up HP or curing status conditions in battle.

Once Teddiursa evolves into Ursaring at level 30, its physical appearance changes significantly. Its body grows much larger and its fur turns a deep brown color. It also gains access to two additional abilities: Guts and Unnerve. Guts boosts the Attack stat if it gets hit by an attack, while Unnerve prevents opposing Pokémon from eating their held berries in battle.

Ursaring’s attack stats increase greatly after evolving from Teddiursa, allowing it to use powerful moves like Hammer Arm and Close Combat with ease. Its Defense stat also increases significantly, making it a formidable foe in battle. With these increased stats, Ursaring can easily take on powerful opponents with ease.

Overall, Teddiursa’s evolution chart is interesting to look at as it shows how much of a difference just one level can make for this adorable Pokémon! By evolving into Ursaring at level 30, Teddiursa becomes an incredibly powerful Pokémon that is capable of taking on even some of the toughest opponents in battle!

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Teddiursa is a strong and resilient Pokemon, boasting above average Attack and Defense stats. Its signature move, Play Rough, is a powerful Fairy-type attack that can be used to take down many foes. It also has access to several other strong moves such as Close Combat, Slash, and Earthquake. Teddiursa’s typing grants it numerous resistances that can help it survive against types such as Fire, Ice, Rock, Normal, Poison and Fighting-type Pokemon. Furthermore, Teddiursa has the ability to use the move Belly Drum which can boost its Attack stat to incredible levels.


Unfortunately Teddiursa’s weaknesses outweigh its strengths in most cases. It has a low Speed stat which makes it vulnerable to faster Pokemon such as Salamence or Aerodactyl. It also has four weaknesses: Fighting, Bug, Steel and Fairy-type moves which can be exploited by many common Pokemon. Its low Special Defense makes it vulnerable to special attackers such as Starmie and Alakazam which can easily take it down with their powerful attacks. Lastly, Teddiursa’s movepool is quite limited which means it lacks coverage against certain types of Pokemon.

Locations Where to Catch a Teddiursa

Teddiursa is a Normal-type Pokemon from the Johto region. It is known for its cute, bear-like appearance and its love for honey. If you’re looking to catch your own Teddiursa, there are several places in the game where you can find them.

In Pokemon Gold and Silver, Teddiursa can be found in the National Park, while in Crystal it can be found in the Ruins of Alph. In HeartGold and SoulSilver they can be found at Route 34 and the National Park during nights and mornings.

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Teddiursa can be encountered in Eterna Forest while in Platinum it can be found at Routes 202, 203 and 204. In Black 2/White 2 they can be found at Floccesy Ranch while in X/Y they can be encountered at Route 16 during mornings and evenings.

Finally, if you’re playing Pokemon Sun/Moon or Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon you can find a Teddiursa on Route 1 during nights or on Mount Hokulani during days. With this information, catching your own Teddiursa should be no problem!

How to Evolve a Teddiursa

Evolving a Teddiursa into Ursaring is relatively simple. All you need to do is get your Teddiursa up to level 30. This can be done by battling wild Pokémon and collecting experience points. You can also trade your Teddiursa with another player, which will instantly level it up to 30 if the other player’s Pokémon is at least one level higher than yours. Once your Teddiursa has reached level 30, it will automatically evolve into an Ursaring.

It should be noted that you can only evolve a Teddiursa into an Ursaring once it has reached level 30. If you try to level it up beyond that point, it will not evolve and will remain in its current form until it is traded or reaches the same level as another Pokémon. Additionally, some versions of the game may require you to use a specific evolutionary stone in order for the evolution to take place.

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Strategies for Battling with a Teddiursa

Teddiursa is one of the most popular Normal-type Pokémon in the world of Pokémon. It has a unique set of stats and moves that make it a great choice for battling. In order to maximize its potential, you’ll need to understand how to best utilize its strengths in battle. Here are some tips on how to use Teddiursa effectively:

The first step is to know your opponent. When battling with a Teddiursa, it’s important to take into account your opponent’s type, moveset, and stats. This will help you determine which moves will be most effective against them. Additionally, consider the terrain and weather conditions as they can also affect your strategy.

The second step is to choose the right moves. Teddiursa has access to a variety of Normal-type moves including Tackle, Take Down, Scratch, and Bite. Depending on your opponent’s type and stats, you should select the move that will be most effective against them. Additionally, if possible try to use status conditions like paralysis or sleep as they can give you an advantage in battle.

Finally, when using Teddiursa in battle make sure that you have a plan B in case things don’t go according to plan. If your opponent has an advantage or your strategy isn’t working then you may want to switch up your tactics or switch out for another Pokémon. Having a backup plan can help ensure that you come out victorious in battle.

Overall, Teddiursa is an incredibly versatile Normal-type Pokémon that can be used effectively in battle if you know how to utilize its strengths properly. By taking into account your opponent’s type and stats as well as selecting the right moves and having a backup plan, you should have no trouble using Teddiursa effectively in battle!


Pokemon 207, Gardevoir, is an incredibly powerful and versatile Pokemon that can be used in a variety of ways. With its wide range of moves and abilities, it has an answer to almost any situation. It also has the ability to switch between offensive and defensive roles as needed, making it a great choice for competitive play. Finally, its Psychic typing gives it great coverage against many types of Pokemon. Gardevoir is sure to remain one of the most popular Pokemon for years to come.

Overall, Gardevoir is an incredibly powerful and versatile Pokemon that can be used in a variety of ways. Its Psychic typing gives it great coverage against many types of opponents, while its ability to switch between offensive and defensive roles makes it a great choice for competitive play. With the right moveset and strategy, this beloved Pokemon will remain one of the most popular choices for trainers everywhere.

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