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Uncle Rico is a beloved character from the 2004 comedy film Napoleon Dynamite. He is known for his unique style of dress and eccentric personality. He is portrayed as an over-the-top former high school football star who never quite achieved his dreams of glory. Uncle Rico has been featured in numerous memes, T-shirts, and other merchandise due to his cult following. His memorable quotes and catchphrases have made him a pop culture icon. Fans of the movie can find pictures of Uncle Rico all over the internet, providing hours of entertainment and laughter.Pictures of Uncle Rico from the movie Napoleon Dynamite can be found online. Searching for images of the character on Google or other search engines will bring up a variety of photos, including stills from the movie, promotional posters, and fan art.

Uncle Rico’s Appearance in Napoleon Dynamite

Uncle Rico is one of the most iconic characters in the cult classic film Napoleon Dynamite. He is played by Jon Gries and is portrayed as a dimwitted yet lovable goofball. Uncle Rico is first seen when he shows up at Napoleon’s house in the middle of the night to stay with them for a few days. He quickly becomes a father figure to Napoleon, offering him advice and helping him with his various schemes.

Uncle Rico also serves as a source of comic relief throughout the film, often providing funny one-liners that add to the film’s overall hilarity. His catchphrase “back in my day…” has become an iconic phrase that still gets quoted by fans today. He also has some memorable moments throughout the movie, such as his enthusiastic performance during Kip and LaFawnduh’s wedding and his failed attempt to sell fireworks to schoolchildren.

Jon Gries’ portrayal of Uncle Rico was so popular that he reprised his role for several other films, including Nacho Libre and Blades of Glory. His performance as Uncle Rico continues to be remembered fondly by fans of the movie and has become an integral part of its legacy.

All in all, Uncle Rico’s appearance in Napoleon Dynamite was an important part of why it became such a beloved cult classic movie. His lovable nature, memorable catchphrases, and comedic antics help make him one of the most beloved characters from the film.

Where to Find Images of Uncle Rico

Uncle Rico is a character from the popular 2004 comedy movie, Napoleon Dynamite. He is a former football player who now sells Tupperware and dreams of reliving his glory days. If you’re looking for images of Uncle Rico, there are several places to search.

One great place to start is Google Images. Just type in “Uncle Rico” and you’ll get a wide variety of photos and drawings featuring the beloved character. You can also search for specific scenes from the movie by typing in things like “Uncle Rico throwing football” or “Uncle Rico selling Tupperware.”

Another great source for images of Uncle Rico is fan art websites like DeviantArt. On these sites, fans have created their own renditions of the character, giving you plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect image.

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Finally, if you’re willing to pay for high-quality images, there are several stock photo sites where you can find official images from the movie. These sites offer high-resolution photos that can be used for any purpose. However, they tend to be more expensive than free options like Google Images or DeviantArt.

No matter what type of image you’re looking for, there are plenty of sources online where you can find pictures of Uncle Rico. So don’t be afraid to start searching and see what you can find!

Downloading Pictures of Uncle Rico

Do you want to keep cherished memories of your beloved uncle alive? Now you can, by downloading pictures of Uncle Rico from the internet. With so many websites offering free images, you can easily find a photo to keep close to your heart. And the best part is, you don’t even need to use a computer or any other device. Just search for “Uncle Rico pictures” on Google and you’ll have access to dozens of amazing images!

Once you’ve found the perfect photo, it’s time to start downloading it. Simply right click on the image and select “save image as” from the drop-down menu. You can then give it a name and save it in a folder on your computer or phone. It’s that easy! And if you want to share your favorite photos with friends and family, just upload them onto social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

There are also plenty of websites where you can print out physical copies of Uncle Rico pictures. These make great gifts for special occasions like birthdays and weddings – no matter what age they are! If you’re looking for something extra special, there are even sites that offer customized mugs or T-shirts with your favorite Uncle Rico photos on them.

No matter what kind of photo you choose, downloading pictures of Uncle Rico is an easy way to always remember him. So get searching and start downloading today – there are plenty of wonderful memories just waiting to be shared!

Photos of Actor Jon Gries as Uncle Rico

Actor Jon Gries is best known for his portrayal of Uncle Rico in the cult classic comedy “Napoleon Dynamite.” Gries’ performance as Rico has been widely praised, with many considering him to be one of the most iconic movie characters of all time. While there are plenty of images available online of Gries as Rico, there are still some lesser-known photos that are worth checking out. Here are some photos of actor Jon Gries as Uncle Rico that you might not have seen before.

One photo that is sure to bring a smile to fans’ faces is a shot from the set of “Napoleon Dynamite,” featuring Gries in full Uncle Rico costume and makeup. The image shows him with a cigar in his mouth and a smirk on his face, perfectly capturing the character’s distinct personality and attitude. Another fun photo features Gries posing with costar Aaron Ruell, who played Kip in the film. The two are standing together and wearing matching bowling shirts, making it easy to imagine them competing in a local tournament.

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For those who want to see a different side of Uncle Rico, there is also an image from the afterparty for “Napoleon Dynamite.” In this photo, Gries is looking relaxed and happy as he enjoys himself at the event. He’s dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt, but still manages to look every bit like his iconic movie character. Finally, there’s an image from an interview with Gries promoting the film, in which he wears a leather jacket and sports some serious facial hair—a far cry from how he appeared in the movie itself!

These photos of actor Jon Gries as Uncle Rico show just how versatile an actor he truly is. From goofy to serious, he can bring any role to life with ease—a testament to his talent and skill as an actor!

Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite

Uncle Rico is a hilarious and iconic character from the cult classic movie Napoleon Dynamite. He is an arrogant, self-centered, and delusional former high school football player who lives in Preston, Idaho with his brother Kip. Over the years, Uncle Rico has become a popular source of internet memes due to his unique characteristics and memorable lines.

One of the most popular Uncle Rico memes involves his catchphrase “Back in my day” which he often uses to compare the present to the past. This meme is usually used to poke fun at adults who are overly nostalgic about their youth or are out of touch with modern society. Other popular Uncle Rico memes include pictures of him making silly faces or claiming that he can still throw a football over fifty yards.

The character of Uncle Rico has also been used to create various parodies and tributes. For example, many people have made their own versions of his famous “Back in my day” speech using modern references instead of outdated ones. Additionally, some fans have recreated iconic scenes from the movie using modern technology like photoshop or 3D animation software.

In conclusion, Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite has become an iconic source of internet memes due to his unique characteristics and memorable lines. His catchphrase “Back in my day” has become especially popular and is often used as a source of humor when poking fun at adults who are overly nostalgic about their youth or are out of touch with modern society. Additionally, fans have created various parodies and tributes to the character using modern technology like photoshop or 3D animation software.

Jon Gries as Uncle Rico

Actor Jon Gries is best known for his recurring role as Uncle Rico in the cult classic Napoleon Dynamite. Gries first appeared in the 2004 film and reprised his role again in the 2012 sequel. He has also appeared in numerous other films and TV shows throughout his career, including Lost, The X-Files, and The Pretender. But there’s no denying that it’s Gries’ iconic portrayal of Uncle Rico that fans remember him best for.

Uncle Rico was the quirky older brother of Napoleon Dynamite’s uncle, Kip. He was a bit of an oddball who enjoyed playing competitive football and dreaming of past glory days. And while he may have been a bit annoying at times, he was also a lovable character who provided some much-needed comic relief throughout both films.

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In honor of Gries’ memorable performance as Uncle Rico, we’ve put together a collection of vintage photos from the set of Napoleon Dynamite and its sequel. These images provide an inside look at Gries’ life on set and show just how much he enjoyed playing this beloved character. From candid shots with cast members to behind-the-scenes moments with the crew, these photos are sure to bring back some fond memories for fans of this classic movie series.

Understanding the Character of Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite

Uncle Rico is a character in the 2004 movie Napoleon Dynamite. He is portrayed as an eccentric, loveable, and often misguided father figure to the protagonist, Napoleon. Uncle Rico is a former high school football star with an obsession for reliving his glory days. He spends much of his time trying to get back into shape and attempting to relive his past successes. Despite his best efforts, he never quite succeeds in achieving his goals.

Uncle Rico is a complex character with both positive and negative qualities. On one hand, he loves and cares deeply for Napoleon and wants to help him realize his potential. On the other hand, he can be selfish and irresponsible at times. His attempts to relive his past glory often involve making poor decisions that put himself and those around him in danger.

At first glance, Uncle Rico appears to be somewhat of a clownish character who is not taken seriously by the other characters in the film. However, as the story progresses it becomes clear that Uncle Rico has a good heart and ultimately wants what is best for Napoleon. He is willing to risk everything to help him succeed despite their differences in age and experience level.

In conclusion, Uncle Rico’s character can be seen as both comedic relief and an important source of support for Napoleon throughout the movie. Despite his occasional misguided choices, he ultimately provides wisdom and guidance that helps Napoleon succeed in reaching his goals. His presence in the film serves to emphasize how important family support can be during difficult times.


Pictures of Uncle Rico are an iconic part of pop culture. They show us a man who is out of touch with the world, but still trying to make his way in it. They also remind us to never give up on our dreams, no matter how unlikely they may seem. Uncle Rico’s pictures are a source of inspiration and motivation to many, and will likely continue to be so for years to come.

Uncle Rico’s pictures have been shared all over the internet and have become a part of popular culture. They are a great way for people to express themselves and share their stories with others. It is clear that Uncle Rico has made an impact on many lives, and his pictures will remain popular for years to come.

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