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Phil Kessel memes have become increasingly popular on the internet in recent years. These humorous images often feature the NHL forward in a variety of silly scenarios, poking fun at his playing style, his unique personality, and even his fashion choices. From hilarious photoshops and GIFs to witty captions, Phil Kessel memes have become an internet staple for hockey fans to share and enjoy.One of the funniest Phil Kessel memes is the one where he is shown eating a hotdog with the caption “Phil Kessel at every post game press conference.” Another popular meme shows him with a shocked expression and the caption “Phil Kessel when he finds out he’s traded.” Other hilarious Phil Kessel memes include one with him wearing a tuxedo and captioned “Phil Kessel when his name is announced for the All-Star game,” and one where he is shown holding a stick of butter with the caption “Phil Kessel trying to figure out what dek hockey is.”

Phil Kessel’s Most Meme-Worthy Moments

Phil Kessel has been a popular figure in the hockey world for many years, and his antics on and off the ice have earned him plenty of meme-worthy moments. From his signature “Kessel Run” to his infamous “hot dog” celebration, Kessel has given fans plenty of fodder for internet memes. Here are some of Phil Kessel’s most meme-worthy moments.

The first moment that comes to mind is when he was caught on camera eating a hot dog during a game in 2010. The image went viral and spawned numerous memes, including one of him eating a hot dog with the caption “When you’re so hungry that you don’t care if you get caught.”

Another memorable moment was when he made an impressive move while skating down the ice known as the “Kessel Run,” which helped lead the Pittsburgh Penguins to their 2016 Stanley Cup victory. This iconic play became so popular that it was even featured in a video game, and the phrase “Kessel Run” has become synonymous with Phil Kessel himself.

Another one of Phil Kessel’s meme-worthy moments was when he posted a photo of himself on Instagram eating a sandwich while watching cartoons in his pajamas. This picture quickly became an internet sensation, with people joking about how relaxed Kessel looked while enjoying his favorite cartoon show.

Finally, there was the time when he made headlines for playing golf with President Obama at Martha’s Vineyard in 2014. This moment spawned numerous jokes about Obama being impressed with Kessel’s golfing skills and even led to Barack Obama being dubbed “Phil Kessel’s caddy.”

Phil Kessel has certainly had plenty of memorable moments over the years, and these are just some of his most meme-worthy ones. Whether it’s an iconic on-ice move or just hanging out in his pajamas eating a sandwich, Phil Kessel will always be remembered for giving fans plenty of hilarious content to make fun of online.

Phil Kessel’s Biggest Fans in Meme Form

Phil Kessel is one of the most beloved hockey players in the National Hockey League (NHL), and his biggest fans have taken to social media to show their support with hilarious memes. From his trademark smile to his unique style of play, Kessel has become a cult hero among hockey fans. His fans have created some of the funniest and most creative memes out there, with many of them going viral on social media.

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One of the most popular memes is a picture of Kessel with his signature smile and the caption “Hey Phil, can I have your autograph?” This meme is often used to poke fun at the fact that Kessel is often seen signing autographs for fans after games. Another popular meme features Kessel with an angry expression and the caption “Phil when someone says they don’t like hockey.” This meme plays on the stereotype that hockey players are tough and intimidating.

Kessel’s fans have also created some clever puns in their memes, such as “Phil-osophy” which depicts a picture of Kessel smiling while holding a book with a quote about life written on it. Other puns include “Kess-ential” which features a picture of Kessel making an essential save during a game, and “Kess-elation” which features a picture of him celebrating after scoring a goal.

Other popular memes include pictures of Kessel with funny captions like “When someone asks what time it is and you don’t want to tell them,” or “When someone asks if you’ve seen the new Star Wars movie.” These memes show how beloved Kessel is among his fans, who are always quick to turn any situation into something funny involving him.

Overall, Phil Kessel’s biggest fans have made sure that he will never be forgotten by creating some truly hilarious memes that honor his legacy as one of the greatest players in NHL history.

The Best Phil Kessel Reaction Memes

Since the Stanley Cup Playoffs started in mid-April, Phil Kessel has been one of the most talked about players on social media. The veteran forward has been a major contributor to the Pittsburgh Penguins’ success thus far, and his passionate celebrations after each goal he scores have made him an instant fan favorite. Fans around the world have taken to creating hilarious memes and GIFs to express their love for Kessel, and it has made for some of the funniest reactions on social media. Here are some of the best Phil Kessel reaction memes that have been making waves online.

One of the most popular Phil Kessel reaction memes is a GIF of him celebrating with his teammates after scoring a goal. The GIF features Kessel pumping his fist and shouting “Let’s go!” as his teammates cheer him on. This meme has become so popular that it has even made its way onto t-shirts and other pieces of merchandise.

Another popular Phil Kessel reaction meme is a photo of him looking confused after scoring a goal. This meme captures his surprised look perfectly and has inspired numerous other funny variations as well. From wondering why he didn’t get more ice time to why he wasn’t given more credit for his performance, this meme has been used to comment on various aspects of Kessel’s game.

Finally, one of the most amusing Phil Kessel reaction memes out there is actually a series of photos featuring him getting ready to celebrate a goal he just scored. It starts off with an image of him lifting his arms in anticipation before quickly cutting away to another shot where he is already dancing in jubilation. This meme perfectly encapsulates what it’s like for any fan when they see their team score a goal, and it captures how excited Phil Kessel gets after every single one!

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These are just some of many hilarious Phil Kessel reaction memes that have been circulating online since the Stanley Cup Playoffs began. Whether you’re a Penguins fan or not, you can’t help but laugh at these funny reactions from one of hockey’s biggest stars. So if you want to get your daily dose of laughter, be sure to check out some of these hilarious Phil Kessel reaction memes!

When Phil Kessel and Memes Collide

The collision between Phil Kessel and memes has been a unique one. The former Toronto Maple Leafs forward is known as much for his on-ice talent as he is for the internet jokes that have made him a viral star. From his love of hot dogs to his self-deprecating sense of humor, Kessel has become an unlikely meme star in recent years. But what makes these jokes about Kessel so popular?

At the heart of it all is Kessel’s willingness to laugh at himself. From the moment he was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins, Kessel embraced his role as an outsider, refusing to take himself too seriously. He often pokes fun at himself on social media, which has only served to endear him even more to fans. His goofy personality and lack of pretension have made him a fan favorite wherever he goes.

Kessel’s internet fame has also been fueled by the proliferation of hockey-related memes on social media. As fans look for ways to poke fun at their favorite players and teams, they often turn to Kessel as a source of comedic relief. Whether it’s making jokes about his love for hot dogs or poking fun at his laidback attitude, fans have found plenty of material in Kessel’s life and career that lends itself perfectly to meme culture.

Kessel’s internet fame isn’t limited just to memes either; news outlets often report on his latest antics or social media posts, giving them even more exposure. And while some may find it strange that a hockey player can become an internet sensation in their own right, that’s exactly what makes Kessel so special – he’s willing to be different and embrace whatever comes with it!

When Phil Kessel and memes collide, there’s no telling what will come next! With his goofy personality and willingness to laugh at himself, it’s no wonder why this unlikely meme star has become so popular with hockey fans around the world.

Why Phil Kessel is a Go-To Source for Memes

Phil Kessel is an NHL superstar who has become a go-to source for memes. The veteran winger is known for his humorous antics both on and off the ice, making him a popular target for meme creators. Kessel’s infectious personality and iconic facial expressions have given rise to some of the most entertaining memes on the internet.

Kessel’s popularity as a meme star began during his time with the Pittsburgh Penguins, when he became a fan favorite. During the team’s 2016 Stanley Cup run, Kessel developed an endearing relationship with Penguins mascot Iceburgh, creating numerous photo opportunities that were quickly turned into memes. From celebrating goals to lounging around in silly poses, Kessel and Iceburgh gave meme creators plenty of material to work with.

The winger’s hilarious disposition has also been well documented through social media. From responding to questions on Twitter to photobombing team photos, Kessel has provided plenty of content for meme makers over the years. His outright refusal to talk about certain topics and his impish behavior have also made him an ideal source of meme material.

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In addition to all of this, Kessel’s unique look and fashion sense have played a role in making him a popular source for memes as well. Whether it’s his oversized sunglasses or his signature mop-top hairstyle, Kessel always manages to stand out in a crowd and often draws attention from fans and meme creators alike.

All in all, Phil Kessel is one of the most popular sources for memes in sports today. His infectious personality and iconic looks have resonated with fans across the globe, making him a go-to source for meme makers everywhere.

Phil Kessel Proves He’s the King of Memes

Phil Kessel is no stranger to memes. From the ‘Thank You, Kessel’ meme to the ‘Kessel Run’ meme, he has been a source of hilarity and entertainment for hockey fans. With his recent performance in the playoffs, it’s clear that Phil Kessel is not just a meme-maker – he’s a meme-king!

Kessel has had an amazing run in the playoffs so far. He scored two goals in game 1 against Tampa Bay, and then followed it up with another goal and two assists in game 2. He leads all players in points during these playoffs, with 13 points in eight games. This stellar performance has earned him plenty of recognition from fans and media alike, as well as countless memes from his adoring fans.

The most popular one is the ‘Thank You, Kessel’ meme, which features Phil Kessel with a hand over his heart while standing atop a mountain range. This image has been shared all over social media by hockey fans who are thanking him for his amazing performances so far this season.

Another popular meme is called the ‘Kessel Run’, which involves Phil Kessel racing through various obstacles while carrying the Stanley Cup trophy. This image captures Phil’s competitive spirit and determination to win it all this year. It also plays off of one of his nicknames – ‘The Fastest Man Alive’.

It’s clear that Phil Kessel is a fan favorite for many hockey fans and that he will continue to be a source of entertainment even after these playoffs are over. His impressive performance on the ice combined with his hilarious memes have made him into a true hockey legend – The King of Memes!


The Phil Kessel memes have been around for years now, and it’s clear that they are here to stay. The combination of the NHL star’s personality and the creativity of the fans make them one of the most enduring online trends. Phil Kessel memes will continue to entertain us for years to come, and the internet will never be without them.

Phil Kessel memes can provide a much-needed dose of laughter and joy in these difficult times, whether it is on social media or in real life conversations. While they may not always be appropriate or even necessary, they can still provide a much-needed distraction and humor that we all need from time to time. So, if you’re feeling down in the dumps, why not take a break from reality with some hilarious Phil Kessel memes?

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