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The PC Master Race is an internet meme that originated from the popular gaming community, 4chan. It is used to refer to those who prefer to play video games on a personal computer (PC) rather than on a console. The meme itself typically features an illustration of a person wearing a t-shirt with the phrase “PC Master Race” written on it. The meme is often used in a humorous way, poking fun at those who choose to play games on PC and often contrasting them with those who prefer console gaming.The PC Master Race meme is a phrase that is used to refer to the belief that PC gaming is superior to console gaming. It is usually associated with highly proud gamers who consider themselves members of the elite PC gaming community. The phrase has become popular as an inside joke among PC gamers, often when bragging about the superior graphics and performance of their PCs compared to those of their console-gaming peers.

Origin of the PC Master Race Meme

The PC Master Race meme is a humorous reference to the superiority of personal computer (PC) gaming over console gaming. It originated in the early 2000s as a response to console-centric discussions about games and hardware. The meme has since evolved into a broader discussion about the advantages of gaming on PCs, as well as broader topics related to technology.

The meme was first used on forums such as Something Awful and 4chan, where users would post images or text mocking console gamers for their lack of understanding or appreciation for PC gaming. For example, one popular image was a comparison between PCs and consoles with captions such as “Console Gamers: Too Stupid To Use A Mouse And Keyboard” or “Console Gamers: Can’t Reinstall Windows”. This type of content continued to be posted on these forums, and eventually spread to other websites and social media platforms.

Over time, the meme shifted away from mocking console gamers and more towards celebrating the advantages of PC gaming. It became commonplace for those who favored PC gaming to refer to themselves as “the PC Master Race” in online discussions, often accompanied with images of custom-built PCs or screenshots showing off graphical fidelity that could only be achieved on high-end PCs. This further solidified the meme’s popularity among PC gamers, and it continues to be used today in various contexts.

The PC Master Race meme is an excellent example of how internet culture can evolve over time. From its humble beginnings as a mockery of console gamers, it has grown into a celebration of all things related to personal computing – from hardware customization to game performance optimization. Whether you’re an enthusiast or just casual gamer, this meme serves as a reminder that there are still plenty of advantages to be had by those who choose to game on PCs instead of consoles!

How the PC Master Race Meme Evolved

The phrase “PC Master Race” first appeared in 2007, when an anonymous user posted it on a forum dedicated to gaming. The term was initially used to describe the superiority of PC gamers over console gamers. Over time, the phrase has evolved and is now used to describe any hardcore PC enthusiast, regardless of their gaming preferences.

The popularity of the phrase grew exponentially over the years and eventually became a widely used meme. The meme is often seen in images that feature a group of PC gamers looking down at console gamers with smug expressions on their faces. It has become a symbol of pride for those who identify as part of the PC Master Race, as well as a source of ridicule for those who don’t share the same enthusiasm for PC gaming.

The phrase is also often used to poke fun at those who are overly obsessed with building and upgrading their PCs. These individuals are sometimes referred to as “extreme enthusiasts” or “enthusiast builders” by other members of the PC Master Race community. Many times these individuals will be seen spending large amounts of money on high-end components for their PCs, which can be viewed as excessive by some people.

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In recent years, the phrase has been embraced by members of other communities such as tech enthusiasts and software developers, who share similar interests and values when it comes to technology. This has led to a wider acceptance of the phrase and its use in various contexts outside of gaming culture.

Ultimately, the phrase “PC Master Race” has come a long way since its inception in 2007 and continues to be embraced by many different communities today. It serves as an example of how memes can evolve over time and become part of popular culture.

The Meaning of the PC Master Race Meme

The PC Master Race meme is a popular internet meme that has been circulating around the internet for many years. It is used to describe those who are passionate about their computer hardware and software, and take pride in their ability to build or customize a powerful gaming rig. The term was first coined by the website 4chan and has since developed into a much larger online community.

At its core, the PC Master Race meme is an expression of pride in the power and flexibility that comes with owning a personal computer. It is also often used to poke fun at console gamers, who are generally perceived as having less powerful or customizable systems than their PC counterparts. The meme can also be seen as an expression of superiority over console gaming, with PC gamers claiming that they have more control over their gaming experience than those who use consoles.

The rise of the PC Master Race meme has also led to an increase in online discussion forums dedicated to building and customizing PCs. Here, people can share tips and tricks on how to get the most out of their systems, as well as discussing new hardware releases or upcoming games. This community has grown exponentially over the past few years, with many people becoming devoted followers of the trend.

Ultimately, the PC Master Race meme represents a unique subculture within the gaming world. It celebrates those who take pride in creating powerful gaming rigs and who enjoy pushing their computers to their limits. Whether you’re a casual gamer or an enthusiast looking for an edge over your competitors, it’s clear that this trend isn’t going away anytime soon!

The Relationship Between Console and PC Players

The relationship between console and PC players has long been a contentious issue in the gaming community. With the advent of new technology, the debate has only grown more heated, as players argue over which platform is the best. On one side, there are those who argue that consoles offer better graphics and faster loading times, while on the other side are those who claim that PCs offer superior control and flexibility.

At its core, this debate is about preference. Some prefer consoles because they are easier to use and more accessible. Consoles also generally have a larger selection of games available than PCs do, so players may find it easier to find something they like on a console than on a PC. Additionally, many people find consoles more comfortable to play on due to their ergonomic designs.

On the other hand, PC gamers tend to value performance and control above all else. PCs can be customized with hardware upgrades to give them an edge over consoles in terms of graphics and loading times. PCs also offer more control options due to their use of keyboards and mice in addition to gamepads. Finally, PC gamers often have access to exclusive titles that cannot be found on consoles.

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Ultimately, both sides have valid points when it comes to debating the merits of each platform. The choice of which one is better ultimately comes down to personal preference and what type of gaming experience one is looking for. Those who prefer a more casual experience may be better off with a console while those looking for a more competitive experience might want to go with a PC instead.

No matter what type of player you are or what platform you choose, there is no denying that gaming can be an enjoyable hobby for all types of people. Whether you prefer console or PC gaming, it’s important to remember that we are all united in our love for video games!

Arguments For PC Master Race

One of the main arguments for the PC Master Race is that they offer superior performance and capabilities compared to consoles. PCs have better graphics cards, faster processors, and more RAM than consoles, which allows them to run games with better visuals and more complex gameplay. Additionally, PCs have the potential for upgrades and modifications, whereas consoles are locked into a specific set of hardware. Another advantage is that PCs have access to a wider selection of games due to their open platform, whereas console gamers are limited to exclusive titles. Furthermore, PC gamers can take advantage of mods and custom content while console gamers are stuck with the original game experience.

Arguments Against PC Master Race

Despite the advantages mentioned above, there are some drawbacks to being a PC gamer. The main issue is cost- PCs are typically much more expensive than consoles due to their higher-end components. Additionally, there is a learning curve involved in setting up and maintaining a gaming PC, which can be intimidating for those who are unfamiliar with computers. Furthermore, PCs may require regular maintenance and updates in order to keep them running smoothly. Finally, console gamers can benefit from exclusive deals or discounts on games that aren’t available on PC platforms.

Iconic Examples of the PC Master Race Meme

The PC Master Race is a term used by gamers to describe those who prefer to play video games on personal computers. The term has become a popular meme used in the gaming community, and there are several iconic examples of this meme. One of the most popular is the classic “PCMR” logo. This logo includes a black background with white text that reads “PCMR”, along with a small image of a computer tower in the center. This logo can be found on t-shirts, hats, and other gaming merchandise.

Another iconic example of the PC Master Race meme is the phrase “PCMR for life”. This phrase has become popular among PC gamers who want to show their dedication to their platform of choice. This phrase can be seen in various places such as t-shirts, stickers, posters, and even tattoos.

The “PCMR” logo has also spawned other variations of itself, such as “Gamer” or “Gamer Elite” logos. These logos generally feature different colors and icons that represent gaming culture as well as PC gaming specifically. For example, some logos feature an image of a controller with an image of a mouse next to it and some have images of processors or RAM chips on them.

There are also several other iconic images associated with the PC Master Race meme such as the classic red keyboard icon or a collection of computer hardware components arranged in an intricate pattern known as an “open case mod”. These images often appear on t-shirts and posters and serve to represent the dedication that many gamers have for their PCs.

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Finally, there is also an unofficial mascot associated with this meme known as “The Overclocker” which is depicted as an anthropomorphic computer tower wearing glasses and holding a wrench in its hand. This image serves to represent those gamers who like to push their PCs to their limits by overclocking them for better performance in games or other applications.

Overall, these are just some of the iconic examples associated with the PC Master Race meme which continue to be popular among gamers today.

Is the PC Master Race an Actual Thing?

The PC Master Race is a term used by PC enthusiasts to describe themselves as superior, elite users of personal computers. It’s a term that’s often used in gaming and other tech-related contexts, and it has been around since the early days of computing. The concept of the “PC Master Race” originated in the late 1980s as a joke among PC users, who felt that their computers were more powerful than those of other users. However, over time, the term has taken on a more serious meaning, with some PC users feeling that they are part of an exclusive group with superior knowledge and skills.

The term “PC Master Race” has become popular in recent years due to its use in online forums and other gaming communities. It has also been adopted by some manufacturers of gaming hardware, such as Alienware and Razer, who have begun using it to market their products. Although it is still used in jest by some people, many PC users take it seriously and consider themselves part of this exclusive group.

It is not clear if the PC Master Race is an actual thing or just a humorous phrase used by gamers and tech enthusiasts to differentiate themselves from others. Some argue that it is simply a harmless way for people to express their enthusiasm for PCs, while others argue that it can be seen as elitist or exclusionary. Ultimately, whether or not the PC Master Race exists is up to individual interpretation.

Regardless of whether or not the concept of the “PC Master Race” is real or not, there is no denying that PCs are powerful machines capable of doing amazing things. From gaming to video editing to programming – PCs are capable of so much more than just word processing. As such, many people have embraced the idea that they are part of an elite group when they use their PCs for these tasks. Whether or not this means they are actually part of the “PC Master Race” remains up for debate.


The PC Master Race meme has come to embody the notion that PC gaming is the only way to experience gaming. It has been used to bring together a community of PC gamers and celebrate their chosen platform. Although some may view it as nothing more than an internet meme, it has become a symbol of pride for many PC gamers.

The meme continues to evolve, and its relevance remains strong in the gaming community today. Its effects have been felt in the industry as well, resulting in more developers supporting PC gaming. As long as there are passionate PC gamers out there, the PC Master Race meme will continue to be an important part of the gaming culture.

No matter which platform you choose, we can all agree that playing video games and having fun should be our main priority. Whether you game on a console or a PC, we should all keep one thing in mind: We are all gamers at heart.

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