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Motley Crue is an iconic American rock band from Los Angeles, California that formed in 1981. They are widely renowned for their influential sound, raucous live shows, and wild lifestyles. Throughout their career, Motley Crue has gained a massive fan base with songs like “Live Wire”, “Wild Side”, and “Girls Girls Girls”. The band also has some of the most memorable and iconic quotes in rock music history. From their lyrics to interviews to life on the road, Motley Crue has delivered some truly inspiring words of wisdom over the years. Here are some of the best Motley Crue quotes from songs that will leave you wanting more!”Live wire, electric eye. I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna getcha. Getcha, getcha.” – “Live Wire”

“Lookin’ out for number one, doin’ it all on my own. Don’t need anyone, don’t need no help to get by.” – “Kickstart My Heart”

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” – “Girls, Girls, Girls”

“Don’t go away mad, just go away.” – “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)”

“I’m too young to die and I’m too wild to live.” – “Too Young To Fall In Love”

“It’s the same old thing since nineteen sixty-nine. Rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay.” – “Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)”

10. “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)”

The lyrics of Motley Crue’s tenth studio album single “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” is a powerful expression of the pain and heartache of a broken relationship. The song expresses the singer’s desire to stay in the relationship despite the hurt, but at the same time acknowledges that it is best for both parties to move on. The chorus is especially poignant, as it speaks to the singer’s hope that even though they are walking away from each other, they still love each other and will never forget what they had: “Don’t go away mad, just go away/And take with you all my love/I’ll never forget what we had/It’s better this way.”

9. “Dr. Feelgood”

Another classic from Motley Crue is the 1989 single “Dr. Feelgood”. This song, which was their biggest hit in the US, expresses the band’s party lifestyle and carefree attitude towards life with lyrics like “I’m feelin’ good, I’m feeling right/’Cause I found my thrill tonight”. The chorus is an anthem for anyone looking to have a good time and let go of their cares: “Oh yeah! Dr. Feelgood/He’s givin’ me that shot of rhythm and blues/He said ‘I’m here to make ya feel all right!'”

8. “Girls, Girls, Girls”

The title track from Motley Crue’s fourth studio album is an ode to wild nights out and partying with women. The lyrics describe a decadent night out on the town with beautiful women everywhere you look, while also touching on some of the more negative aspects such as physical fights between men over women or jealousy between two women over one man: “It’s not love, it’s just emotion/Living out in slow motion”. Overall it serves as an anthem for anyone who enjoys living life on the edge.

7. “Kickstart My Heart”

Motley Crue’s fifth studio album single “Kickstart My Heart” is a hard-driving rocker about getting a burst of energy from someone special. The song speaks to how a special person can get your blood pumping in ways no one else can: “She sets my heart on fire/Burning up with desire”. It also speaks to how that special person can fill your heart with joy: “She gives me something so strong/Makes me wanna carry on”. It is an energetic song that captures both sides of a passionate relationship.

6. “Looks That Kill”

The third single from Motley Crue’s second studio album Shout At The Devil is another hard-rocking anthem about relationships gone wrong due to looks alone. In this song young men are warned not to look too deeply at attractive women because they may be taken advantage of by them due to their beauty: “She’s got looks that kill/And you know she will”. It warns against falling into temptation too easily and advises caution when dealing with attractive women.

5.”Live Wire”

This 1981 classic was Motley Crue’s debut single and one of their most enduring songs ever written. It perfectly captures the essence of their sound and attitude through its hard-hitting guitar riffs and aggressive lyrics about living life on your own terms: “I don’t need no reason why / Don’t tell me ’cause I just don’t wanna know / I’m livin’ like a bandit stealin’ every dream I see / Believe me it ain’t easy livin’ like a live wire”.

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“Wild Side”

This 1987 classic off Motley Crue’s fourth studio album Girls Girls Girls shows off their rebellious attitude towards authority as well as their desire for freedom in life through its lyrics telling listeners not to be afraid to cross boundaries if it means achieving personal satisfaction: “If you can’t hang on society rules / Better run down another street / Don’t let nobody keep you down / Gonna make it if you try so come along now follow me down the wild side”.

“Home Sweet Home”

This 1985 power ballad from Theatre Of Pain was written by Nikki Sixx shortly after he had been released from rehab for his heroin addiction; its lyrics reflect his hope for finding peace after struggling for so long: “Take this token my love for thee / Hold my hand together we stand / I won’t let go forever more / Home sweet home tonight”.

“Same Ol Situation (SOS)”

This 1990 single off Dr Feelgood finds Motley Crue singing about being stuck in a never-ending cycle of partying hard but never having any real direction or purpose in life: “It never ends up like we planned / We keep coming back around again / Same ol’ situation (SOS)”.

“Too Young To Fall In Love”

This 1983 single off Shout At The Devil finds Motley Crue singing about how young people should enjoy being young rather than rush into relationships they aren’t ready for yet: “We’re too young too fall in love/We got plenty of time ahead/Let our lives begin when we reach 18″.<

Memorable Lines from Motley Crue Songs

Motley Crue is one of the most iconic and influential bands of the 1980s. They produced a string of hit albums and songs, many of which remain popular to this day. One thing that makes Motley Crue stand out amongst other hard rock bands is their unforgettable lyrics. Here are some of the most memorable lines from Motley Crue songs:

“Live wire, electric eye, burnin’ like a ring of fire” (“Live Wire”)

“Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty” (“Dr. Feelgood”)

“It’s my life, ain’t no reason why I should give it away” (“Kickstart My Heart”)

“All we need is just a little patience, yeah yeah!” (“Home Sweet Home”)

“It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you, there’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do” (“Wild Side”)

The Best Quotes from Motley Crue Songs

Motley Crue is an iconic rock band that has been around since the early 1980s. They have had many hits over the years, and they are known for their raucous lyrics and wild stage antics. Their songs have become some of the most memorable in rock music history, and many of them have featured some truly inspiring quotes. Here are some of the best quotes from Motley Crue songs:

“Live wire, you’re gonna set me on fire/ You’re like an angel, your eyes never lie/ I’m gonna take you higher.” (“Live Wire”)

This quote is all about letting go and living life to its fullest potential. It emphasizes how important it is to be true to yourself and follow your dreams, no matter what anyone else says. It also speaks to the power of love and how it can make even the toughest person feel alive.

“If you want it bad enough/ You might just get it tonight.” (“Kickstart My Heart”)

This quote speaks to the idea that anything is possible if you put in enough hard work and dedication. It encourages people to never give up on their dreams no matter how difficult they may seem at first glance. It also shows that with enough passion and determination, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

“We’re all wasted but we’re still alive/ We keep livin’ day by day.” (“Dr Feelgood”)

This quote speaks to the idea that life can be hard but it’s still worth living if you make the most of every day. It emphasizes how important it is to find joy in even the darkest times, as this will help us keep going when things get tough. This quote encourages us to not take life too seriously and enjoy every moment while we still can.

“Hey hey yeah yeah/ We’ll never die.” (“Wild Side”)

This quote speaks to the idea of being fearless and unafraid of what lies ahead. It encourages us to embrace our wild side and live fearlessly no matter what comes our way. This quote reminds us that life is short so we should make every moment count by trying new things and taking risks when necessary.

Famous Sayings From Motley Crue Hits

Motley Crue has been a staple of the hard rock and heavy metal world since 1981. With anthems such as “Kickstart My Heart,” “Dr. Feelgood” and “Home Sweet Home,” their songs have become part of the lexicon of classic rock. Many of their songs contain famous sayings that have become a part of popular culture. Here are some of the most memorable phrases from Motley Crue’s biggest hits:

“Live Wire”: This is one of the band’s most famous phrases, as it’s featured in both the song title and chorus. The phrase is about being on the edge, taking risks and living life to the fullest. It’s a reminder to seize opportunities and make every moment count.

“Wild Side”: This phrase can be interpreted in many ways, but it generally evokes images of living life outside the box and embracing freedom and adventure. It reminds us that it’s important to take risks, break boundaries and do things that are out of our comfort zone in order to live our lives fully.

“Girls, Girls, Girls”: This phrase is an ode to female empowerment and celebrates women for who they are without having to change themselves for anyone else. It encourages women to be confident in themselves and enjoy life without worrying about what others think.

“Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)”: This phrase is all about letting go of grudges and forgiving those who have wronged you. It encourages us to move on from negative situations instead of dwelling on them or holding onto anger or resentment.

These famous sayings from Motley Crue hits remind us that life should be lived with passion, freedom and resilience. They encourage us to take risks, let go of grudges, celebrate ourselves and make every moment count!

Motley Crue’s Catchiest Lyrics

Mötley Crüe, one of the greatest rock bands of all time, has some of the catchiest lyrics ever written. From their timeless classic “Home Sweet Home” to their more recent hit “Kickstart My Heart”, the band always seems to know exactly how to write a catchy chorus. Here are some of the most memorable and infectious lyrics from the Crüe that will have you singing along in no time.

The classic “Shout at the Devil” has some of the most powerful and memorable lyrics of any Mötley Crüe song. The chorus “Shout at the devil, and let it all out!” is one that will have you raising your fist in agreement with every listen. The whole song is full of anthemic choruses and catchy hooks, making it an instant classic.

“Girls, Girls, Girls” is another classic Mötley Crüe anthem that has a simple but effective chorus: “Girls, Girls, Girls – long legs and burgundy lips!” The whole song is full of fun innuendos and clever wordplay that make it a favorite amongst fans. It’s also one of those songs that you can sing along to without even knowing all the words.

The more recent “Kickstart My Heart” has become a fan favorite for its unforgettable chorus: “Kickstart my heart – when it’s ready to start!” Not only does this song have an infectious beat and great guitar riffs, but it also features some incredibly catchy lyrics that will stay with you for days.

No matter what era or style of music Motley Crue plays, they always seem to know how to write a great hook. Their melodies are instantly recognizable and their lyrics are always memorable – making them one of rock music’s greatest bands ever.

Powerful Quotes From Motley Crue Hits

Motley Crue was a hard rock band that rose to fame in the 1980s and 90s, with their hits like “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” and “Home Sweet Home.” They were known for their rebellious lyrics, and they had some truly powerful quotes in their songs. Here are some of the most moving quotes from Motley Crue hits.

“I’m just livin’ my life, I ain’t askin’ for nothin’. I don’t need nobody tellin’ me what I should be doin’.” – “Live Wire”

“I ain’t gonna live forever, but while I’m here I’ll make it last.” – “Too Young To Fall In Love”

“I’ve been around the world and found that only fools are satisfied.” – “Shout At The Devil”

“They can take away your money, they can take away your health. But they can never take away your freedom.” – “Smokin’ In The Boys Room”

“Stand up tall and face the world. Don’t let nobody push you around.” – “Looks That Kill”

These powerful quotes from Motley Crue hits remind us of the importance of standing up for ourselves and living our lives to the fullest. No matter what life throws at us, we have the power to keep going and make something positive out of it.

Most Popular Phrases From Motley Crue Tracks

Motley Crue is one of the most iconic rock bands of all time and their music has had a lasting impact on popular culture. Many of their tracks contain phrases that have become part of the lexicon, from ‘Kickstart My Heart’ to ‘Live Wire’. Here are some of the most popular phrases from Motley Crue tracks that have become part of our everyday language.

One phrase that often comes up when discussing Motley Crue is ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’. This phrase comes from the title track off the band’s 1987 album, and it has become synonymous with partying and having fun. It has been used as a catchphrase in films and television shows, as well as in advertising campaigns.

Another phrase that Motley Crue made famous is ‘Shout at The Devil’, which was the title track from their 1983 album. The phrase is often used to express defiance and a willingness to stand up for what you believe in. It has also been used in various video games and movies to give characters an attitude of toughness or courage.

The phrase ‘Smokin’ in The Boys Room’ is also closely associated with Motley Crue, coming from their 1985 song of the same name. This phrase has become a common expression for teenage rebellion and rule-breaking, as well as being used in many films and television shows to signify teenage antics.

Finally, one of the most famous phrases from Motley Crue’s catalog is ‘Dr Feelgood’, which was another title track off their 1989 album. This phrase has come to mean any situation or person who makes someone feel good or helps them relax after a tough day. It’s also been used as an expression for expressing gratitude for someone who helps you out when you’re feeling down.

These are just some of the most popular phrases from Motley Crue tracks that have become part of our everyday language. Whether it’s expressing defiance or teenage rebellion, these phrases continue to be relevant today and remind us all why we love rock music so much!


Motley Crue is an iconic rock band, whose songs have been celebrated for decades. Their music has stood the test of time and still resonates with audiences today. The quotes from their songs are as meaningful now as when they were first written. They capture the essence of living life to the fullest and remind us that sometimes you have to take risks if you want to get where you want to go. As Motley Crue said, “If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn!”

Motley Crue’s legacy will continue to inspire generations of music lovers for years to come. From the optimistic “Live Wire” to the cautionary “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away),” their music speaks volumes about life and our journey through it. Whether you’re looking for motivation or just want a good laugh, Motley Crue’s quotes from songs will always be there to provide comfort and guidance.

No matter how many years pass, Motley Crue’s words will always be relevant. They express the joys and sorrows of life in a way that can touch anyone’s heart. Their quotes are timeless reminders that no matter what happens in life, we should never give up on our dreams.

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