What does “monka?” mean? This word is commonly used in the gaming community and has a few different meanings. “Monka” can be used as a form of trolling, as a way to say that something is unfair, or as an expression of fear or anxiety. It can also be used as a term of endearment between friends. No matter how it’s used, “monka” is sure to bring a smile to your face.

There is no one definitive answer to this question.

What does Monka mean?

The Monkas emote is often used to express anxiety or stress in a specific situation. It can also be used to indicate that someone is sweating due to anxiety or general stress.

monkaS is a popular emote from the Pepe the Frog meme family. Its origins can be traced back to 4chan after which Twitch user Monkasen brought it to the streaming platform in 2016. Some variations of monkaS have been created and used as emotes on Twitch chat, including monkaGIGA, monkaThink, monkaW, and monkaOMEGA.

Why do people say KEKW

KEKW is an online expression that is used to indicate laughter. The Spanish Laughing Guy image is often used to represent KEKW on Twitch. KEK is the Korean equivalent of LOL.

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MonkaW is a commonly used emote on Twitch meant to convey fear, worry, or concern. It is an altered version of the BetterTTV emote, MonkaS, which is zoomed in on the character’s face to exaggerate the character’s stressed expression further.

Is KEKW a slang?

KEKW is a term that is used to describe someone who is laughing hysterically. It is a combination of the words KEK and W, which are the Korean and Twitch equivalents of LOL. This term is often used to describe someone who is laughing so hard that they are practically crying.

The original monkaS emote is an abbreviation for monkaScared. MonkaW is essentially the same emote’s zoomed-in version. MonkaS and monkaW can be used interchangeably and Twitch chat usually uses the emote during tense moments.

Why is it called Pepega?

The Pepega Emote is a variation of the popular internet meme “Pepe the Frog”. Pepega was created by the comic artist Matt Furie, and is consequently often attributed to him. The Pepega Emote is a popular reaction image amongst gamers and other online communities, and is often used to express excitement, approval, or general amusement.

If something is quivering, it’s moving jerkily or trembling. You can also say that someone’s voice or hand is quivering.

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Why is it called POG Twitch

PogChamp is an emoticon used on streaming site Twitchtv of streamer Ryan Gutierrez named after his 2011 video called “Pogs Championship” where he wins a game of Pogs. The game is named after the drink Passion Orange Guava, abbreviated POG.

The meaning of Sadge is generally one of sadness or disappointment. It is used in Twitch chat to express sadness or similar emotions. Like most Twitch emotes, though, it is also heavily used in an ironic sense. It is mostly used sarcastically rather than always with the intent of showing off that emotion.

What does copium mean in Twitch?

Copium is a meme term used by ‘online personalities’ on platforms like Twitch and Reddit. It’s an amalgamation of two terms: ‘cope’ and ‘opium’, and it’s a joke term used to describe a fictional drug that one consumes after suffering a loss, defeat, or disappointment.

PogU is a term and emote meant to express surprise and joyful wonder. It is commonly used on social media and in online gaming.

What does KEKW mean wow

This is a fun little detail that was added by the developers of World of Warcraft in order to reference the popular Korean game, StarCraft. When a player of the Horde faction types “lol” using the /say messaging command, members of the opposing faction see it as “kek”. This is sure to bring a chuckle to any fan of the two games.

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LULW is a zoomed-in version of the Twitch default emote, LUL. This emote is the face of the late video game YouTuber, critic and commentator John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain. LULW is often a KEKW alternative on Twitch.

What does LULW and KEKW mean?

LULW is an emote used on the streaming platform Twitch that is used to express laughter. The emote is a close up of the face of popular video game reviewer TotalBiscuit, with the emote being his face laughing. The emote is used commonly on the platform by users to express when something is funny.

Yes, pog does mean nice!


There is no one definitive answer to this question.

Monka is a Japanese word that means “cute.” It is often used to describe anime and manga characters. Monka is also used as a term of endearment, similar to “bae” or ” boo.”

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