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Mamoswine is a powerful Ice and Ground-type Pokémon that first appeared in the fourth generation of the Pokémon video game series. It is one of the few Pokémon with dual types, and it has an impressive set of abilities that make it a formidable opponent in battle. With its strong attack power, excellent defensive capabilities, and access to a wide array of moves, Mamoswine is an invaluable asset in the new Pokémon Unite game. Its size and weight give it great mobility on both land and ice, allowing it to traverse terrain quickly and easily. And with its sheer brute strength, Mamoswine can crush even the toughest of opponents with ease. The best part? Mamoswine can learn even more powerful moves as it evolves into its final form – Mega Mamoswine!Mamoswine is a Ground and Ice-type Pokémon appearing in Pokémon Unite. This powerful Pokémon uses its thick fur to traverse icy terrain with ease, and can use its tusks to battle foes. Its signature move, Icicle Crash, is a devastating Ice-type attack that hits multiple targets at once. Mamoswine also has access to the powerful Earthquake move, which can take out multiple opponents in one shot. With its combination of power and speed, Mamoswine can be a formidable opponent in the game!

Mamoswine’s Stats in Pokemon Unite

Mamoswine is a formidable Pokémon that has made its way into Pokemon Unite. It is a powerful Ice and Ground-type Pokémon that looks like a mammoth. It has an intimidating presence due to its large size and thick fur. In Pokemon Unite, Mamoswine boasts numerous stats that make it a fearsome combatant.

Mamoswine has an impressive base HP of 475, the highest of all Ice-type Pokémon in the game. This makes it difficult to take down and gives it an advantage in battle. Additionally, Mamoswine has good Attack and Defense stats, with base Attack being 245 and base Defense being 195. These make it an effective attacker and defender, respectively.

Mamoswine also has great Speed stats, with base Speed being 175. This makes it one of the faster Ice-type Pokémon in the game, allowing it to outspeed many opponents in battle. Its special stats are also quite impressive – base Special Attack is 150 and base Special Defense is 155 – making Mamoswine a well-rounded combatant overall.

Overall, Mamoswine’s impressive stats make it a great choice for any team in Pokemon Unite. Its high HP ensures that it can take plenty of damage before fainting while its high Attack allows it to dish out plenty of damage as well. With such impressive stats all around, Mamoswine is sure to be an intimidating force on any battlefield!

Mamoswine’s Abilities in Pokemon Unite

Mamoswine is a powerful Ice- and Ground-type Pokémon that has made its debut in the free-to-play team battle game, Pokémon Unite. It has access to a variety of moves that make it a formidable opponent in battle. Mamoswine’s unique typing allows it to resist many attacks, while its Snow Cloak Ability increases its evasion when Hail is in effect. Its Thick Fat Ability reduces the damage it takes from Fire- and Ice-type moves, making it even more resistant to damage.

Mamoswine is also capable of learning powerful Ice-type moves such as Icicle Spear, which can be used to deal heavy damage to multiple targets at once. In addition, Mamoswine can learn Avalanche and Earthquake, which are both powerful physical attacks that can be used to hit multiple opponents at once. Its Snow Cloak Ability also gives it increased accuracy when attacking with Blizzard or Hail, allowing it to hit even more foes with its icy attacks.

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Finally, Mamoswine’s Snow Warning Ability allows it to summon Hail at the start of each battle, making it even more difficult for opponents to land attacks on this powerful Pokémon. With all these abilities combined, Mamoswine is a fearsome opponent in the arena and can easily help teams take down their opponents with ease.

Whether facing off against other monsters or taking on hordes of enemies in co-op play, Mamoswine’s powerful set of abilities makes it an exciting ally on any team!

General Strategies for Using Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite

Mamoswine is an Ice/Ground-type Pokémon from the Sinnoh Region. It’s a powerful and versatile Pokémon that can be used effectively in many different strategies in Pokémon Unite. In this guide, we’ll look at some general strategies for using Mamoswine in the game.

Utilizing Moveset

Mamoswine has an impressive moveset which can be used to great effect in Pokémon Unite. Its primary attack, Take Down, deals heavy damage and knocks the target back a few tiles. This can be used to great effect to create distance between Mamoswine and its opponents, or to help set up a teammate for an attack. Mamoswine’s other attacks are also useful; Ice Shard is a fast-moving projectile that can freeze enemies, while Icicle Crash deals damage and slows enemies down. Finally, Earthquake creates an area of effect that damages all nearby opponents.

Playing Off Teammates

Mamoswine can also be used to play off its teammates’ attacks. For example, if another teammate has just launched an attack, Mamoswine can use Take Down to knock the target further away from them and limit their ability to retaliate. Similarly, if the enemy is slowed down by another teammate’s attack, Mamoswine can use Icicle Crash or Earthquake to deal additional damage while they’re unable to move quickly.


Positioning is key when using Mamoswine in Pokémon Unite. Because of its size and slow movement speed, it’s important to stay out of the line of fire as much as possible while still being able to hit targets with its attacks. For this reason, it’s best for Mamoswine players to stay at medium range from their opponents; close enough that they can hit targets with their attacks but far enough away so they don’t get caught up in the fray too quickly. It’s also important for Mamoswine players to stay near teammates so they can use them as shields or capitalize on their attacks when needed.

Overall, Mamoswine is a powerful and versatile Pokémon that can be used effectively in many different strategies in Pokémon Unite. By utilizing its moveset effectively and playing off of teammates’ attacks, it can be a valuable asset on any team composition!

Best Teammates for Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite

Mamoswine is a powerful Ice- and Ground-type Pokémon that is great for teams in Pokémon Unite. With its high Attack stats and access to the powerful moves of both types, Mamoswine can take on any opponent. To get the most out of this powerhouse, you need to pair it with the right teammates. Here are some of the best Pokémon to team up with Mamoswine:

For support, consider using another Ground-type like Swampert or Krookodile. Both have access to moves like Earthquake and Muddy Water that can deal heavy damage from a distance. Additionally, they have good Defense stats that can help weather heavy attacks from opponents.

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If you’re looking for an offensive teammate, consider adding an Electric-type like Magnezone or Luxray. Both have access to powerful Electric-type moves that can Paralyze opponents and make them vulnerable to Mamoswine’s powerful attacks.

Finally, you might want to consider adding a Flying-type like Togekiss or Corviknight as well. These Pokémon have access to moves like Sky Attack which can help keep opponents away from Mamoswine while it sets up its own attacks. Additionally, their Flying-type moves are great for dealing extra damage when an opponent is already weakened by Mamoswine’s Ice- and Ground-type attacks.

By combining these Pokémon with Mamoswine, you’ll be able to create a team that can take on any opponent in Pokémon Unite. With the right combination of support and offensive power, you’ll be sure to come out victorious!

Best Moveset for Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite

Mamoswine is a powerful Ice/Ground-type Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, making it an excellent pick for players who want to create a well-rounded team. Its unique combination of offensive and defensive capabilities make it an ideal choice for both offense and defense. When creating the best moveset for Mamoswine, there are several factors to consider, such as its type matchups, stats, and moves.

To begin with, Mamoswine has two strong offensive types: Ice and Ground. As such, it can easily take on most other types of Pokemon with ease. Its Ice-type moves are particularly powerful against Grass-, Flying-, Dragon-, and Fire-type Pokemon, while its Ground-type moves are effective against Electric-, Poison-, Rock-, and Steel-type Pokemon. This makes Mamoswine a great option for players who want to deal major damage to enemies quickly.

In addition to its type matchups, Mamoswine also has impressive stats that allow it to take on foes with ease. It has relatively high Attack and Defense stats, making it an ideal choice for players who want to deal significant damage or tank enemy attacks with ease. This makes it an excellent pick for both offensive teams as well as defensive teams that need some extra protection against opponents.

Finally, when creating the best possible moveset for Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite, players should consider the many different moves available for the Pokemon. Some of the strongest offensive options include Avalanche (Ice), Earthquake (Ground), Icicle Crash (Ice), Superpower (Fighting) and Stone Edge (Rock). These moves offer great coverage against multiple types of opponents while also providing plenty of power when used correctly. On the defensive side of things, Mamoswine has access to Heavy Slam (Steel) and Roar (Normal) which can provide much needed protection from enemy attacks or help set up teammates with powerful boosts or debuffs.

Overall, Mamoswine is an incredibly versatile Pokemon that can be used in a variety of roles depending on what moveset is chosen by the player. With its impressive type matchups and solid stats combined with its many powerful move options, it’s no wonder why so many players choose Mamoswine when creating their teams in Pokemon Unite!

Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite

Mamoswine is a powerful Pokemon that has been gaining popularity in the competitive scene. Its unique typing and moveset make it a great choice for a variety of strategies. In Pokemon Unite, Mamoswine is no exception. It can be used in multiple ways to help your team succeed.

Mamoswine can be used as a tank, soaking up damage and protecting your other Pokemon. Its high Defense stat allows it to take hits while its Ice Shard move can freeze opponents, making them vulnerable to attack. Mamoswine’s Avalanche move can also deal massive damage, allowing it to take on the role of an offensive powerhouse as well.

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Mamoswine can also be used as a scout or support Pokemon. Its Snow Cloak ability allows it to move quickly around the map and scout out areas for enemies or resources. It can also use its Ice Shard move to slow down opponents, giving your team an advantage in battles.

Finally, Mamoswine’s Moveset makes it an ideal choice for capturing control points. Its Avalanche move can deal heavy damage to multiple opponents at once, allowing you to quickly take control of territories and gain an advantage over your opponents.

Overall, Mamoswine is an incredibly versatile Pokemon that can be used in multiple ways in Pokemon Unite. With its tanking abilities, scouting potential, and offensive moveset, Mamoswine is sure to be a valuable asset on any team!

Where to Find Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is a popular multiplayer strategy game that has become increasingly popular over the past few months. One of the most sought-after Pokemon in the game is Mamoswine, a powerful Ice/Ground-type Pokemon. If you’re looking for Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite, there are a few ways to go about it.

The first and easiest way to find Mamoswine is by playing through the single-player campaign. As you progress through the campaign, you’ll eventually encounter Mamoswine as one of your opponents. Defeating it will allow you to add the powerful Pokemon to your team.

Another way to find Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite is by trading with other players. Trading is an important part of the game, so if you want to get your hands on a rare or powerful Pokemon like Mamoswine, it’s worth checking out the trade boards in-game or online. You can also post your own trades if you have something valuable that another player might be interested in.

Finally, if all else fails, you can always try using some of the special items available in-game such as Mystery Boxes or Lucky Eggs. These items will give you a chance at obtaining rare and powerful Pokémon like Mamoswine. Just keep an eye out for any special deals that may be available from time to time and don’t forget to check back every now and then!

Whether you choose to play through the single player campaign or take advantage of trading opportunities and special items, finding Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite can be quite rewarding! With its impressive speed and power, it’s sure to be an invaluable asset on your team!


Mamoswine is a powerful and reliable Pokémon that can be used in a variety of ways. With the recent release of Pokémon Unite, it is now possible to battle in team-based matches and use Mamoswine’s unique abilities to help your team succeed. Mamoswine’s stats are well-rounded, making it an ideal choice for any team composition. Whether you’re looking for a defensive wall or an attacker, Mamoswine can fit the bill. With its power, speed, and versatility, there’s no doubt that Mamoswine will remain a staple choice in competitive Pokémon Unite battles for years to come.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and powerful teammate in the world of Pokémon Unite, look no further than Mamoswine!

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