ligma joke

Ligma is a silly and outrageous joke that has been circulating around the internet for some time now. It typically involves a person saying “ligma” as a response to any type of question or statement. The joke is widely popular among younger generations and is often used as an internet meme. It is essentially an inside joke between friends, but can be used in any situation that calls for a humorous response.A Ligma joke is a type of humour based around the made-up word “Ligma.” It usually starts with someone saying “What’s Ligma?” and then another person responding with a pun or play on words involving the phrase “ligma balls.”


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Origins of the Ligma Joke

The ligma joke is a popular internet meme that has been circulating since 2018. It originated with a post on the website Reddit, where someone asked what “Ligma” meant. The joke is that “Ligma” stands for “Lick my” and is often used as a response to someone when they ask an inane or silly question.

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Since then, the meme has spread across the internet, leading to many variations on the original joke. Some of these variations include “Ligma balls”, which are small balls of sticky goo that can be used to stick things together; and “Ligmabomb”, which refers to an unexpected and humorous statement made in response to a serious or mundane conversation.

The popularity of the ligma joke is due to its simplicity and versatility. It can be used in many different situations, from responding to someone who asks an obvious question, to lightening up a conversation that has become too serious. The humor behind the joke also appeals to people from all walks of life, as it doesn’t rely on any particular type of humor or language.

The ligma joke is also often used as a way for people to show their appreciation for one another online. By responding with “Ligma” when someone says something nice or makes them laugh, they are conveying their approval in a humorous way. This gesture helps create a sense of camaraderie among online communities and encourages users to interact with each other in a positive manner.

It’s clear that the ligma joke has become an integral part of online culture since its inception in 2018. With its simple yet effective humor and ability to bring people together online, it’s no surprise that this meme continues to be enjoyed by many today!

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How did the Ligma Joke Become Popular?

The Ligma joke became popular in mid-2018 when an image of a Ninja holding a sign with the phrase “Ligma Balls” went viral on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. The phrase is meant to be a pun on the medical condition lymphedema, which is characterized by swelling in the arms or legs. The joke quickly became popular among gamers, who adopted it as an inside joke and began using it in memes and other forms of online humor. The phrase soon spread to other social media platforms, gaining even more traction as people began to share it with their friends. As the joke gained popularity, people began adding variations to it, such as “Ligma Snakes” and “Ligma Bops”.

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In addition to its online presence, the Ligma joke also made its way into real life situations. It has been used in talkshows and other public events as a punchline for a variety of jokes. It has also been referenced by celebrities such as comedian Kevin Hart and musician Drake. This widespread recognition helped to further popularize the joke, making it one of the most recognizable memes of 2018.

The Ligma joke is an example of how quickly memes can spread across different platforms and become part of everyday conversation. Its success is also a testament to how powerful social media can be when it comes to sharing information. As long as people continue to produce creative content that resonates with others, memes like this one are sure to remain popular for years to come.

Variations on the Ligma Joke

Ligma is a joke that originated on the internet and has since gone viral. It typically involves someone asking a question and then being surprised when they get an unexpected answer. The most common variation of this joke involves someone asking, “What’s ligma?” and then being told, “It’s a disease you get from handling toads.” This variation has been adapted to many different contexts and can be used for comedic effect.

One popular variation of the ligma joke involves someone asking for directions and being told, “Go straight until you see ligma.” In this version, the person asking for directions is usually left confused as to what ligma actually is. Another variation on this joke sees someone asking for advice and being told, “Just do what you think is right – it’s called ligma.” Again, this leaves the person asking the question confused as to what ligma actually means.

The ligma joke has also been adapted to other scenarios such as when someone asks for help carrying something heavy and they are advised to “just ask someone with ligma” or when someone is trying to figure out who started a fight and they are told “it was probably the one with ligma”. These variations all rely on the same premise of surprise upon hearing an unexpected answer.

Finally, there have also been some variations on the original form of the joke that involve more complex scenarios such as when two people are arguing over who should pay for something and one person suggests that “they just split it down the middle – it’s called ligma” or when two people are trying to decide who should go first in a game of rock-paper-scissors and one suggests that they “just flip a coin – it’s called ligma”.

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In conclusion, there are numerous variations on the original form of the ligma joke that have emerged over time with each version relying on surprise upon hearing an unexpected answer. Whether it be directions, advice or who should pay for something, these jokes can be adapted to various scenarios in order to provide some comedic relief.


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The ligma joke is a humorous twist on the popular internet acronym, ‘LOL’. It is an entertaining way to take a break from the stresses of life and to share a laugh with friends. The popularity of this joke demonstrates that humor can be found in the most unexpected places, and can still be appreciated despite the ever-evolving nature of the internet. Ligma is an example of how a seemingly innocuous phrase can become an unexpected source of joy.

Humor has been used as a coping mechanism for centuries, and ligma jokes are just one example of how humor can be incorporated into everyday life to help alleviate stress and bring laughter into situations that may otherwise seem difficult or overwhelming. Although this particular joke may not last forever, it’s sure to bring smiles for now.

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