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KSS: Kissing on the Subway is an increasingly popular phenomenon. It involves two people engaging in a consensual romantic kiss while riding on a subway train. It has become a symbol of love and romance, and many people view it as a sign of commitment and devotion. While some have criticized this behavior, others maintain that it is a natural part of human expression. No matter which side of the debate you take, one thing is certain: kissing on the subway provides a unique experience that can bring two people closer together.Kissing on the Subway is the practice of displaying public affection with a partner on public transportation, such as a bus or subway. This could include holding hands, hugging, or even kissing. Kissing on the Subway is becoming increasingly popular as people are becoming more comfortable with expressing their emotions in public.

The History of Kissing on the Subway

Kissing on the subway is a surprisingly old tradition that has been around for centuries. It has gone through many iterations, from passionate embraces to quick pecks and even an attempt at a world record. The history of kissing on the subway is one of love, passion, and public displays of affection.

The earliest documented instance of kissing on the subway dates back to the early 19th century, when it was popular among street performers in England. At the time, street performers would often kiss each other while riding the trains in order to attract attention and gain tips from passengers. This practice quickly spread to other countries, including France and Germany.

In the late 19th century, kissing on the subway became a symbol of romance and young love in Europe. Couples would take advantage of their private moments together by sharing a quick peck while riding the trains or waiting at stations. This type of public display of affection was seen as daring and exciting for both men and women alike.

In modern times, kissing on the subway continues to be a popular pastime for couples around the world. In 2015, an attempt was made to break the Guinness World Record for most people kissing on a train simultaneously when over 500 couples kissed each other in Mexico City’s Metro system. While this record was ultimately broken by another city in 2017, it shows just how much kissing on the subway still means to many people today.

Though it may not be as common as it once was, kissing on the subway remains an important part of many people’s lives throughout history and into modern times. From passionate embraces to quick pecks, these moments are often cherished memories that will last forever.

Kissing on the Subway

Kissing on the subway is a popular way for couples to show their affection in public. However, it is important to be aware of the rules and regulations when engaging in this activity. All passengers should be respectful of other riders and refrain from engaging in overly long displays of affection. Kissing should not disrupt the flow of the subway, as other riders may be trying to get to their destination.

No kissing should take place while the train is stopped at any station, as this may cause delays or disturbances for other passengers or workers. If kissing takes place while the train is moving, it should not take place for an extended period of time and must not block any passengers from entering or exiting the train.

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Passengers must also abide by any rules established by local authorities or transit agencies in regard to kissing on public transportation, such as bans on certain types of affectionate behavior. If a passenger is found to be violating any set regulations, they could face fines or even criminal charges depending on their jurisdiction.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that while kissing on the subway can be a romantic way to show affection, it must be done responsibly and within all applicable laws and regulations. Passengers should always respect other riders and strive to keep disruptions on public transit to a minimum.

Peck Kiss

A peck kiss is a quick and light kiss that is typically used as a greeting or to show affection. On the subway, it usually happens when two people are saying goodbye or hello. A peck kiss is usually short and sweet and doesn’t involve any tongue. This type of kiss is often seen between couples who have been together for a long time, as they are comfortable with each other and just need to show their love in a simple way. It can also be seen between friends who are meeting up after a long period of time apart.

Butterfly Kiss

The butterfly kiss is a very gentle type of kiss where two people press their closed eyelids together while touching their faces lightly with each other’s eyelashes. It’s also known as the “blinking kiss” because the eyes shut during the kiss. This type of kiss is usually shared between two people who are very close to each other and feel comfortable enough to express themselves in such an intimate way. On the subway, it can be seen between two parents saying goodbye to their children before they go off on their own adventures, or between two young lovers who want to share something special and unique with each other.

French Kiss

The French kiss, also known as an “intimate kiss,” involves two people pressing their lips together while using their tongues to explore each other’s mouths. It’s a passionate type of kiss that conveys strong emotions such as love, desire, and intimacy. On the subway, it’s usually seen between couples who are deeply in love and want to express how much they care about one another without having to say anything out loud. This type of kissing is very common among young couples but can also be seen among older couples who are still madly in love with each other.

Eskimo Kiss

The Eskimo kiss involves two people pressing their noses together gently while making circular movements with them. It’s a very gentle type of kissing that expresses affection without being too intimate or passionate. This type of kissing can be seen on the subway between close friends or family members who want to show how much they care about one another in a subtle yet meaningful way. It’s also often used by parents when saying goodbye to their children before they get off the train.

Kissing on the Subway and Health Risks

Kissing on the subway can be a romantic gesture, but it also comes with certain health risks. While kissing is generally considered to be an intimate and pleasurable activity, there are a few things to consider when engaging in it on public transportation. As the subway is a public place, there is a chance of exposure to germs and bacteria that can lead to illness. In addition, kissing in public can also draw unwanted attention or even lead to harassment.

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Subways are often crowded, making it difficult to avoid contact with other people. This means that you could be exposed to various types of germs and bacteria, such as those from coughing and sneezing passengers. Additionally, the surfaces of seats and handrails are often not cleaned frequently or thoroughly enough, making them a source of potential infection as well. If you choose to kiss your partner on the subway, it’s important to take measures such as washing your hands regularly and avoiding contact with your face or eyes after touching any surface.

Kissing in public can also attract unwanted attention from others who may not feel comfortable seeing two people display affection for one another in public. This could lead to verbal harassment or even physical violence in some cases. Additionally, if there are children present on the subway car or platform at the time of your kiss, they may become scared or confused by what they see, leading to emotional distress or trauma for them and their parents.

In conclusion, while kissing on the subway may seem like a romantic gesture for couples, it is important to consider the potential health risks associated with it as well as any negative reactions from other passengers before engaging in this activity. Taking steps such as washing your hands regularly and avoiding contact with surfaces can help reduce exposure to germs and bacteria that could make you sick. It’s also important to remain aware of your surroundings so that you can avoid drawing unwanted attention or making other passengers uncomfortable.

Reasons People Engage in Kissing on the Subway

Kissing on the subway is a common sight for many commuters, but why do people engage in this behavior? There are several reasons why people might find themselves drawn to kissing on the subway. One of the most common explanations is simply that it can be a way to express affection in a public space. In a crowded train car, there may not be much opportunity to express feelings of love or passion. Kissing on the subway can provide an outlet for these emotions, and it can also be seen as a romantic gesture.

Another reason why people might engage in kissing on the subway is that it can be seen as an act of defiance or rebellion. A kiss on the train can be a way of thumbing one’s nose at authority and society’s expectations. In some cases, this type of behavior may also be seen as an expression of freedom and independence from social norms.

Finally, some people may simply find kissing on the subway to be fun or exciting. Being able to kiss someone in such a public space can provide an adrenaline rush and create an intense feeling of intimacy. This type of behavior may also draw attention from other passengers, which could make it even more thrilling for those involved.

Pros & Cons of Kissing on the Subway

Kissing on the subway can be a great way to show your love and affection for someone you care about. However, there are both pros and cons to consider before you start puckered up. On the one hand, it can be a romantic moment that both parties can cherish for years to come. On the other hand, it can be seen as inappropriate or even offensive by other passengers. Here are some of the pros and cons of kissing on the subway:

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• It’s a great way to show your affection for someone without having to worry about public displays of affection in more crowded areas.
• It’s a unique experience that not many couples get to share together.
• It can be a romantic moment that you’ll remember for years to come.

• Some people may find it inappropriate or even offensive.
• You may draw unwanted attention from other passengers which could make you feel uncomfortable.
• You could get in trouble with transit authorities if caught kissing in certain places.

Kissing on the Subway in Popular Culture

Kissing on the subway is a common sight in many of the world’s major cities, and as such, it has become a popular source of inspiration for artists and creators. From movies to music, kissing on the subway has made its way into popular culture.

One of the most iconic scenes featuring a kiss on the subway is from the 1984 movie Sixteen Candles. In this classic coming-of-age film, two teenagers share a romantic moment as they kiss while riding the train. The scene captures both the innocence and excitement of first love.

Kissing on the subway has also been featured in numerous television shows over the years. In Friends, one episode features Ross and Rachel sharing an intimate moment while riding a subway car. The scene highlights how two people can find love in even mundane moments like taking public transportation.

Music videos have also captured romances blossoming on public transport. One example is Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” video which features her sharing an emotional moment with her love interest as they ride a train together. It perfectly encapsulates how two people can find connection amidst all of life’s chaos and hustle and bustle.

From movies to television shows to music videos, kissing on the subway has become an integral part of popular culture over the years. It is an iconic symbol of romance that will surely continue to be featured in future works for years to come.


Kissing on the subway is a romantic but controversial activity. It can bring joy and happiness to couples, but it can also cause discomfort and embarrassment to other passengers. It’s important to consider the feelings of others before engaging in a public display of affection on the subway. As long as both people involved consent, then it is ultimately their decision whether or not they want to kiss on the subway. However, it should be done with discretion and respect for those around them.

Ultimately, kissing on the subway is a personal choice that should be taken into consideration by everyone involved. As long as both parties are comfortable with it and no one else is disturbed by it, there should be no problem with engaging in this activity. So if you decide to take that plunge and kiss your special someone while riding the subway, just be sure to do so with respect and understanding for those around you.

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