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Kirito is a beloved protagonist from the Japanese light novel and anime series Sword Art Online. He is an intelligent, brave, and strong-willed individual who fights his way through the virtual world of Aincrad. Despite his incredible strength and bravery, Kirito has had to face some incredibly difficult moments filled with sadness. From losing friends to being separated from loved ones, he has endured tremendous pain and suffering throughout his journey. As fans of the series, let us take a look at some of Kirito’s saddest moments.Kirito’s life has been far from easy. He grew up as an orphan, and he was often bullied for his shyness and lack of friends. He found solace in video games, and this helped him to cope with his loneliness. His time in the virtual world was a release from the sadness of his real life. Kirito eventually joined a guild, where he met and befriended many players who accepted him for who he was. Despite this, Kirito still struggled with feelings of loneliness, depression, and regret due to his past. This sadness followed him throughout most of his life and caused him to become withdrawn and distant from others. Although Kirito did find moments of joy and acceptance in his life, the sadness that followed him never truly left him.

Kirito’s Struggles and Challenges

Kirito, the protagonist of the popular anime series Sword Art Online, has faced numerous struggles and challenges throughout the series. In the beginning, Kirito was thrust into a virtual reality game with no knowledge or experience, where he fought for his life in a world filled with monsters and other players. With no allies to rely on, Kirito had to learn quickly how to survive in a dangerous world. This meant learning how to use weapons, gain rare items, and navigate through dungeons while avoiding monsters.

Kirito’s struggles didn’t end there; he also had to face off against other players who sought to become the strongest in the game. As a solo player, Kirito had to prove himself against those who banded together in parties or guilds. He had to find ways to defeat even the most powerful opponents and gain powerful equipment that would give him an edge against his foes.

Kirito’s struggles continued even after escaping from Sword Art Online as he entered a new virtual world called ALfheim Online. Here he encountered many of the same challenges he faced in Sword Art Online but with new obstacles such as flying and mastering elemental magic. He also had to overcome his own inner demons such as his fear of abandonment and his desire for revenge against those who caused him pain in Sword Art Online.

Throughout Kirito’s journey, he has encountered numerous trials that have tested both his physical and mental strength. Despite these struggles, Kirito has risen above each challenge by relying on his wits, courage and determination. His story is inspiring for all who watch it as it shows that anyone can face hardships and come out triumphant if they never give up hope no matter what life throws their way.

The Emotional Impact of Kirito’s Losses

Kirito, the protagonist of the popular anime series Sword Art Online, has had to endure many losses throughout his journey. From the death of his beloved Asuna to the loss of his friends in Aincrad, Kirito has had to face a number of difficult emotional challenges. Despite these losses, Kirito’s strong will and determination have helped him overcome each obstacle with courage and grace.

Kirito’s emotional state was greatly affected by Asuna’s death. He was grief-stricken and felt an immense sense of guilt for not being able to save her. His love for her was so strong that he even refused to join the other players in their fight against the end boss of Aincrad. This guilt and sadness led him to become a recluse, distancing himself from others and immersing himself in virtual worlds as a way of coping with his pain.

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The death of his close friends in Aincrad also had a profound impact on Kirito. He experienced deep sorrow and regret at not being able to save them and protect them from their tragic fates. This sense of helplessness only increased as he ventured into different virtual worlds where he encountered more friends who were ultimately unable to be saved from danger.

These losses have taken an emotional toll on Kirito and have caused him to retreat into himself at times, struggling with feelings of guilt, sadness, and despair. However, despite all these challenges, Kirito continues to fight for what he believes is right with an unwavering sense of courage and hope. He uses these experiences as motivation for him to strive forward on his quest for justice no matter how difficult or dangerous it becomes.

Kirito’s courage in the face of adversity is a testament to the strength of his spirit and determination which serve as a reminder that no matter how hard life can be, it is still possible to find courage within oneself even in the darkest times. His resilience despite all the losses he has faced is both inspiring and admirable, making him a true hero worthy of admiration amongst all those who follow his journey through Sword Art Online.

Kirito’s Mental State and Feelings of Despair

Kirito, the protagonist of the popular anime series Sword Art Online, has gone through immense suffering and trauma. His experiences in the virtual world have left him emotionally scarred and unable to trust anyone around him. He is constantly filled with feelings of despair, guilt, and hopelessness. Kirito’s mental state has been further exacerbated by his inability to escape from the virtual world and his struggle to save those he loves. He is haunted by memories of those he has lost, as well as the knowledge that he could have done more to prevent their deaths. These feelings become so overwhelming that Kirito often turns to self-destructive behaviors in an attempt to cope with his anguish.

Kirito’s emotional state often leads him into dark places where he becomes despondent and isolated from those around him. He is unable to find solace or comfort in anything other than his own thoughts, which can become increasingly negative as time goes on. As a result, Kirito finds himself feeling more lost and helpless than ever before. His feelings of despair are so powerful that they can cause him to shut himself off from the world around him, leaving him feeling completely alone in his struggles.

Fortunately, Kirito eventually comes to realize that there is still hope for him despite all of the darkness that he has experienced in the past. With help from his friends and allies, Kirito slowly begins to come out of his shell and move forward with renewed strength and courage. Through their support, Kirito finds his way back to a place where he can find peace within himself again. Though it is a long journey for Kirito filled with pain and suffering along the way, ultimately it is one that leads toward healing and growth.

How Kirito Handles His Sadness

Kirito is a character from the popular anime series Sword Art Online who often has to deal with a wide array of emotions, including sadness. As such, Kirito has had to develop strategies for managing and coping with his sadness. The first thing that Kirito does is to try to distract himself from his negative feelings. He will often engage in activities such as playing video games or reading manga in order to take his mind off of the things bringing him down.

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Kirito also understands that it is important to talk about his feelings with someone he trusts, even if it is difficult. He often confides in Asuna, his closest friend and love interest, or other close friends. By talking about what he is feeling, Kirito can gain clarity and perspective on the situation and identify possible solutions.

Another way that Kirito handles his sadness is by focusing on what he can do in the present moment to improve the situation. He will often take steps towards completing a goal or making progress towards something he wants to achieve in order to give himself a sense of purpose and direction. In addition, Kirito will use visualization techniques in order to imagine a positive outcome for whatever it is he’s dealing with.

Finally, Kirito knows that it’s important to take care of himself when he’s feeling down by engaging in activities that make him feel better. This could include getting outside for some fresh air or going for a walk, listening to music that lifts his spirits, or doing something creative like drawing or writing poetry.

Overall, Kirito has developed an arsenal of effective strategies for managing his sadness and other negative emotions so that he can stay focused on achieving his goals and living life fully despite any challenges that come his way.

What Makes Kirito So Sad?

Kirito, the main character of the hit anime series Sword Art Online, has been through a lot. He’s gone through countless battles, faced off against powerful enemies, and suffered heartbreaking losses along the way. It’s no surprise that Kirito is often portrayed as a sad and lonely character. But what exactly makes Kirito so sad?

One of the primary reasons for Kirito’s sadness is his past. Kirito was once part of a guild called the Moonlit Black Cats, which he believed was his family until it all came crashing down. When the guild leader betrayed them, Kirito was left alone and had to face his enemies on his own. This experience left him heartbroken and filled with guilt for not being able to protect his friends when they needed him most.

Another major source of sadness for Kirito stems from his relationships with other characters in Sword Art Online. While he has found love in Asuna and has made many close allies along the way, he also holds himself responsible for their deaths or injuries when things don’t go according to plan. His guilt over not being able to save everyone weighs heavily on him and makes it difficult for him to move forward with his life.

Finally, Kirito’s struggle with depression can be linked to his own internal struggles as well. Despite having achieved success in SAO, he still feels inferior to other players due to his lack of skills and experience compared to them. This can lead him into self-doubt and insecurity which further exacerbates his depression and sadness.

All these factors combined are what make Kirito such a sad character throughout the series. His traumatic past, feelings of guilt over not protecting others or himself, as well as internal struggles all contribute towards making him feel so down at times throughout Sword Art Online’s storyline.

How Others React to Kirito’s Sadness

When Kirito is feeling sad, the people around him usually react in two ways. Some of them try to cheer him up by pointing out the positive aspects of his situation, offering encouraging words and support, and generally being there for him. Others may not understand why Kirito is feeling so down and may even be dismissive of his feelings, not acknowledging them or brushing them off as unimportant. In either case, it is important for those around Kirito to be aware of how he is feeling and respond in a way that shows they care and are willing to help him through his difficult time.

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Kirito’s friends can have a huge impact on how he feels when he is struggling with his emotions. They can show compassion and understanding by listening carefully to what he has to say without judgment or criticism. They can also offer words of encouragement that remind him of his strengths and abilities, as well as provide practical advice about how to cope with his feelings. It is also important for Kirito’s friends to recognize when he needs some space in order to process what he’s going through on his own.

The reactions of those around Kirito when he is feeling down can make a big difference in how he navigates his emotions. Knowing that people care and are willing to support him can give him the strength he needs to work through whatever it is that’s causing him distress. It’s important for those close to Kirito — both family members and friends — to remember this so they can be there for him in a meaningful way when he needs it most.

Finding Strength in the Face of Adversity for Kirito

Kirito is a character in the popular anime series, Sword Art Online. He is a young gamer who finds himself trapped in a virtual world and must fight his way out. Despite the odds stacked against him, Kirito has managed to survive and find strength in the face of adversity.

Kirito has faced many obstacles throughout his journey, but he has found ways to overcome them. His determination and courage have helped him stay strong even when things seem impossible. He has learned how to use his skills and knowledge to devise strategies that give him an edge over his enemies. Additionally, Kirito’s friends have been supportive and encouraging, providing emotional support when he needs it most.

Kirito has also developed resilience despite the hardships he faces. Even when facing difficult situations, he remains positive and sees the best outcome possible. He reflects on past experiences and uses them as lessons to help him move forward. Additionally, he believes in himself and knows that no matter how difficult something seems, he can still find a way to succeed.

Kirito’s determination and courage have helped him stay strong even when things seem impossible. He has learned how to use his skills and knowledge to devise strategies that give him an edge over his enemies, while relying on the support of his friends for emotional strength during trying times. Through facing various challenges head-on, Kirito has developed resilience that allows him to stay positive regardless of the situation at hand. He is proof that with enough determination, even seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be overcome with courage and strength of character.


Kirito’s sadness is a reflection of the emotions that many people feel in their own lives. It is a reminder that, no matter how strong we may seem on the outside, we all have our own struggles to face. Despite the unfortunate events that Kirito has had to endure, he continues to remain determined and hopeful. He is an example of true strength and courage, and his story will serve as an inspiration for many more people in the future.

Kirito’s journey has been filled with hardship and pain, but it has also been one of hope and courage. Through his perseverance and determination, Kirito has shown us that no matter how difficult life may seem at times, it can still be overcome with strength and resilience. His story will continue to inspire others to never give up in the face of adversity.

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