Kekaku is a Japanese word that refers to a person who is clumsy or awkward. It can also be used to describe someone who is not very good at something.

I don’t understand what you’re asking.

What Keikaku means?


I have a keikaku that I would like to share with you. I am planning to go on a trip to Japan and I would love to have a travel buddy. I am looking for someone who is interested in exploring new places, trying new things, and who is up for a little adventure. If you are interested in joining me on this trip, please let me know. I am confident that we will have a great time together.

Thank you for your time,

[Your name]

So “keikaku doori” means “all according to the plan”. It’s a way of saying that everything is going according to the plan and everything is under control.

What does Otoku mean in Japanese

Anime, manga, and video games are a big part of Japanese culture. Otaku are people who have a consuming interest in these things. They are often very knowledgeable about their interests and can be quite passionate about them.

Something that is bizarre is very odd and strange. It can be used to describe people, things, or situations that are not normal or usual.

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What is a MEHE?

The MEHE is the ministry responsible for education in the borrower’s country. This ministry sets educational policy and standards, and oversees the implementation of these policies. The MEHE also provides funding for education, and manages the distribution of these funds.

One is the first number in the counting system. It is also the smallest whole number. The word “one” comes from the Sanskrit word “eka”, which means “first”.

What does Yoshikawa mean?

吉川 is an ancient and common placename which was taken by several families mostly in western Japan and the Ryūkyū Islands. The term 吉川 (literally “luck river”) was originally used to refer to a good or lucky river, and was later extended to include any river considered to be auspicious. Today, the term is used primarily in a toponymic sense, referring to specific places named 吉川.

The Kyōgoku clan were a powerful daimyō clan during the Sengoku and Edo periods. The clan descended from the Uda Genji through the Sasaki clan and took their name from the Kyōgoku quarter of Kyoto during the Heian period. The Kyōgoku were a major force in Japanese politics and warfare for centuries, and their legacy continues to be felt in Japan today.

What does Yamiko mean in Japanese

Yumiko is a very popular Japanese name that can be written using different kanji characters. The most common meaning of the name is “bow, child”, but it can also mean “reason/cause, beauty, child”. Yumiko is a very lovely name with a beautiful meaning.

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Nakulans are witty and analytical people who tend to be deep thinkers and dreamers. They are always looking for ways to improve the world around them and make it a better place.

What is a bokka?

A bocka is a punch to the upper arm, usually inflicted as punishment by a peer for minor misdemeanours at school. Bokkas can also be given as a form of bullying, to punch someone on the upper arm with the knuckle in order to make the limb stiff or produce a bruise.

Níð was a highly offensive term used to describe someone who was cowardly or weak. It was so insulting that it was punishable by law in old Scandinavian societies. Argr and ragr were also used to describe someone who was cowardly or weak, but less offensively than níð. Ergi was used to describe someone who was sexually perverse or deviant. These terms were highly stigmatized in old Scandinavian societies and could lead to social ostracism.

What is a Rasclat in Jamaica

Raasclaat is a very Jamaican thing to say and is used to express a range of emotions including anger, annoyance, and surprise. It is definitely a vulgar word so be careful when using it!

The Sanskrit word for cow is “Gau”. Gau is often seen as a sacred animal in Hinduism and is considered to be a symbol of nourishment and abundance.

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What does Eka mean in military?

EKIA is a term used to describe an enemy killed in action. This can refer to actual physical combat, or it can encompass situations where the enemy is killed as a result of other actions, such as explosives or traps.

A vulgar bird is an attractive woman or object of sexual attraction.


“Kekaku” (結核) is a type of tuberculosis that primarily affects the lungs. It is a serious and potentially fatal disease, but it can be treated with medication.

There is not much known about the origins of the word “kekaku,” but it is thought to be of Japanese origin. The word is often used in online forums and websites in place of the word “lol,” which is also of Japanese origin. “Kekaku” is also sometimes used in conjunction with the word “libo,” which is of Chinese origin.

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