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Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien is an exciting and engaging tactical role-playing game set in a near-future world. Developed by Sir-Tech, this game puts you in the role of a mercenary leader hired by the United Nations to restore peace to the war-torn country of Bastien. You must lead a team of mercenaries as they fight their way across the land, completing missions and gathering resources in order to restore order. With turn-based combat, an expansive character customization system, and an intriguing story, Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien is a great game for strategy fans.Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien is a turn-based tactics video game developed by Sir-Tech and published by Strategy First. It is the third installment in the Jagged Alliance series of tactical role-playing video games. The game is set in the fictional country of Bastien, located in Central America, where players take control of a group of mercenaries hired to help restore order in the country. The player must use tactical and strategic skills to complete objectives, such as destroying enemy bases or rescuing hostages from rebel forces. The game features a variety of weapons, equipment, and character classes to choose from, as well as an extensive storyline with multiple endings based on the player’s decisions throughout the game. Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien also includes a multiplayer mode for up to four players.

Tactical Combat System

Jagged Alliance 3 is an exciting tactical combat game that puts players in command of a team of mercenaries. Players must direct their team through challenging missions, using a variety of weapons and tactics to achieve their objectives. The game’s Tactical Combat System (TCS) allows for an unprecedented level of strategy, as players must carefully consider the terrain, enemy positions, and the abilities of their squad when planning their attack. In addition to the TCS, Jagged Alliance 3 features a variety of other tactical elements, such as cover mechanics, environmental hazards, morale effects, and more.

Dynamic Storytelling

Jagged Alliance 3 offers an immersive narrative experience that changes based on player decisions. Throughout the game, players are presented with choices that will affect both the story and gameplay. For example, players may choose to pursue different objectives or ally with various factions during missions. These choices will not only determine how the story evolves but also have an impact on the available resources and objectives in each mission.

Character Progression

Another great feature of Jagged Alliance 3 is its character progression system. As players progress through the game they will be able to upgrade their mercenaries’ skills across a wide range of categories such as accuracy, speed, strength and more. Players can also customize their mercenaries by equipping them with various weapons and armor pieces to help them better survive in battle.

Online Multiplayer

Jagged Alliance 3 also features online multiplayer options for up to 8 players at once. Players can team up or compete against each other in intense battles for control over various battlefields. The game also features leaderboards so that players can track their progress against other gamers around the world.

Pros of Playing Jagged Alliance 3

Jagged Alliance 3 is a tactical turn-based strategy game that puts the player in control of a mercenary group. The game is set in a fictional post-Soviet country and it features a wide range of characters, weapons, and locations. Players must manage their resources, purchase equipment, hire mercenaries, and complete objectives to progress through the game. While there are some drawbacks to playing Jagged Alliance 3, there are also many pros.

One of the biggest advantages to this game is its replayability. Players can choose different strategies each time they play through the game, as well as customize their mercenaries and equipment. This allows for hours of entertainment as players try out different tactics to complete missions. Another great feature of Jagged Alliance 3 is its great graphics and sound design. The visuals create an immersive experience that helps bring the world to life and aids in making decisions during combat.

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Additionally, Jagged Alliance 3 has an engaging story with interesting characters that players can become invested in throughout the campaign. The story takes place during a civil war in a post-Soviet nation and follows the adventures of your mercenary team as they battle different factions for control over the country’s resources. The narrative keeps players engaged from start to finish with its twists and turns as well as its humorous moments throughout the game.

Cons of Playing Jagged Alliance 3

Although there are many pros for playing Jagged Alliance 3, there are also some cons that should be taken into consideration before purchasing this game. One potential drawback is that it can be difficult for new players to get into due to its complex nature and lack of tutorials or help guides outside of online forums or videos on YouTube. Additionally, some may find combat in this game too slow-paced or tedious due to its turn-based nature which can become monotonous after awhile for some people.

The AI mechanics in this game have also been criticized by many due to their inconsistency at times which can lead to frustrating moments while playing through missions and objectives with your team. Additionally, due to the complexity of the game’s mechanics it may take multiple playthroughs before becoming familiar enough with them all which could lead to boredom if you’re not interested in trying out different strategies each time you play

Multiplayer Mode of Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien

Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien provides an exciting multiplayer mode, allowing up to six players to team up and play together. Players can join forces to complete objectives, battle against a variety of enemies in tactical combat scenarios, or engage in friendly competition with each other. The game also features a co-operative mode where players can join forces and work together towards common goals. In addition to the traditional turn-based tactical combat system, Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien also introduces new elements such as customizable characters, weapon customization, and advanced AI. These features give the game an extra layer of depth and strategy that can be enjoyed by both veterans and newcomers alike.

Co-Op Mode of Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien

The co-op mode of Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien allows players to join up with each other for a more social experience. Players can choose to work together in a team or go it alone in single player mode. The game also supports drop-in/drop-out gameplay so that players can come and go as they please. In this mode, the game’s AI is still present but plays a less important role as the focus is on cooperation between players in order to achieve objectives. This mode allows for a more engaging experience as players must communicate with each other in order to succeed. Additionally, there are multiple difficulty levels available for added challenge and replayability.

How to Play Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien?

Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien is a turn-based strategy game where you control a group of mercenaries fighting against an enemy force. The game is set on the fictional island of Bastien, and you must use your mercenaries to outwit and outmaneuver your enemy in order to achieve victory. The game features a variety of tactics and strategies that you can employ in order to win the battles. Here are some tips on how to play Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien:

First and foremost, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the various controls available in the game. Knowing how to move, attack, and defend your units is essential for success in this game. In addition, it is important to understand how your units interact with each other – understanding their strengths and weaknesses can help you make more effective decisions during battle.

Once you have become familiar with the controls of the game, it is time to start planning your strategy. Think about what kind of team composition will best suit your needs – for example, do you need a mix of ranged and melee combatants? What type of equipment will your team need? Planning ahead will help ensure that you are prepared for whatever challenges come your way.

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When engaging in battle, be sure to pay attention to terrain features such as walls or choke points as they can be used to your advantage. Use cover whenever possible – this will protect your units from enemy fire while they return fire themselves. It is also important to keep an eye on enemy movements so that you can anticipate their next move and react accordingly.

Finally, don’t forget that Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien is a turn-based strategy game – there’s no rush! Take as much time as necessary when making decisions during battle so that you can consider all possible options before making a move. With some practice and patience, mastering Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien should be no problem!

Weapons and Equipment Used in Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien

Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien is a turn-based tactical role-playing game developed by Sir-Tech. It is the third installment in the Jagged Alliance series. The game features an extensive collection of weapons and equipment for the player to choose from to complete their objectives. These weapons include assault rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, grenades, and various types of melee weapons. Players can also equip their characters with armour and other protective gear to increase their survivability on the battlefield.

In addition to weapons and equipment, players can also use various items such as medkits, flashlights, binoculars, lockpicks, explosives, and more in order to aid them in completing their objectives. Each item has its own unique purpose and can be used in various ways to give the player an edge during combat or stealth operations. Some items can even be used to craft unique tools or gadgets for specific tasks.

Players can also hire mercenaries with various skillsets depending on their needs. These mercenaries come equipped with their own weapons and equipment that must be purchased or found throughout the game world. Players can also choose to upgrade or customize these weapons using parts found throughout the game world or purchased from merchants.

Overall, Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien provides players with a large selection of weapons and equipment that they can use to complete their objectives successfully. With its expansive selection of weapons and items combined with its robust mercenary system, Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien offers players an exciting tactical experience that they won’t soon forget!

Choose the Right Team

When playing Jagged Alliance 3, one of the most important decisions you can make is choosing the right team. It’s important to pick a team that will complement each other’s skills and abilities. You want to make sure that each member of your team has a unique set of talents and strengths that can be put to use in different scenarios. Look at each character’s stats and attributes, and choose the ones that will work best together as a cohesive unit.

Manage Your Resources Wisely

Jagged Alliance 3 is all about managing your resources wisely. Make sure you’re keeping track of your finances, and don’t spend more than you have. You also need to make sure you have enough ammo, food, and medical supplies for your team. Make sure you’re spending money on things that are necessary for success rather than frivolous items such as weapons or armor that may not be needed in the long run.

Use Cover Strategically

Cover is one of the most important elements in Jagged Alliance 3. Whenever possible, use cover strategically to protect yourself from enemy fire. This could mean taking cover behind objects such as walls or trees, or using smoke grenades to obscure your position from enemy view. Make sure you use cover when entering an area with enemies present so that you have an advantage over them.

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Explore Every Level Thoroughly

Exploring every level thoroughly is essential in Jagged Alliance 3. You never know what hidden secrets and items may be tucked away in a corner of a level or inside a chest. Be sure to search every nook and cranny on each level, since this could provide valuable resources such as money or weapons which could come in handy later on.

Utilize Stealth Tactics

If possible, try to take advantage of stealth tactics when playing Jagged Alliance 3. This means avoiding being seen by enemies whenever possible by using things like shadows or tall grass for cover. If you can manage to stay hidden from enemies until they are within firing range, then it can give you an advantage over them since they won’t expect an attack from someone they didn’t see coming.

Use Your Teammates Effectively

Finally, it’s important to use your teammates effectively when playing Jagged Alliance 3. Make sure everyone is aware of their role on the team and assign tasks accordingly so that everyone knows what they need to do at any given moment. When working together as a unit, it is much easier to succeed than if everyone was trying to go it alone without any support from their teammates!

Secrets & Cheat Codes for Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien

Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien is an epic strategy game with a great storyline and intense action. It is one of the most popular strategy games in the world. With its vast array of characters, challenging levels, and strategic missions, it has become a favorite among gamers. Many players have discovered secrets and cheat codes that can help them get ahead in the game. Here are some secrets and cheat codes that will help you out in Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien.

The first secret to success in Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien is to make sure you have enough money to buy better weapons and armor for your team. You can increase your cash flow by completing missions and earning rewards from them. Also, you can purchase items from traders or use the black market to make some extra money. This will help you get the supplies you need for your team.

Another secret to success in Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien is to take advantage of mission bonuses whenever possible. Most missions will offer bonuses such as extra money or items if you complete them quickly or without taking too much damage. Taking advantage of these bonuses can give you a significant boost in your progress.

Finally, there are several cheat codes that can be used in Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien to give players an edge over their opponents. Some of these codes allow players to increase their cash flow, replenish their ammo reserves, or even access new weapons and armor. Using these cheat codes wisely can help players get ahead quickly and gain an edge over their opponents.


Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien is an interesting and entertaining game. It offers a unique and challenging experience to players, as they must make strategic decisions, work with a variety of characters, and navigate the world around them. The game also offers plenty of replay value, as there are multiple endings that can be achieved depending on how the player approaches the game. Overall, Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien is an excellent choice for those seeking an immersive and engaging gaming experience.

Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien provides hours of entertainment for both casual and hardcore gamers alike. The storyline is unique and engaging, while the combat system is intense and rewarding. The graphics are impressive for a turn-based strategy game, while the sound design creates an immersive atmosphere. With its wide array of features and its replayability factor, Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien is sure to keep players entertained for hours on end.

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