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What’s up, everyone? It’s time to talk about the latest meme that’s been taking over the internet lately: it’s happening! This fun, quirky meme has quickly become a favorite of many, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re looking for a good chuckle or a way to express how you feel in the moment, this meme is sure to do the trick. So join us as we take a closer look at the it’s happening meme and all its wacky glory!The ‘It’s Happening’ meme originated from a scene in the 2004 comedy film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. In the movie, Ron Burgundy (played by Will Ferrell) is giving a speech on air and says the iconic line, “It’s happening!” The audience erupts in cheers and laughter at this moment, and it quickly became a popular catchphrase. The meme version of the phrase originated around 2013 when people began using it to express excitement or anticipation about something. Since then, it has become a popular internet meme that is used to express enthusiasm or surprise about various topics.

What Does the Meme Mean?

A meme is a form of digital media that is meant to be humorous, often in the form of an image or video. It is used to express a concept, opinion, or emotion, and can be shared on various social media platforms. The meaning of a meme can vary from person to person, as it is often open to interpretation.

The original idea behind a meme was to create something that could spread quickly and easily through the internet. This has allowed memes to become popular in today’s culture as they can be quickly shared and understood by large numbers of people.

Memes typically consist of an image or video accompanied by a caption or text which conveys the message intended by the creator. As memes are often humorous in nature, they are usually designed to elicit laughter or provide entertainment. In some cases, however, they can also be used to convey more serious topics such as political opinions or social commentary.

The meaning of a particular meme may not always be clear at first glance. Some memes may require additional context in order for the viewer to understand its full message. However, when interpreted correctly, memes can provide an interesting way for people to express themselves and share ideas with others in an entertaining manner.


A meme is an image, video, phrase, or other piece of media that is shared widely online to either entertain or communicate a message. The term meme was initially coined by Richard Dawkins in 1976 to describe the way ideas spread within a culture. It has since been adopted by the internet as a way to describe images and videos that are passed around and shared in an often humorous manner.


The first memes were created in the early days of the internet and have since evolved into a powerful form of communication. Memes have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for people to express themselves online, especially through social media. They often contain jokes, references, or observations about current events or pop culture topics.


There are many different types of memes, such as image macros, GIFs, reaction images, and advice animals. Image macros typically feature an image with text added on top or bottom. GIFs are short animations that can be used to illustrate an idea or emotion. Reaction images are used to express an emotion or opinion about something in an amusing way. Advice animals feature different characters with humorous captions associated with them.

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Memes typically feature witty and clever language that is easily understood by people from all walks of life. They often have a viral quality about them that makes them appealing and easy to share online. Memes also tend to be topical; they often incorporate references to current events or popular culture topics that people can easily relate to. Furthermore, memes are usually designed to be funny and lighthearted; they should be entertaining rather than offensive or crass.

Examples of the ‘It’s Happening’ Meme

The phrase “It’s Happening” has been used in various meme formats over the years, but it has recently become a popular meme format. The phrase is typically used to express enthusiasm, anticipation, and excitement. The phrase can be used in various ways, but the most common use is for situations in which something unexpected or exciting is about to happen.

One popular example of the “It’s Happening” meme is a picture of actor Keanu Reeves with the caption “It’s happening.” This meme usually implies that something unexpected or exciting is about to happen and conveys enthusiasm and excitement. Other popular examples include pictures of animals with captions such as “It’s Happening,” implying that something unexpected or exciting is about to happen.

Another popular version of this meme features a picture of an astronaut with the caption “It’s happening.” This variation usually implies that something unexpected or exciting is about to occur in outer space. Another variation features a picture of a character from a movie or TV show with the caption “It’s happening.” This version usually implies that something unexpected or exciting will occur within the context of the show or movie.

The phrase “It’s Happening” has also been used for humorous purposes, such as when someone posts a picture of themselves eating ice cream with the caption “It’s happening.” This variation usually implies that they are excited and enthusiastic about their current situation.

Overall, the phrase “It’s Happening” has become an increasingly popular meme format due to its versatility and ability to express enthusiasm and anticipation for what is about to occur. It can be used in various situations and contexts, making it a versatile and entertaining way to express one’s feelings.

What is a Meme?

A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. It can be anything from a phrase, to an image, to a video. The term was coined by Richard Dawkins in 1976 as an attempt to explain how ideas spread through culture. Memes can be used as a form of self-expression and communication, and are often used to share opinions or humorous content.

Where Do Memes Come From?

Memes typically originate from existing content that has been shared on the internet, such as images and videos. As the content is shared, it begins to take on new meanings and interpretations. This can be done by adding text or creating variations of the original content. The process of changing existing content into something new is called “meme-ifying”.

How Do You Create a Meme?

Creating a meme can be as simple as adding text to an existing image or video. There are many online tools available that allow users to create their own memes. These tools typically provide templates with pre-made images that you can customize with your own text and images. Once you have created your meme, you can share it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or post it on image sharing sites such as Imgur and Reddit.

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How to Use the Meme

Memes are a great way to express yourself online and engage with others in your community. They can be used for entertainment, political commentary, news reporting, or just for fun conversation starters. However, it is important to remember that some memes may contain offensive material or language that could be viewed as insensitive or inappropriate by some people. When using memes it’s always important to consider who might see them before posting them online so that everyone remains respectful of one another’s beliefs and opinions.

Variations of the ‘It’s Happening’ Meme

The “It’s Happening” meme is an internet phenomenon that originated on the website 4chan and quickly spread throughout the internet. The meme, which features a character from the TV show Seinfeld saying “It’s happening!”, has been used in countless variations since its debut in 2007. Today, it can be seen on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook.

The most common variation of the “It’s Happening” meme is one featuring a character from Seinfeld saying “It’s happening!” with a variety of different characters reacting to it. This particular variation usually involves some sort of absurdity or ridiculousness and often features various characters from popular TV shows and movies. For example, one meme might feature The Simpsons family all looking shocked and saying “It’s happening!” while another might feature Spongebob Squarepants standing in front of a group of people with a giant grin on his face saying “It’s happening!”

Another popular variation of the “It’s Happening” meme is one featuring an image of someone or something with a caption that reads “It’s happening!” This type of meme is often used to express excitement about something that is about to happen or has just happened. For example, one might feature an image of a person at an amusement park with the caption “It’s happening! We finally made it to Disney World!”

Finally, there are also variations that involve other characters or images being added to the original Seinfeld scene. For example, one might feature Homer Simpson photoshopped into the scene alongside Jerry Seinfeld saying “It’s happening! Homer just had donuts for breakfast! Another might feature two people sitting in a cafe talking while holding hands with the caption “it’s happening! They’re finally going on their first date!”.

These are just some examples of how versatile and creative people have become when creating variations of the classic “it’s happening” meme. No matter what version you come across, chances are you’ll find it entertaining – because after all, it’s happening!

It’s Happening

The ‘It’s Happening’ meme has become a popular internet phenomenon over the past few years. The meme is based on a quote from the classic children’s book, The Cat in the Hat, and features an excited-looking cat with the caption “It’s happening!” It is often used to express excitement or anticipation for something special that is about to happen. The popularity of this meme can be attributed to its ability to capture a wide range of emotions and feelings while still conveying a sense of humor. Additionally, the imagery used in the meme is recognizable and easy to relate to, making it perfect for sharing on social media.

The “It’s Happening” meme has become so popular because it is so versatile. It can be used in any situation where someone wants to express excitement or joy – whether it be for an upcoming event, celebrating a success, or just enjoying life in general. It also has an element of surprise that makes it enjoyable and fun to use. By adding captions that fit the context of a particular situation, users can customize their own version of the meme for maximum hilarity and shares on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

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The “It’s Happening” meme also resonates with people because of its timelessness. Its appeal goes beyond one particular generation or demographic; anyone can recognize and relate to its sentiment regardless of age or background. This makes it highly shareable across different platforms and audiences, thus helping it remain popular over time. As more people discover this unique way to express their feelings and reactions, more versions of the meme will continue to appear online – making sure that “It’s Happening” stays alive and well!

Notable Versions of the ‘It’s Happening’ Meme

The ‘It’s Happening’ meme has become one of the most popular and widely used memes on the internet. The phrase is usually used to represent an event that is taking place, or a situation that is unfolding. It has been used in countless situations and contexts, from serious political discussions to lighthearted jokes. The meme is often accompanied by an image of a person or character looking surprised or excited about something. The phrase itself has been adapted in numerous ways, with variations like “it’s finally happening”, “it’s actually happening”, and “it’s still happening” becoming popular online.

One of the most recognizable versions of the meme features the character Squidward from the popular animated series Spongebob Squarepants. In this version, Squidward can be seen with an expression of anticipation and excitement as he proclaims “It’s happening!”. This version of the meme has become particularly popular due to its humorous juxtaposition between Squidward’s usually unenthusiastic personality and his sudden burst of enthusiasm.

Another notable version features a photo of actor Bill Murray looking surprised at an event or situation unfolding in front of him, with the caption “It’s happening!” This version has become especially popular due to Bill Murray’s iconic status as one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors. It can be used to express both excitement and disbelief at events taking place in real life or online.

Finally, another popular version features a screenshot from the TV show Arrested Development showing actor Will Arnett saying “It’s happening!” with an expression of surprise on his face. This version has become particularly beloved by Arrested Development fans due to its connection to one specific moment in the show.

Overall, there are countless versions of the ‘It’s Happening’ meme that have become popular on social media over the years. Whether it’s a photo featuring Bill Murray looking shocked or a screenshot from Arrested Development featuring Will Arnett proclaiming “It’s happening!”, these memes are sure to get people laughing and sharing them online for years to come!


The “It’s happening” meme is a humorous way of expressing the feeling of anticipation and excitement at the thought of something potentially amazing unfolding. It can be used to describe any situation that one finds exciting, from a long-awaited event to a sudden discovery. Despite its simple structure, the meme has withstood the test of time and continues to be used widely on social media platforms. Its versatility and ability to bring people together makes it an evergreen classic.

In conclusion, the “It’s happening” meme is a great way to capture excitement in any situation. Whether you are excited about an upcoming event or the discovery of something new, this meme will help you express those feelings with ease!

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