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Gangster funny hood quotes are one of the most popular ways to express yourself with a bit of humour and attitude. From classic lines from movies to humorous comments about life, these quotes are sure to make you laugh, think and maybe even inspire you. Whether you’re looking for something to share with your friends or just want a bit of a pick-me-up, these gangster funny hood quotes are sure to brighten up your day. So take a look and see what resonates with you!”Don’t let people make a fool out of you twice. Once is enough.”

Hood Humor Quotes

Hood humor quotes are jokes and sayings that come from the hood. These sayings can be funny, ironic, or even thought-provoking. Hood humor is often seen as a way to make light of difficult situations in the hood and to bring some joy and levity to a sometimes grim reality. Some of the most famous hood humor quotes include: “Ain’t no party like a hood party ’cause a hood party don’t stop!”, “A hard head makes a soft behind,” and “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

Hood humor quotes have been popular for decades and have become part of the culture in many cities. From rap lyrics to standup comedy, these quotes can be heard everywhere. They are often seen as an expression of resilience in the face of adversity. While some may view them as offensive or distasteful, others find them humorous and insightful.

Hood humor quotes are often used to convey messages about life in the hood. They can be used to criticize authorities or express frustration about living conditions. Many times these quotes also provide a sense of community for those living in tough neighborhoods. When used correctly, they can provide an outlet for people to express their feelings without fear of judgement or repercussion.

There are numerous sources of hood humor quotes including books, magazines, television shows, movies, music lyrics, and more. The internet has become one of the most popular sources for finding these types of jokes and sayings. With just a few clicks you can find yourself laughing out loud at some hilarious one-liners that come straight from the streets of your own city!

Witty Gangster Sayings

Gangsters have been around for centuries, and with them have come some of the most colorful, clever, and iconic sayings in history. From the streets of Chicago to the back alleys of New York City, these wise words have been passed down from generation to generation. Whether you’re looking for a bit of inspiration or just a good laugh, here are some of the best witty gangster sayings that will make you chuckle.

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“If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” This classic gangster saying is a reminder that sometimes it’s better to go with the flow than to fight against it.

“If you can’t join ’em, beat ’em.” This saying is also a popular one among gangsters and shows that sometimes it’s necessary to take matters into your own hands if there’s no other option.

“Don’t get mad; get even.” This is another old-school gangster saying that emphasizes the importance of taking action when someone wrongs you instead of simply getting angry.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” This classic wisdom advises us to be wary of those around us, as we never know who can be trusted and who cannot.

“You got to spend money to make money.” This saying is often used as a reminder that success doesn’t happen overnight – it takes hard work and dedication in order to achieve financial success.

“It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” This phrase is often used in relation to networking – if you want something done, then having connections can help make it happen much faster than if you were going it alone.

Sarcastic Gangster One-Liners

Gangsters have a reputation for having a tough exterior, often accompanied by a sharp wit. This is especially true when it comes to their one-liners, which are often full of sarcasm and dark humor. Here are some of the most iconic sarcastic gangster one-liners that will make you laugh out loud:

“I’m the guy who’ll be laughing when you’re crying.”

“You don’t have to like me, but you will respect me.”

“I’m not afraid of anything, except for getting caught.”

“If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. If you can’t join ’em, bribe ’em.”

“It ain’t about the money; it’s about the power.”

“I may not always win, but I never lose.”

“Don’t mess with me; I’m too dangerous for that!”

“A wise man once said nothing at all.”

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade… then sell it at a price no one can refuse!”

Clever Gangster Lines

Gangsters are notorious for their sharp wit and clever lines. From the Godfather to Goodfellas, they have been delivering some of the most memorable lines in cinematic history. Whether it’s a one-liner or a full monologue, gangsters know how to deliver their words with style and swagger. Here are some of the most iconic and clever gangster lines:

“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” – The Godfather

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“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” – The Godfather

“Say hello to my little friend!” – Scarface

“You come into my house on the day my daughter is to be married and you ask me to do murder, for money?” – The Godfather Part II

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – The Untouchables

“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.” – Goodfellas

Popular Hood Phrases

The hood is full of slang and phrases that are unique to the culture. From popular street talk to terms used by veterans of the hood, these phrases are often used by people who live in or have grown up in the inner city. Many of these phrases have become part of everyday language and can be heard on television, movies, and radio shows. Here are some popular hood phrases that you may hear while out and about:

“Ya heard me?” – This phrase is used to confirm whether or not something was heard or understood. It can be used as a question or as an exclamation.

“No cap” – This phrase is used to emphasize that someone is not lying or exaggerating; they’re speaking the truth.

“On fleek” – This phrase is used to describe something that looks good; it’s usually referring to a person’s appearance or fashion choices.

“Ain’t no joke” – This phrase is used when something isn’t funny; it’s serious business.

“I feel you” – This phrase means that you understand what someone else is saying and you sympathize with them.

These are just a few examples of popular hood phrases that have become part of our everyday language. Many people may not even realize they’re using them, but they’ve become so commonplace that we don’t even think about it anymore!

Iconic Gangster Quips

The gangster world is rife with memorable quotes. From Al Capone to Tony Montana, their words of wisdom have been immortalized in popular culture. Whether they are used as a warning or an inspirational statement, these quotes often reflect the gangster lifestyle and its associated values. Here are some of the most iconic gangster quips:

“You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.” – Al Capone

“Say hello to my little friend!” – Tony Montana

“It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.” – Michael Corleone

“A man has only one life to live and he must live it as fully as possible.” – Lucky Luciano

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“A friend should always underestimate your virtues and an enemy overestimate your faults.” – John Gotti

“Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.” – Jimmy Conway

These quotes are evidence of the powerful impact that gangsters have had on pop culture. They remind us that sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is use your words wisely. Whether it’s a warning or an inspirational statement, these iconic gangster quips will live on forever in our collective memory.

Hilarious Hood Jokes

From the hood to the ‘burbs, there’s no shortage of hilarious jokes that can be told. From the funny and lighthearted to the downright offensive, these jokes are sure to make you laugh. Whether it’s a joke about a goofy neighbor or an outrageous story about the hood, there’s something for everyone when it comes to hilarious hood jokes. Here are some of our favorites:

Q: What did the hood kid bring for show and tell?
A: A roach trap!

Q: What did the gangster say when his friend asked him for money?
A: “I’m sorry, I don’t do loans.”

Q: Why did the hood rat keep getting evicted from his apartment?
A: He forgot to pay rent!

Q: Why did the burglar get arrested in the hood?
A: He was caught red-handed!

Q: What did one hood rat say to another?
A: “Let’s get outta here before we get caught!”


Gangster funny hood quotes have been around for centuries, and they have only grown in popularity in modern times. They are a great way to express yourself, and to make people laugh. They can also be used to convey a serious message, or to point out the absurdity of certain situations. No matter what your purpose is for using them, gangster funny hood quotes can be a great way to express yourself and show your personality.

No matter which quote you choose, it’s important that you say it with confidence and don’t take yourself too seriously. Be creative with your words and use a bit of humor to keep the mood light and entertaining. Gangster funny hood quotes are an excellent way to express yourself, so don’t be afraid to use them!

Overall, gangster funny hood quotes are an incredible tool that can be used in many different ways. Whether you want to make someone laugh or share a serious message, these quotes can help you do just that. So next time you need some inspiration or want to brighten someone’s day, consider using one of these powerful phrases!

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