funny 50th anniversary quotes

Fifty years of marriage is a milestone worth celebrating! To commemorate the special occasion, why not add a bit of humor to your anniversary celebration with some funny 50th anniversary quotes? Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted joke or a silly saying to make your spouse laugh, we’ve got you covered. From witty one-liners to humorous puns, these funny 50th anniversary quotes are sure to add a smile to the celebration. So go ahead and share some laughter with these lighthearted quips!

Hilarious 50th Wedding Anniversary One-Liners

Fifty years of marriage is an amazing milestone to celebrate. To commemorate such a special occasion, it’s fun to share some hilarious one-liners that capture the joy of the happy couple. Here are some funny one-liners that are perfect for a 50th wedding anniversary:

“Fifty years of marriage and still no ring!”

“It’s been 50 years, and they’re still together? That’s love!”

“50 years married and still going strong! Who says true love doesn’t last?”

“50 years of marriage is something to celebrate! Congrats!”

“50 years together and still counting. That’s commitment!”

“50 whole years of marriage! Time flies when you’re having fun.”

“50 years together and they still make each other laugh.”

“Cheers to 50 wonderful years of marriage!”

Witty 50th Anniversary Sayings

Fifty years of marriage is a beautiful milestone and deserves to be celebrated! Whether you’re looking for the perfect toast to give at the anniversary party or writing a heartfelt card, these witty 50th anniversary sayings are sure to put a smile on the happy couple’s faces.

“A 50-year marriage is like a winning lottery ticket: rare and valuable.”

“Cheers to fifty years of laughter, love, and happily ever after.”

“Fifty years of marriage is like fine wine—it just gets better with age.”

“Here’s to fifty years of having each other’s backs and making each other laugh.”

“May your future be as bright as your past has been beautiful.”

“The greatest weddings have always happened in the same place—your hearts!”

“Your 50th anniversary celebration is a reminder that true love never fades away.”

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50th Wedding Anniversary Jokes to Make Everyone Laugh

50th wedding anniversaries are always a special occasion. It’s a time to celebrate, reminisce, and make some funny jokes! If you’re looking for some jokes to make everyone laugh at your 50th wedding anniversary celebration, here are some great ideas. From puns to one-liners, these jokes will definitely get everyone chuckling.

A classic joke to tell at a 50th wedding anniversary is: “What do you call two people who have been married for fifty years? A miracle!” It’s a timeless joke that never fails to bring smiles and laughs.

Another popular joke for a 50th wedding anniversary is: “What did the husband say on their 50th wedding anniversary? ‘I still love you as much as the day we got married!’” This humorous joke always gets people in the mood for celebration.

If you’re looking for puns, try this one: “What did the husband say after fifty years of marriage? ‘It’s been an eternity!’” It may be cheesy, but it’s sure to get some laughs from the crowd.

If you’re looking for something more lighthearted and humorous, try this one: “How do you know when two people have been married for fifty years? They both tell the same story!” This fun joke is sure to get some chuckles out of your guests.

Finally, if you want something a bit more cheeky, try this one: “What did the husband say when asked what he was going to do after fifty years of marriage? ‘I’m going to marry someone else!’” This joke may be a bit risqué, but it will definitely get everyone laughing.

No matter what kind of jokes you choose for your 50th wedding anniversary celebration, they are sure to bring smiles and laughter to all those in attendance. So go ahead and let your funny side shine through with these hilarious 50th wedding anniversary jokes!

Humorous 50th Anniversary Messages to Share with Friends and Family

50 years of married bliss is something to be celebrated! Celebrate your loved ones’ golden anniversary with a lighthearted message that will make them smile. Here are some humorous 50th anniversary messages that you can share with friends and family:

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“You both have been married for 50 years – congratulations! Now the real challenge starts – the next 50!”

“You two have been through thick and thin, but you still have each other’s back. Here’s to another 50 years of love and companionship!”

“Happy golden anniversary! How does it feel to be married for half a century? I’m sure it feels great – so here’s to many more years of laughter and joy!”

“Fifty years down, forever to go! Congratulations on your milestone anniversary.”

“Cheers to fifty wonderful years together! May you continue to laugh, love, and cherish each other for many more anniversaries to come.”

Cheeky Quotes for a 50th Wedding Anniversary Card

Fifty years of marriage is a remarkable accomplishment and deserves to be celebrated! Sending a card with a funny quote is a great way to commemorate the special anniversary. Here are some cheeky quotes that are sure to make the happy couple laugh:

“Marriage isn’t about finding someone you can live with — it’s about finding someone you can’t live without.”

“Marriage is really just two people who promise to be good at taking out the trash.”

“50 years together?! That’s like being married since before there was color TV!”

“At 50 years, it’s time to start giving advice on how not to get divorced.”

“It takes two special people to stay together for 50 years. Congratulations!”

Plan a Party

Planning a party to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary is an excellent way to commemorate the special couple. Invite all of the couple’s close friends and family members to share in the celebration. Plan a special menu and decorations that highlight the milestone anniversary. Have the couple share some of their favorite memories from the past 50 years together, or have them renew their vows as part of the festivities.

Create Memory Book

Creating a memory book for the couple is a great way to honor their years together. Ask friends and family members to contribute stories about how they were impacted by the couple’s love and support throughout their lives. Compile all of these stories into a book that can be read back over for years to come. Include photos from significant moments throughout their marriage, as well as current photos of family members that can be shared with future generations.

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Send Cards & Gifts

Send cards and gifts from friends and family far and wide to celebrate this special occasion. Whether it’s locally or across seas, sending warm wishes is always appreciated by married couples who have achieved such an accomplishment as fifty years together in matrimony. Consider sending something that represents the longevity of marriage, such as a piece of fine jewelry or even something more traditional like china or crystal glasses.

Make A Video

Making a video is another great way to celebrate this milestone anniversary. Ask everyone who was invited to the party to make short videos sharing their favorite memories with the couple or offering words of congratulations for reaching such an impressive milestone in their relationship. Compile all of these video clips into one video montage that can be shown at the party or shared online with others who weren’t able to attend the festivities.


It is always special to be able to celebrate a 50th anniversary. It marks a significant milestone in life and is something to be celebrated and cherished. Funny 50th anniversary quotes can help to add lightness and joy to the celebration and make it even more memorable. Whether you are celebrating your own or someone else’s 50th anniversary, funny quotes can be a great way to bring joy and laughter into the occasion. So don’t forget to include some funny quotes in your 50th anniversary celebration!

Funny 50th anniversary quotes can also act as great conversation starters. They provide a fun way for people to connect with each other, share stories, and just have a good time. Everyone likes a good laugh, so don’t forget to add some fun into your celebrations with some funny 50th anniversary quotes!

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