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Ferrothorn is a fan-favorite Pokémon in the world of Pokémon Go. It is a Steel and Grass type Pokemon with powerful defensive capabilities. It has a unique typing combination that sets it apart from other steel types, giving it an additional resistance to Fire, Flying and Ice type moves. Ferrothorn also has an impressive movepool, including moves such as Power Whip, Gyro Ball and Bullet Seed which all have great offensive power. It’s Defense stat is very high, making it hard to take down even when facing strong attackers. With its unique typing and movepool, Ferrothorn is an excellent choice for defending gyms or for participating in raids.Ferrothorn is a Steel and Grass-type Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Go. It was introduced in Generation V, and is classified as the Thorn Pod Pokemon. Ferrothorn has two long thorny vines with small barbs all over them. It has a metal body covered with iron spikes, and its eyes have yellow irises with black pupils. Players can find Ferrothorn in the wild or hatch it from 5 km Eggs. Ferrothorn is weak to Fire, Fighting, Ground and Water-type Pokemon, but is very resistant to Grass, Electric, Steel, Dragon and Fairy-type moves, making it a great defensive choice for players.

What is Ferrothorn?

Ferrothorn is a dual-type Grass/Steel Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It is known as the Thorn Pod Pokemon. It has a unique combination of Grass and Steel type moves which makes it one of the strongest defensive walls in the game. Its thick steel body and sharp thorns make it a formidable opponent. It can also use its needle-like thorns to absorb sunlight and store energy, making it even more powerful. Ferrothorn also has some powerful offensive moves, such as Power Whip, Bullet Seed and Gyro Ball.

Where can you find Ferrothorn?

Ferrothorn can be found in a variety of places, from certain locations in the Unova region to some areas in Kalos. It can also be found in various events such as the Pokemon World Tournament, or at special locations like Victory Road or Battle Maison.

How to catch Ferrothorn?

Ferrothorn can be encountered by using fishing rods on certain bodies of water or through SOS battles with wild Pokemon that are already weak from other trainers’ attacks. The best way to catch Ferrothron is to weaken it first with status effects like sleep or paralysis before throwing an Ultra Ball at it.

What are some tips for using Ferrothorn?

Ferrothorn’s unique combination of Grass and Steel typing gives it many resistances including Fire, Electric, Bug, Dragon and Fairy types which makes it ideal for countering many common threats. Its high Defense stat also allows it to withstand physical attacks easily. Additionally, its ability Iron Barbs increases damage done by physical attacks on itself which makes setting up Spikes even easier for Ferrothorn. When using Ferrothron offensively, Gyro Ball is one of its most powerful moves due to its low speed stat combined with the opponent’s high speed stat resulting in massive damage output.

Learn About Ferothorn

Ferothron is a bulky defensive wall that excels at setting up entry hazards like Stealth Rock and Spikes while providing great defensive utility against many common threats with its unique type combination and Iron Barbs ability increasing damage done by physical attacks on itself. While not particularly fast nor powerful offensively, Gyro Ball can be surprisingly effective due to its low speed stat combined with the opponent’s high speed stat resulting in massive damage output when used correctly. With proper team support and prediction skills, Ferothron can be an invaluable member of any team!

Ferrothorn’s Weaknesses

Ferrothorn is a formidable Steel and Grass-type Pokémon, but it is not without its weaknesses. Ferrothorn has a quadruple weakness to Fire-type moves, making it particularly vulnerable to Fire-type attacks. It also has a double weakness to Ground-type moves, which can make it difficult to defend against those attacks. In addition, Ferrothorn is also weak to Fighting-type moves, so it can be quickly taken down if it is not properly defended against. Finally, Ferrothorn has an immunity to Poison-type moves but is vulnerable to Ice-type attacks.

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Overall, Ferrothorn has plenty of weaknesses that can be exploited by a skilled opponent. It’s important for any trainer using this Pokémon in battle to be aware of its weaknesses and plan accordingly in order to avoid being taken down quickly. The best way to combat these weaknesses is by using supporting Pokémon that can help negate the effects of Fire-, Ground-, Fighting-, or Ice-type attacks and provide some much needed cover for Ferrothorn.

Know Your Attackers When Fighting Ferrothorn

Fighting Ferrothorn can be tricky, as it has a wide variety of potential attackers that can cause it serious harm. Knowing which attackers to expect and how to best counter them is essential if you want to win the battle. So, what are the most common attackers that you should be aware of when fighting Ferrothorn?

The first and most obvious attacker is Fire-type moves. Ferrothorn is weak to Fire-type moves, so expect your opponent to use them liberally. The best way to counter this is by using one of Ferrothorn’s many Steel-type moves, which will resist the attack and potentially even hit back for double damage. Additionally, Ferrothorn’s ability Iron Barbs can increase the damage taken from physical Fire-type attacks, so make sure you keep an eye out for those.

The next type of attacker you should be aware of is Grass-types. While they may not do as much damage as Fire-types, they can still cause a lot of trouble if left unchecked. Fortunately, Ferrothorn resists Grass-type moves due to its Steel typing, so make sure you use one of its Steel-type moves to hit back for double damage. Additionally, its ability Iron Barbs will increase the damage taken from physical Grass-type attacks.

Finally, Electric-types are another attacker that you need to watch out for when fighting Ferrothorn. While they don’t do as much damage as other types due to Ferrothorn’s Steel typing resisting Electric attacks, they still have access to powerful special Electric attacks that can cause a lot of trouble if left unchecked. Fortunately, Ferrothorn has access to several Electric-resistant Steel and Ground-type moves that can help mitigate this threat.

In summary, knowing your attackers when fighting Ferrothorn is key if you want to win the battle. Be sure to expect Fire-, Grass-, and Electric-types when facing off against this tough Pokemon and know how best to counter their attacks with one of Ferrothorns many Steel and Ground type moves!

Getting the Best Moveset for Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn is a Grass and Steel-type Pokémon that packs a powerful punch. It has some of the highest defensive stats in the game, making it a great choice for both defensive and offensive strategies. Its typing also provides it with a plethora of resistances and immunities, making it difficult to take down in battle. For these reasons, many trainers choose Ferrothorn as their mainstay Pokémon in competitive play. The key to getting the most out of Ferrothorn is using the right moveset. Here’s how to get the best moveset for Ferrothorn:

The first step to getting the best moveset for Ferrothorn is to determine its primary role in battle. Is it being used as a wall or tank? Or is it being used as an offensive powerhouse? Depending on what you decide, you can then choose which moves will be most effective for your particular strategy. For example, if you’re using Ferrothorn as a wall or tank, then you’ll want to focus on moves like Gyro Ball and Power Whip that can help it hold off attackers while still dealing damage.

Once you’ve determined Ferrothorn’s primary role in battle, you should then consider which type of moves will be most effective against common opponents. Attackers such as Electric-types can be taken down with strong Grass-type attacks like Power Whip or Energy Ball, while Fire-types can be countered with Steel-type moves like Iron Head or Flash Cannon. Knowing what type of attacks to use against each opponent can help you get the most out of your team composition.

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Finally, when choosing your moveset for Ferrothorn, make sure that all four slots are filled with complementary attacks. You don’t want to use too many of the same type of attack as this will leave your Pokémon open to counterattacks. Additionally, try not to waste any move slots by including redundant attacks that do similar damage types; instead focus on creating a balanced set that covers all bases.

By following these tips, you should be able to create an effective moveset for Ferrothorn that gives you an edge over your opponents in battle. Remember that different strategies work better depending on who you’re up against so make sure to adjust accordingly! With the right combination of defensive and offensive moves, Ferrothorn can become an invaluable asset on any team!

What Type of Moves Does Ferrothorn Use?

Ferrothorn is a Grass/Steel-type Pokémon that has a wide variety of moves available to it. Its most powerful attack is Power Whip, a Grass-type move that deals significant damage. Ferrothorn can also take advantage of its Steel-typing to use the powerful Iron Head move, which has an increased critical hit ratio and causes paralysis. It’s also capable of using moves like Gyro Ball, Flash Cannon, and Thunder Wave to deal additional damage and provide support for its team. Additionally, Ferrothorn can also use Curse and Leech Seed to drain the opponent’s health while restoring its own HP. Finally, it can even learn some special attacks such as Giga Drain and Energy Ball to dish out additional damage. With such a diverse move pool, Ferrothorn can be a valuable asset to any team.

In addition to its offensive moves, Ferrothorn can also provide some defensive support with moves like Protect and Spikes. These moves allow it to take less damage from physical attacks while also providing extra damage against grounded opponents. Furthermore, Ferrothorn can also use Toxic or Stealth Rock for additional defense as well as support for teammates by weakening opposing Pokémon or preventing them from switching out. All in all, Ferrothorn is an incredibly versatile Pokémon that can fill multiple roles in battle with its diverse move pool.

Where to Find and Catch Ferrothorn in Pokémon Go?

Ferrothorn is a Steel and Grass-type Pokémon that can be found in the wild in Pokémon Go. It is a rare species, so it may not be easy to find. To increase your chances of finding Ferrothorn, try visiting grassy areas such as parks or fields during the day. It is also possible to encounter Ferrothorn through hatching eggs or by completing special field research tasks.

Once you have located a wild Ferrothorn, you will need to catch it with Pokéballs. The best type of Pokéball to use will depend on the level of the Ferrothorn you are encountering. If the Ferrothorn is lower than your trainer level, then a regular Pokéball should be sufficient. Higher-level Ferrothorns should be caught with Great Balls or Ultra Balls for a better chance of success.

When catching any wild Pokémon, it is important to remember that they can break out of Pokéballs if they struggle too hard during capture. To prevent this from happening, make sure to weaken the Ferrothorn before attempting to catch it by using powerful Attack and Special Attack moves such as Flash Cannon or Thunder Shock. Once you have weakened the Ferrothorn enough, you can use berries such as Razz Berries or Pinap Berries for an extra bonus when catching them.

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With patience and practice, catching a wild Ferrothorn in Pokémon Go should become easier over time. Keep an eye out for wild ferros in grassy areas and make sure to have plenty of strong Pokéballs on hand when attempting to capture them! Good luck!

Know Your Opponent

When battling with Ferrothorn, it’s important to know the opponent. Ferrothorn is a dual-type Grass/Steel Pokémon that is highly defensive and can be a formidable opponent. It has high physical and special defenses, as well as access to moves such as Iron Barbs, Gyro Ball, Leech Seed, and Power Whip. Understanding Ferrothorn’s type matchups and its movepool can help you plan out your strategy against it.

Choose Appropriate Teammates

Team composition is key when facing off against Ferrothorn. Choosing teammates that can counter or supplement its weaknesses can be beneficial. Fire-types such as Volcarona or Charizard are great counters for Ferrothorn due to their natural resistance to Steel-type attacks and their ability to hit hard with their Fire-type moves. Electric-types such as Thundurus or Rotom are also effective due to their ability to hit hard with Electric-type attacks and their immunity to Leech Seed. Other Pokémon that have access to strong Fighting-type moves, such as Conkeldurr or Breloom, can also be useful in taking down this defensive wall.

Pick the Right Moves

When picking moves for your team against Ferrothorn, it’s important to consider the type matchups of each move and its effectiveness against the opposing Pokémon. Moves like Earthquake, Stone Edge, Superpower, and Rock Slide are all effective against Ferrothorn due to their ability to hit both of its types for super effective damage. Moves like Flamethrower or Thunderbolt are also great options due to their ability to hit Ferrothorn for super effective damage without having any type disadvantages. It’s also important to consider status moves like Thunder Wave or Toxic when facing off against Ferrothorn due its ability to absorb status effects with its ability Iron Barbs.

Manage Your HP

Ferrothorn’s defensive nature makes it difficult for many Pokémon to take it down in one hit, so managing your HP is key when facing off against it. Using items like Leftovers or Rocky Helmet can help sustain your HP throughout the battle by giving you back some health each turn. You should also make sure that you keep an eye on how much HP your team has left so that you don’t get caught off guard by any of Ferrothorn’s powerful STAB moves like Power Whip or Gyro Ball.

Be Patient

Beating a defensive wall like Ferrothron takes patience and strategy; it won’t go down easily! Be patient with your strategy and don’t rush into any decisions; think through each move carefully before making a decision so that you don’t put yourself at an unnecessary disadvantage in the battle!


Ferrothorn is a powerful and versatile Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It has a great defensive typing, being able to resist most common attacking types, as well as its solid defensive stats. With its great offensive move-set, Ferrothorn can easily take out opposing pokemon. Its ability to set up hazards such as Spikes and Stealth Rock gives it an advantage against many of its opponents. Its weaknesses, though, are also much higher than its strengths, making it vulnerable to super-effective moves from certain pokemon types. However, with the right strategy and team composition, Ferrothorn can be a valuable asset in any trainer’s arsenal.

Overall, Ferrothorn is an amazing Pokémon for both defending gyms and taking down opposing Pokémon. With its wide range of attacks and abilities, it can be a difficult Pokémon to deal with if you don’t have the right counters ready. Trainers should definitely consider adding Ferrothorn to their team if they want to give their squad more strength and versatility in battle.

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