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Evony is a popular free-to-play MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) game. The goal of the game is to build up your city and manage your resources in order to become the most powerful player. The core of the game is building; every aspect of your city’s development is dependent on having enough buildings to support it. In order to build up your city, you must meet certain requirements. These building requirements are an important part of Evony, and must be understood in order to play the game successfully.In order to build a village in Evony, the following requirements must be met:
1. You must have a Town Hall at level 5 or higher in your current city.
2. You must have enough resources available to construct the new village, such as gold, iron, food, and population.
3. You must have an empty plot of land in your target co-ordinates that is free from other players’ villages or other obstacles.
4. If you are building a new city on an open plain (not near any other cities), you must also have at least 2000 prestige points and 10 gold coins for the mayor’s office building.
5. If you are building a new city near any other cities, you must also have at least 500 prestige points and 5 gold coins for the mayor’s office building.

Land Requirements for Evony

Evony is an online multiplayer game that requires players to conquer and manage vast lands. In order to play the game, each player must have enough land to build and maintain their settlements and armies. The land requirements for Evony depend on the level of the player’s castle, as well as the number of alliances they are part of.

The minimum requirements for a basic level 1 castle are 15 squares of land. As you progress up the levels, more land is required in order to build additional structures such as walls, resource buildings, and trading posts. The higher the level of your castle, the more resources it will require in order to upgrade and maintain it. For example, a level 10 castle requires at least 200 squares of land.

If you join an alliance, you may also need additional land in order to accommodate other players’ castles and settlements. Alliances can have up to 20 members, so depending on how many people are in your alliance you may need even more land than what is required for your own individual castle. For example, if your alliance has 10 members then each member would need at least 100 squares of land in order to build their own castles and settlements plus any additional structures they wish to construct.

In addition to having enough land for all your alliance members’ castles and settlements, you will also need access to various resources in order to keep them up and running. These resources can be found by exploring nearby areas or by trading with other players or NPCs (non-player characters). It’s important that players keep their resources stocked up so that they can continue building and upgrading their castles without interruption.

Finally, having enough troops is essential if you want your castle and settlement to remain safe from enemy attacks or raids. Your troops will need food and equipment in order for them to be effective against enemy forces so it’s important that your army has adequate supplies at all times.

Overall, playing Evony requires players to have enough land for their own individual castles plus any additional space needed for their alliances’ settlements; access to various resources; and a strong army with enough supplies at all times in order for them to be successful in conquering new lands or defending what they already own.

Resources Needed for Building an Evony Village

Building a successful Evony village is no easy task, and requires a lot of resources. The resources that are needed to build an Evony village include food, wood, iron, stone, gold and population. Food is necessary to maintain a growing population and to feed troops. Wood is needed to construct buildings and upgrade them. Iron is needed to construct military units and upgrade weapons. Stone is required for upgrading walls and towers. Gold is used for recruiting troops and researching technologies. Population determines how many buildings can be constructed in the village, as well as how many troops can be trained at once. All of these resources are essential for building a successful Evony village.

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In order to acquire these resources, you will need to harvest them from your own villages or from other players’ villages with your troops. You can also purchase resources from the in-game store with real money or virtual currency earned by completing tasks within the game. Additionally, you can use various methods such as trading with other players or participating in special events like auctions or tournaments to acquire resources.

Building an Evony village takes time and effort but can be very rewarding once it is completed successfully. With the proper resources and strategies in place, you can build a thriving Evony village that will stand the test of time!

Time Requirements to Build an Evony Village

Building an Evony village requires time, effort, and a good strategy. Depending on the goals of the player, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or more to get their village up and running. The amount of time required will depend on the type of village being built, the size of the village, and the resources available to the player.

Players should first consider what type of village they want to build. Different types of villages have different requirements, such as needing certain buildings or resources. This can add extra time to the building process if players need to gather these items before they begin construction.

The size of the village also plays a role in determining how long it takes to build. Larger villages take more time because they require more buildings and resources than smaller villages do. Players should also think about how many people will be living in their village; this will affect how much space is needed for housing and other structures.

Finally, players should consider what resources they have available when building their village. Some resources may be hard to come by while others may be relatively easy to find. Players with access to lots of resources may be able to build their villages faster than those who do not have access to those same resources.

In conclusion, there are many factors that can affect how long it takes for a player to build an Evony village, such as what type of village is being built, its size, and what resources are available. Knowing these factors ahead of time can help players plan out their strategy for building their villages more efficiently and effectively so that they can achieve their goals faster.

Level of Building Requirements in Evony

The level of building requirements in Evony is determined by the different stages of the game. To progress through the game, players must construct different buildings to advance their cities and armies. At each stage, there are certain requirements that must be met before moving onto the next level. These requirements can vary greatly depending on which type of building is being constructed. For example, a higher level wall or castle will require more resources and a longer construction time than a smaller building like a farm or barracks. The complexity of the construction projects also varies depending on the type of building being built, with some requiring complex engineering and management skills to complete.

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Aside from the resources and time required for each building project, there are other factors that come into play when determining the overall level of complexity for any particular project. The number of workers available to complete it, as well as their expertise in certain areas, can determine how quickly and effectively it can be completed. Additionally, certain buildings may require specific materials to be gathered before they can even begin construction. Some buildings may also require special permits or approval from local or regional governments before they can legally be constructed.

In order to ensure that all players meet the same level of requirements when building their cities and armies in Evony, there are several tools available to help them monitor their progress. Players can use an online calculator to compare their current resources against what they need to complete each project. They can also use an online resource calculator to determine how much gold they need to purchase more resources for additional projects. Additionally, players have access to a comprehensive list of all available buildings in Evony so they know exactly what kind of structures they need for each stage of advancement.

Overall, the level of building requirements in Evony is quite detailed and complex but with some planning and dedication players should be able to meet all necessary criteria without too much difficulty. With careful management and efficient use of resources it is possible for any player to progress through each stage with relative ease.

Population Requirement for Building Upgrades in Evony

Upgrading buildings in Evony is essential for creating a strong and prosperous city, but it often requires a large population. The population requirement for building upgrades varies depending on the level and type of building you are attempting to upgrade. Higher-level buildings require more population than lower-level buildings, and some specialty buildings also require additional population to upgrade. Knowing the population requirements for your desired building upgrades is an important step in planning your city’s growth.

In general, each level of a building requires a certain number of citizens to upgrade. For example, upgrading from level 1 to level 2 of a dwelling may only require 10 citizens, while upgrading from level 5 to 6 may require 1000 citizens. The specific numbers required depend on the type and level of the building being upgraded. Additionally, military buildings such as barracks and watchtowers may require an additional 5% population over the standard amount due to their higher maintenance costs.

It is possible to upgrade some buildings without meeting the full population requirement, though this will incur a penalty on success rate as well as other benefits associated with that upgrade. For instance, if you attempt to upgrade a dwelling from level 1 to 2 with only 5 citizens instead of the required 10, the success rate will be significantly reduced and any bonus rewards associated with that upgrade will not be awarded. As a result, it is important to make sure you have adequate population before attempting any upgrades in Evony.

Ultimately, understanding the population requirements for building upgrades in Evony is key for planning your city’s growth. By making sure you have enough citizens before attempting any upgrades, you can ensure that your upgrades are successful and that you receive all the associated bonuses and rewards.

Building Materials Required for Construction in Evony

Constructing buildings and other structures is one of the most important tasks in the game of Evony. To build these structures, players need to collect various types of building materials, such as stone, lumber, iron, and food. Stone is usually used for the walls of buildings and defensive structures. Lumber is used to construct walls and other wooden structures. Iron is necessary for constructing tools and weapons. Food is needed to maintain morale and keep workers fed while they are constructing buildings.

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Players must also collect coins in order to pay for the construction of their buildings. Coins can be obtained by trading with other players or by completing quests in the game. Players can also purchase coins from an in-game store using real money if they wish.

In addition to these materials, players must also have access to a certain level of technology before they can construct certain types of buildings. For example, players need to have researched certain technologies before they can construct a castle or university. Different levels of technology unlocks different kinds of buildings that the player can construct.

Finally, players must also have access to a certain number of workers before they can begin constructing any building or structure. These workers can be recruited from towns that are under the player’s control or they can be hired from an NPC (non-playable character) merchant in the game world. The number of workers needed for a particular project depends on its size and complexity.

Overall, there are several different types of building materials required for construction in Evony: stone, lumber, iron, food, coins, technology levels, and workers are all necessary components for successful construction projects within this game world.

Requirements to Unlock Certain Buildings in Evony

Evony is an online real-time strategy game that allows players to build cities, gather resources, and battle other players. To progress through the game, players must unlock certain buildings. The requirements for unlocking each building vary depending on the type of building. For example, some buildings require a certain level of tech research while others require a certain level of population or resources.

To unlock most buildings in Evony, you must first reach a certain level of population or resources. The higher your population or resource count is, the more buildings you will be able to unlock. To increase your population or resource count, you can build certain structures such as farms, mines, and quarries. Additionally, you can also increase your population or resource count by trading with other players or by completing quests.

In addition to reaching a certain level of population or resources, some buildings in Evony require you to have researched specific technologies. These technologies can be researched by building research facilities such as libraries and academies which are unlocked at higher levels in the game. Researching specific technologies will allow you to access new building types and upgrade existing ones.

Finally, some buildings in Evony require special items which can be obtained by completing quests or trading with other players. These items are usually rare and powerful and can be used to upgrade existing buildings or construct new ones that would otherwise be unavailable without them.


Evony building requirements are necessary for success in the game. To stay ahead of the competition and to keep up with the ever-changing game environment, players must build and upgrade their cities to get the most out of their playing experience. Buildings are essential for a successful city, as they provide bonuses that help players progress faster. Building requirements can be daunting, but with careful planning and a commitment to completing upgrades as soon as possible, even new players can reach higher levels within the game. With dedication and patience, anyone can master Evony’s building requirements and become an unstoppable force in the world of online gaming.

Evony is an incredibly popular online game that offers a wide variety of features for players to enjoy. By understanding the building requirements and taking advantage of them, players can make sure they always have an edge over their opponents. Building in Evony is essential to success and with some knowledge and planning, anyone can become a master builder in this virtual world.

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