Euphoria quotes?

A state of happiness, excitement, or well-being, euphoria is often associated with positive life experiences, like falling in love or hearing good news. While the feeling is temporary, the memories of euphoria can last a lifetime. Here are some quotes about euphoria to help capture this indescribable feeling.

“The greatest happiness is to know the source of unhappiness.” -Fyodor Dostoevsky

“Happiness is not a ready-made product. It comes from your own actions.” -Dalai Lama

“There is no happiness like that of being loved by your fellow creatures, and no misery like being hated.” -Charles Dickens

“Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness.” -Bertrand Russell

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” -Aristotle

What does Maddy say in euphoria?

Love is a complex emotion that can sometimes make us feel incredible and other times can leave us feeling terrible. Maddy’s relationship with Nate was an example of this, as it became an abusive and toxic relationship.

You can all judge me if you want, but I have never, ever been happier! Cassie’s speech has gone down in Euphoria history as one of the most iconic clips of the show.

What illness does Maddy have

Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) is a hereditary disease which weakens the immune system. Because patients with SCID are more susceptible to infections, everything and everyone around them has to be sanitized. This can make it difficult for them to lead normal lives.

It is said that Mattie became addicted to laudanum due to suffering from severe headaches. Laudanum was commonly used as a pain killer at the time, and as Mattie’s addiction became worse, Wyatt’s eyes began to stray in Tombstone. He started up an affair with Josephine Marcus.

Does Cassie have BPD Euphoria?

Sweeney’s Cassie is never displaying the same level of emotion as those around her unless it’s rage — uncontrollable outbursts of anger being another criteria of BPD. In every scene, she’s either displaying a significantly higher level of emotion than others or she is fully shut down, dissociating. This can be extremely frustrating for those around her, as they never know what to expect from her.

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There is no evidence that Cassie has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and diagnosis can only be made by a licensed mental health professional. However, some fans have speculated that she may have the disorder based on her behavior. While it is impossible to say for sure without a professional evaluation, it is important to remember that mental health disorders are complex and everyone experiences them differently. If you are concerned about Cassie or someone else’s mental health, please reach out to a mental health professional for help.

What kind of mental illness does Cassie have?

The DSM-5 criteria for borderline personality disorder includes a pattern of intense and unstable relationships with others, marked by a constant fear of abandonment. Individuals with borderline personality disorder will often go to great lengths to avoid abandonment, real orimagined. In Cassie’s case, she does this by altering her personality to fit those around her in hopes that they will stay, especially with her favorite person. While this may provide some temporary relief, it is not a sustainable or healthy way to manage relationships.

It is clear that Rue’s mental health issues are not romanticized in any way, but rather shown as a struggle that she has to endure every day. It is a difficult and often lonely battle, but Rue shows immense strength in continuing to fight.

Is Nate in Euphoria a psychopath

Nate is a very complicated character. Unlike other TV jocks, he has a lot of unresolved trauma that he deals with in very unhealthy ways. His calculating nature also sets him apart from the average “roidy football player.” He’s not just aggressive; he’s psychopathic. The first episode showed Nate flipping out in a fit of anger after seeing his ex-girlfriend with another man. This set the tone for the rest of the series, which has been incredibly dark and intense.

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Euphoria does an excellent job of portraying the reality of mental illness for its main character, Rue. The show doesn’t shy away from the fact that Rue suffers from bipolar disorder, anxiety, and OCD, and we get to hear her thoughts throughout the show, which allows us to really understand her character’s lived experience. The show is a great reminder that mental illness is real and can be extremely debilitating, but it’s also important to remember that there is hope and people can and do recover.

Why Maddie was so toxic Euphoria?

Maddy’s emotional manipulation is one of the reasons why the relationship between her and Nate is so toxic. She uses private tapes as leverage to get what she wants from him, and she is always trying to control him. This is not a healthy way to communicate or be in a relationship.

It is never okay for anyone to feel like they need to resort to violence in order to resolve a conflict. No matter how upset Nate may have been with Maddy, there is never an excuse for him to have put his hands on her in such a way. The fact that Maddy chose not to press charges against Nate doesn’t make what he did any less wrong. violence is never the answer.

Is Nate abusive Euphoria

Euphoria is a show that explores the dark side of teenage life. In both season one and season two, domestic violence and abuse are prominently featured. Nate, one of the main characters, is the abuser in these situations. His toxic masculinity, internalized homophobia, and need for control are what drive his abusive behavior.

While Euphoria does a good job of depicting the reality of abuse, it’s important to remember that not all abuse is physical. Mental and emotional abuse can be just as damaging, if not more so. If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please reach out for help. There are people who care and are ready to help you.

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A favorite person is someone who an individual living with BPD trusts and confides in. This person is a source of support and stability for them. Having a favorite person is a way for the individual to feel safer and more secure.

What is quiet BPD?

It is believed that people with BPD tend to experience intense emotions. In theory, “quiet BPD” refers to when these strong emotions are directed inward instead of outward. This can make it difficult for others to see what is going on. Some of the emotions associated with BPD include: anger or rage, anxiety, sadness, and insecurity. It is important to remember that everyone experiences these emotions at some point in their life. However, for people with BPD, these emotions may be more intense and/or feel out of control.

Splitting is a psychological mechanism which allows the person to tolerate difficult and overwhelming emotions by seeing someone as either good or bad, idealised or devalued This makes it easier to manage the emotions that they are feeling, which on the surface seem to be contradictory.


1. “Euphoria is the feeling of being unstoppable, of being able to do anything and everything you want.” -Cameron Diaz

2. “Euphoria is the greatest state of mind. It’s like being on top of the world.” -Hugh Hefner

3. “Euphoria is like a drug. It’s addictive and it’s all-consuming.” -Chris Tucker

4. “Euphoria is the most incredible feeling in the world.” -Elizabeth Hurley

Overall, these euphoria quotes provide a tiny glimpse into the overall experience of feeling euphoria. While different people may have different opinions on what causes them to feel euphoric, the one thing everyone seems to agree on is that it’s a wonderful, life-affirming feeling. If you’ve never experienced it yourself, hopefully these quotes have inspired you to seek out whatever it is that gets you to that magical place.

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