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Eric Andre is a comedian, actor, and television host best known for his outrageous sketch comedy series, The Eric Andre Show. In recent years, he has become an internet celebrity due to the popularity of the Eric Andre Shooting Meme. The meme features Andre in a still frame from a scene from the show in which he holds a gun and shoots off-screen. It’s typically used as an expression of shock or surprise, particularly when something unexpected happens.The Eric Andre Shooting Meme has its origins in a 2013 episode of The Eric Andre Show, a surreal comedy show hosted by Eric Andre. In the episode, Andre and fellow actor Hannibal Buress are seen shooting at each other with guns while reciting a rap verse about shooting. The scene quickly went viral and has since become an internet meme. It is often used as a reaction image to signify shock or surprise, as the two actors’ expressions perfectly capture the feelings of disbelief that come with seeing something unexpected.

Eric Andre Shooting Meme: Popularity and Usage

The Eric Andre Shooting Meme is a popular internet meme that has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It originated from a skit on The Eric Andre Show, a show created by comedian Eric Andre. It features a scene of someone shooting another person with an AK-47 assault rifle and has been used as a joke or an expression of surprise or shock. The meme has since been used in various contexts, ranging from making fun of current events to expressing one’s feelings about certain topics.

The popularity of the Eric Andre Shooting Meme can be attributed to its simplicity and its ability to convey multiple meanings in one image. It is also easily recognizable, due to its distinctive look and sound effects. This has made it popular among various age groups, including teens and young adults who use social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram to share memes with friends.

The Eric Andre Shooting Meme is also used for humor, often taking the form of jokes or parodies about current events or pop culture topics. For example, the meme has been used in response to news stories involving mass shootings or political debates about gun control legislation. Additionally, the meme can be used as an expression of surprise or shock at something unexpected that happens in everyday life.

The usage of the Eric Andre Shooting Meme varies depending on the context in which it is being used. In some cases, it may be used simply for comedic effect while in others it may be used as a way to make a statement or express an opinion on an issue. It is important to remember that no matter how humorous the context may be, using this meme could potentially cause offense and should only be done with due care and consideration for the audience’s sensibilities.

Overall, the popularity of the Eric Andre Shooting Meme continues to grow due to its versatility and ability to convey multiple messages quickly and effectively. As more people become familiar with this internet sensation, its usage will no doubt continue to evolve with new contexts appearing all the time – both positive and negative ones!

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Eric Andre Shooting Meme: Variations

The Eric Andre Shooting Meme is a classic internet meme that has been around for many years. It features Eric Andre, an actor and comedian, shooting a gun while screaming “Yee Haw!” The meme has become incredibly popular and has spawned numerous variations.

One of the most popular variations of the meme is the “Yee-Haw Challenge,” which involves people attempting to mimic Eric Andre’s shooting pose while saying “Yee-Haw!” The challenge has become so popular that it has been featured on major news outlets and social media platforms.

Another variation of the meme involves people wearing cowboy hats and ponchos while shooting fake guns in the air as they shout “Yee-Haw!” This variation can be found on many social media platforms and is often associated with western-style events.

The Eric Andre Shooting Meme has also been used to create parody videos where people are seen recreating the original scene with humorous captions or gestures. These parodies often involve celebrities or public figures, which makes them even more entertaining.

Finally, there are also versions of the meme that make fun of certain political issues or events. For example, some versions feature people using fake guns to demonstrate their support for a particular politician or policy. By using humor to address important topics, these memes can serve as an effective way to spark conversation about important issues.

No matter what variation you come across, it’s clear that the Eric Andre Shooting Meme will remain one of the most iconic memes on the internet for many years to come.

Making an Eric Andre Shooting Meme

Creating a meme based on the popular Eric Andre Show is surprisingly easy. All you need is a photo of Eric Andre and some creative text. First, find a photo of Eric Andre that you want to use for your meme. There are plenty of great images available online, but make sure you have the rights to use it. Once you’ve chosen your image, use any photo editing software to add the text of your meme. This can be anything from a witty line to a clever pun, but make sure it’s appropriate for the image and fits with the style of The Eric Andre Show. When you’re happy with your meme, save it as an image file and share it online!

Creating an Eric Andre Shooting Meme is an easy way to get creative with one of comedy’s most beloved characters. With just a few clicks and some clever words, you can create something hilarious and unique that will make fans of The Eric Andre Show laugh out loud!

Examples of Eric Andre Shooting Memes

Eric Andre shooting memes have become popular on the internet, as they are often used to poke fun at the comedian’s exaggerated facial expressions and reactions to various situations. These memes often feature images of Eric Andre looking surprised, angry, or confused while holding a gun. The most popular versions of these memes involve Eric Andre shooting at something off-screen, with a caption that implies something outrageous or silly has happened. Some of the most popular examples include Eric Andre shooting a banana-shaped target with the caption “When your friend won’t shut up about their diet” and Eric Andre shooting at a toy duck with the caption “When you realize it’s Monday again.” The meme format is incredibly versatile and can be used to comment on any situation, ranging from serious topics like politics to more lighthearted topics like relationships.

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The popularity of Eric Andre shooting memes has grown exponentially over the past few years, as they provide an easy way for people to express their feelings in a humorous way. They are also easy to share on social media platforms, making them incredibly popular among younger generations who are drawn to its wacky and irreverent style. Despite its popularity, however, some people feel that these types of memes run the risk of trivializing serious issues such as gun violence. In response to this criticism, many people have created versions of these memes that feature Eric Andre holding other objects such as water guns or Nerf guns instead of real firearms.

Eric Andre’s Reaction to His Popular Meme

Eric Andre is certainly familiar with the power of the internet and its ability to spread even the most outrageous of memes. After first appearing on The Eric Andre Show in 2012, Eric has become an internet sensation with his iconic reaction meme. The image features a wide-eyed Eric with an expression of shock and confusion. It has been used by millions of people the world over, and Eric certainly appreciates all the love he’s gotten from it.

In a recent interview, he discussed his reaction to seeing himself become a meme: “At first I was really surprised to see my face plastered all over the internet as a meme. I didn’t understand why people were so interested in it, but it’s been really awesome to see so many people enjoying my work.” He went on to explain that he felt honored that his face was being used as a way for people to express themselves and their emotions. While he may not always understand why certain things become popular, Eric is appreciative of all the support and positive energy his fans have given him.

Though some may find it strange that Eric has embraced this particular meme, he sees it as an opportunity to connect with fans on a deeper level. He hopes that by spreading joy through this meme, more people will be inspired to create content that brings happiness into others’ lives. While there will always be those who criticize what becomes popular online, it’s nice to see someone like Eric Andre embracing his own meme in such a positive light.

What Does the Eric Andre Shooting Meme Represent?

The Eric Andre Shooting Meme is a popular internet meme that has been circulating around the internet since early 2017. It features a photo of comedian Eric Andre with his eyes closed and a gun pointed at his head. The meme is used to represent various situations in which one feels helpless or is in an uncomfortable situation. The image of Eric Andre with a gun to his head has become synonymous with the feeling of being overwhelmed or trapped by circumstances beyond one’s control.

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The meme is often used to express feelings of frustration, helplessness, and despair, as well as to poke fun at difficult situations. It can also be seen as a way to lighten the mood when faced with difficult or frustrating circumstances. In addition, it has become an online symbol for people who are feeling anxious or overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

The Eric Andre Shooting Meme has become very popular on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as users share it with friends and followers to express their feelings about various topics ranging from politics, relationships, work and school stress, health issues, etc. It has also become a popular tool for comedians who use it to make jokes about difficult situations or topics that they are discussing in their stand-up acts.

Overall, the Eric Andre Shooting Meme represents feelings of frustration and helplessness when faced with overwhelming circumstances that are beyond one’s control. The popularity of the meme reflects how people can use humor as a way to cope with difficult situations and express their feelings in an online setting.

Is the Eric Andre Shooting Meme Funny?

The Eric Andre shooting meme has been circulating around the internet for a few months now. It features a clip from an episode of The Eric Andre Show, where the comedian is seen shooting a gun in the air while yelling, “I’m gonna shoot!” The meme has been used as both a joke and a way to express frustration. But is it really funny?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask. Some people find it hilarious, while others find it distasteful or even offensive. On one hand, the clip is meant to be a comedic bit, and it certainly can be seen as a humorous way to vent your frustrations. On the other hand, there are some who see it as glorifying gun violence and making light of something that should not be taken lightly.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal opinion. If you find the meme funny, then there’s no reason not to enjoy it. However, if you think it’s in poor taste or disrespectful of victims of gun violence, then you may want to refrain from sharing or laughing at it. Everyone’s sense of humor is different and no one should feel pressured to laugh at something they don’t find funny.


Eric Andre shooting meme has become a popular tool for comedic expression. It’s hilarious, versatile, and endlessly entertaining. Eric Andre himself is an artist in his own right, creating some of the most memorable comedy sketches in recent memory. His influence on the culture of comedy and meme-making will likely continue to be felt for years to come. The shooting meme is here to stay, and its influence on the culture of comedy will continue to be felt for many years to come.

In conclusion, Eric Andre’s work has had a significant impact on modern comedic culture and has made shooting memes a staple of the internet. Whether it’s being used for laughs or commentary, Eric Andre’s influence will surely be felt for many years to come.

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