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Ekans is a Poison-type Pokémon from the Kanto region. It is one of the most common Pokémon found in Pokémon Go, and has been featured in many other games, such as Pokémon Red and Blue. While Ekans is popular among trainers, it also has some weaknesses that should be taken into account when battling with it. Ekans is weak to Ground-, Psychic-, and Rock-type attacks, so it’s important to keep an eye out for these types of moves when engaging in battle with this Pokémon.Ekans’ weaknesses in Pokémon Go are Fire, Flying and Psychic-type moves.

Weakness of Ekans

Ekans is a Poison-type Pokémon, which means that it is weak to Ground, Psychic, and Water-type attacks. Ground-type moves are particularly effective against Ekans, as they are super effective against Poison types and deal double the damage. Psychic-type attacks also deal double the damage to Ekans. Water-type moves are not as effective, but they still deal regular damage to this type of Pokémon. In addition to these types of attacks, Ekans is also weak to Fairy and Ground-type moves as well as certain offensive items such as the Twisted Spoon.

Ekans has an additional weakness in that it takes increased damage from special attacks such as Thunderbolt or Ice Beam due to its low Special Defense stat. This means that even though these types of moves are not super effective against it, they will still do more damage than normal. It is also vulnerable to status conditions such as paralysis or poison, which can make it easier for an opponent to take it down. Finally, Ekans has a poor defensive typing which means that physical attacks will do more damage than usual against it.

Ekans’ Double Weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Ekans is one of the most popular Pokemon in the game Pokemon Go. It is a Poison-type Pokémon with a wide range of attacks and weaknesses. Unfortunately, Ekans has two major weaknesses that make it vulnerable to many other Pokémon in the game.

The first of Ekans’ weaknesses is its vulnerability to Ground-type attacks. This type of attack does heavy damage to Ekans and can easily take it down if the player isn’t careful. Ground-type moves are also common among many other Pokémon, making them a particularly dangerous threat for Ekans users.

The second major weakness of Ekans is its vulnerability to Psychic-type attacks. Psychic moves can deal massive amounts of damage to Ekans and can be difficult to defend against. Furthermore, Psychic types are fairly common in the game, so players must be prepared for this type of attack when using Ekans in battle.

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In conclusion, Ekans is a powerful Poison-type Pokémon with two weaknesses: Ground and Psychic-type attacks. Players should be aware of these weaknesses when using this Pokémon in battle, as they can quickly lead to defeat if not properly prepared for them. With proper strategy and knowledge, however, players can use Ekans effectively against its enemies and become strong trainers in Pokemon Go!

Which Pokemon are Super Effective Against Ekans?

Fire-type Pokemon are super effective against Ekans, dealing double the damage. This makes them a great choice when battling against an Ekans. Electric-type Pokemon are also super effective, so they can be used to take down an Ekans quickly. Ground-type Pokemon can also be used to deal heavy damage to an Ekans, as they are resistant to Poison moves. Lastly, Psychic-type Pokemon can be used to hit the Ekans for super effective damage, as they are immune to Poison-type moves.

In summary, Fire-, Electric-, Ground-, and Psychic-types all have a type advantage over Ekans and can deal super effective damage when used in battle. With careful planning and the right team composition, these type advantages can help turn the tide of battle in your favor.

What Moves are Effective Against Ekans?

Ekans is a Poison-type Pokémon, which makes it vulnerable to Ground, Psychic, and Ice-type moves. Ground-type moves like Earthquake and Bulldoze are particularly effective against Ekans because they deal extra damage and can prevent it from using Dig to escape. Psychic-type moves like Psychic and Psyshock are also effective against Ekans because of their ability to hit the Poison type for super effective damage. Ice-type moves like Ice Beam and Blizzard are also great for taking down Ekans thanks to their ability to hit the Poison type for super effective damage. Additionally, Fire-type moves like Flamethrower and Fire Blast can be used to counter Ekans’ special defense stat. Finally, Fighting-type moves such as Close Combat and Brick Break can be useful against Ekans due to their ability to hit the Poison type for super effective damage.

Overall, Ground-, Psychic-, Ice-, Fire-, and Fighting-type moves are all effective against Ekans. These types of moves will deal increased damage and will give you an advantage when facing off against this Poison type Pokémon.

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How to Maximize Damage Against Ekans in Pokemon Go?

Ekans is one of the most common Pokemon in the game, and it can be a formidable opponent. To maximize your damage against Ekans, it’s important to understand its type and weaknesses. Ekans is a Poison-type Pokemon, which means that it is weak to Ground, Psychic, and Ghost-type attacks. When fighting an Ekans, you should use one of these types of attacks to maximize your damage.

In addition to using the correct type of attack against Ekans, it’s also important to pay attention to its moveset. Ekans has access to several powerful Poison-type moves such as Sludge Bomb and Poison Fang. Therefore, it’s important to try and predict which move Ekans will use so that you can prepare the appropriate counterattack. For example, if you know that Ekans is likely going to use Sludge Bomb, then you should use a Ground or Psychic-type attack in order to minimize the damage taken.

Finally, when fighting an Ekans it’s important to use Pokemon with higher stats. This will ensure that your attacks do more damage while also reducing the amount of damage taken from the opponent’s attacks. It’s also important to have a balanced team of attackers so that you can switch out Pokemon if needed when facing an Ekans with particularly powerful movesets. By using these tips and tricks, you will be able to maximize your damage against an Ekans and come out victorious!

How to Counter an Ekans with Your Own Pokemon?

When it comes to battling your own Pokemon against an Ekans, there are a few key strategies to consider. First, Ekans is a Poison-type Pokemon, so you will want to use a Pokemon that can resist the Poison-type attacks. Some good choices include Steel-type and Psychic-type Pokemon. Additionally, Ekans is a fairly slow Pokemon and relies heavily on its physical attacks. To counter this, it is recommended to use a fast and powerful special attacker such as Alakazam or Starmie.

Another important factor to consider when countering an Ekans is the moveset it carries. Since Ekans can learn moves such as Wrap and Glare, which can immobilize your own Pokemon, you will want to make sure you have moves that can disable or negate those effects. For example, if your opponent has Wrap, then using Taunt can prevent them from using the move again as long as your own Pokemon remains in play.

Finally, it is always important to know the type advantages of your own Pokemon when battling against an Ekans. Knowing which types are super effective against it will give you an advantage in battle. For example, Ground-type moves are super effective against Ekans thanks to its Poison typing; thus using a Ground-type move such as Earthquake could be very effective against it. By utilizing these key strategies when battling an Ekans with your own Pokemon, you should be able to come out on top!

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Ekans has several weaknesses that it must be aware of. The most glaring of these is its low Defense and Special Defense stats, making it vulnerable to physical and special attacks, respectively. Ekans’ Poison typing also gives it a weakness to Ground type moves, while its Flying and Psychic type resistances do not apply to Ground type moves. Additionally, Ekans does not have good Speed stats, meaning it can easily be outpaced by faster Pokemon. Its low HP stat makes it even more vulnerable to strong attacks, as even a single hit can take out a significant amount of its HP. Additionally, Ekans lacks any abilities that can provide support or defensive capabilities, making it unable to protect itself or its allies in battle.

Overall, Ekans is incredibly weak against physical and special attacks due to its low defensive stats and typing weaknesses. Furthermore, its lack of supportive abilities and poor Speed stat make it an easy target for enemy Pokemon.


Ekans is a powerful Pokemon that can be used in many different ways in Pokemon Go. Its main strength is its speed and ability to hit multiple targets with its Poison Jab attack. However, its weaknesses lie in its low defensive stats, lack of reliable coverage moves, and susceptibility to Electric-type attacks. As such, it must be used wisely in battle to maximize its potential. To sum up, Ekans is a great Pokemon to have on your team but it must be used strategically and with caution in order to make the most of it.

Overall, Ekans is an excellent choice for any trainer looking for a fast and powerful Poison-type Pokemon. It has many strengths that can be exploited when used correctly but also many weaknesses that can easily be taken advantage of if not used carefully. With the right strategies and knowledge of its strengths and weaknesses, Ekans can be a formidable addition to any trainer’s team.

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