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Drawn on eyebrows can be a hilarious way to express yourself and make a statement. Whether you’re looking for an attention-grabbing look or just some fun, drawn on eyebrows are the way to go! They can be bold, outrageous, and totally unique – they’re the perfect way to show off your individual style. Plus, they’re super easy to do and require minimal makeup skills! So don’t be afraid to get creative with your brows – it’s sure to bring out some laughs!1. Start by drawing the basic shape of the eyebrow. This can be a curved or angled line, depending on the look you’re going for.

2. Add extra details like individual hairs, or an arch on the top of the eyebrow for a more expressive look. You can also draw in some small dots to create texture and dimension.

3. Make sure to leave some white space between each detail so that the eyebrow looks more natural.

4. Use shading to bring out different tones and create shadows that will make your eyebrows look more realistic.

5. Finally, add a fun twist by drawing in exaggerated features like an odd angle or shape for one eyebrow and a thinner line for the other to create a humorous effect!

What Makes Eyebrow Drawings Funny?

Eyebrow drawings are a type of art that has been popularized through the use of social media. It’s a fun and creative way to express yourself, but it can also be quite funny. From the outrageous looks of cartoon characters to the over-the-top reactions of celebrities, there is something inherently amusing about eyebrow drawings. But what is it that makes them so funny?

One reason why eyebrow drawings are so funny is the exaggerated expressions they create. Oftentimes, an artist will draw eyebrows much larger than normal, which creates an exaggerated facial expression that can elicit laughter from viewers. This exaggeration can bring out the humor in a situation or even provide comedic relief from a tense moment.

Another thing that makes eyebrow drawings so funny is their ability to exaggerate certain features or aspects of people’s faces. By emphasizing certain features, artists are able to bring out humor in situations or even poke fun at someone’s physical appearance in a humorous way. For example, an artist may draw an exaggeratedly large nose on someone’s face as a way of making light of their big nose.

Finally, what makes eyebrow drawings so funny is the sheer creativity behind them. Many artists make use of various colors and shapes to create unique looks that are often humorous in nature. This creativity allows them to express themselves in ways that would otherwise be impossible with traditional art forms, making them both funny and visually appealing at the same time.

Cartoon Eyebrows

Cartoon eyebrows are some of the most popular types of funny eyebrow drawings, and they can range from a simple curved line to something more complex. Cartoon eyebrows are often used to show surprise or amusement, and they can be used to create a sense of humor in any drawing. Cartoon eyebrows typically have exaggerated features, such as long, arched shapes that rise high above the eyes. They can also be drawn in various shades of black or brown, depending on the cartoon character and the desired look.

Abstract Eyebrows

Abstract eyebrow drawings are another type of funny eyebrow drawing that is often seen in cartoons and other art forms. These types of drawings usually feature abstract lines that represent the shape of eyebrows without necessarily being realistic or anatomically accurate. Abstract lines can also be used to create unique designs or patterns in an eyebrow drawing. Additionally, abstract eyebrow drawings may include shapes that are not traditionally associated with eyebrows, such as stars or hearts.

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Exaggerated Eyebrows

Exaggerated eyebrows are some of the funniest types of eyebrow drawings and are often seen in cartoons and other humorous artwork. These types of drawings feature exaggerated shaping and features that may not be found on real-life people’s faces. For example, exaggerated eyebrows may feature large curves or dramatic arches that go above the eyes. Additionally, they may feature various colors to add a playful flair to the drawing.

Realistic Eyebrows

Realistic eyebrow drawings are a type of funny eyebrow drawing that is more true-to-life than some other options. These types of drawings usually feature realistically shaped brows with carefully shaded areas for added realism. Additionally, realistic eyebrow drawings typically have varying shades of browns or black for added depth and texture. As with all funny eyebrow drawings, realistic brows can still be drawn with exaggerated shapes for a humorous effect.

The Benefits of Drawing Funny Eyebrows

Drawing funny eyebrows can be a great way to express your creativity and bring joy to those around you. Not only can it be fun and entertaining, but it can also provide a number of health benefits. Drawing funny eyebrows can help to reduce stress, improve memory, and even increase concentration. Here are some of the top benefits of drawing funny eyebrows:

Reduce Stress

Drawing funny eyebrows can help to reduce stress by providing a creative outlet for your emotions. Drawing is an activity that requires focus and concentration, allowing you to take a break from the stresses of everyday life. It also helps to promote relaxation by taking your mind off of negative thoughts and worries. By focusing on the creative process, you’ll be able to clear your mind and find some inner peace.

Improve Memory

Drawing funny eyebrows is also great for improving memory. When you draw, you’re creating an image in your mind that needs to be remembered in order to create the final product. This requires concentration and focus, which helps to improve your cognitive abilities as well as strengthen your memory skills.

Increase Concentration

Drawing funny eyebrows can help to increase concentration due to its creative nature. It requires focus and attention in order to create the desired result, which helps improve concentration levels over time. This improved concentration makes it easier for you to focus on tasks at hand without getting distracted easily.

Drawing funny eyebrows is not only fun but also provides numerous health benefits such as reducing stress, improving memory, and increasing concentration levels. So grab a pencil and start drawing those silly faces today!

Tips for Drawing Funny Eyebrows

Drawing funny eyebrows can be a great way to add some personality and humor to your artwork. Whether you’re drawing a cartoon character or a caricature, having the right eyebrows can make all the difference. Here are some tips for drawing funny eyebrows that will help you get the perfect finish:

Start by sketching out the eyebrow shape. Take your time to get the shape right, as this will be key to creating an interesting look. You don’t have to draw a perfect oval or circle – experiment with different shapes to find something that works.

When it comes to adding details, think about what kind of personality your character has and use this as inspiration for the eyebrow design. For example, if you’re drawing an angry character, try adding sharp points or jagged lines in the eyebrow shape. If you’re drawing a happy character, try making the eyebrows thicker and rounder at the edges.

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Don’t forget about color! Eyebrows can make a huge impact when colored correctly, so try experimenting with different shades and hues to find something that fits perfectly with your artwork. Consider adding highlights and shadows for more depth and dimension.

Finally, don’t forget about texture! Even if you’re drawing digitally, adding texture can go a long way towards creating realistic-looking eyebrows. Experiment with different brush settings to find something that works for your style of art.

Drawing Funny Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most expressive features on a person’s face. They can be used to show emotion, such as anger or surprise, or to convey a fun, lighthearted attitude. Whether you’re an artist looking to add some extra character to your work, or just someone with a sense of humor looking for some new ways to draw funny eyebrows, there are many creative techniques you can use. Here are some different ways to draw funny eyebrows that will have your drawings looking comical and unique!

One way to draw funny eyebrows is by adding small details that make them stand out. Try drawing a few squiggles around the edges of the eyebrows or adding dots and circles in between the hairs. You can also make them appear longer or higher than usual by extending the lines in an exaggerated way. Another way to draw funny eyebrows is by changing their shape. Instead of keeping them straight and narrow, make them curved or angled in different directions. This will give your drawings a humorous look and help create an interesting expression on your subject’s face.

If you want to take things up a notch, try creating cartoon-like eyebrows with exaggerated shapes and colors. Use an array of bright colors such as yellow, pink, green, and blue for added effect. You could also add some zany elements like stars or hearts above the brows for an even sillier look! Finally, why not try drawing silly faces with just the eyebrows? Draw two large arches over each other in different sizes and shapes for big smiles or frowns – it’s sure to get a chuckle out of anyone who sees it!

No matter what type of eyebrow style you choose, remember that it should be done with care so as not to overdo it and end up making your drawings look too silly. Just have fun and experiment until you find something that works best for you!

Supplies Needed for Drawing Funny Eyebrows

Creating funny eyebrows is a great way to add some personality and humor to your drawings. To best create these unique eyebrows, you will need the right supplies. You will need a pencil, a fine tip pen, an eraser, and any other drawing supplies that you prefer.

A pencil is the most important tool when drawing funny eyebrows. It allows you to make quick sketches and outlines before inking them in with a pen or other drawing tools. With a pencil, you can easily erase mistakes or try out different shapes until you find the one that looks best.

Next, you will need a fine tip pen or marker to ink in your final design. Make sure you have a variety of sizes and colors available so that you can get creative with your eyebrow designs. A black pen or marker works best for outlining as it gives your eyebrow more of an outlined look instead of just adding color.

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Finally, an eraser is necessary for making corrections and fixes if needed while drawing. This will help keep your drawings looking neat and clean and free of any unwanted lines or smudges.

These are all the supplies needed for creating funny eyebrows! With these tools at hand, you can create fun and unique designs that are sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces!

Creating a Funny Look

When creating a funny look with eyebrows, it’s important to start with the basics. Eyebrows come in all shapes and sizes, so when drawing them for a funny look, consider the shape and size of the person’s natural brows. Start by sketching out the shape of the brows, and then fill in with details like hairs and color. When choosing color, opt for something bold and bright to create contrast and emphasize the humorous look.

Adding Texture

Adding texture to your drawing is key when creating a funny look. This can be done by adding small details like individual hairs or shadings around the edges of the brows. The key is to create an exaggerated effect that stands out from a typical eyebrow look. Adding texture also helps create dimension in your drawing, making it appear more realistic.

Using Color & Shading

Color and shading can make or break your drawing of funny eyebrows. When selecting colors, try to choose ones that contrast well with each other and will make your drawing stand out. Additionally, use shading to add depth and dimension to your work; this will help give your drawing more realism. Play around with different colors and techniques until you find what works best for your desired look.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to get better at drawing eyebrows is through practice. Draw as many eyebrows as you can in different shapes, sizes, and styles until you find what works for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques or materials; this is how you will discover new ways of expressing yourself through art. With enough practice, you will soon become an expert at creating funny eyebrows!


It is clear that drawn-on eyebrows can be a funny topic for those with the right sense of humour. It is also not without its risks. While some may find it amusing, others may take offence or become embarrassed by the gesture. Ultimately, the decision to draw-on eyebrows should depend on the individual’s sense of humour and their comfort level with taking such risks.

For those who feel comfortable enough to attempt such a feat, it can be a great way to add a bit of levity to an otherwise serious situation or simply have some fun with friends. So if you are looking for a way to lighten up the mood or share a joke, drawn-on eyebrows might just be the answer for you!

At the same time, it is important to remember that everyone has their own sense of humour and preferences when it comes to comedy. Therefore, what one person finds funny may not necessarily elicit laughter from another. Ultimately, the best way to make sure that your comedic attempts are appreciated is by being respectful and sensitive towards your audience and their feelings.

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