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Debrii is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She first appeared in Marvel’s Civil War II: Choosing Sides #1 (August 2016), and was created by writer Paul Allor and artist Juan Vlasco.

Debrii is a powerful telekinetic mutant and former member of the X-Men. She has been affiliated with several teams, including the New Warriors, the Fantastic Four, the Secret Defenders, and the Avengers. Debrii’s powers give her the ability to manipulate objects and energy fields with her mind. She uses her abilities to help protect humanity from threats both superhuman and mundane.

Despite her initially hostile attitude towards other superheroes, Debrii has made many allies throughout her career as a superhero. Her most notable allies are Nova (Richard Rider), Ant-Man (Scott Lang), and Spider-Man (Miles Morales). Debrii is an important addition to Marvel’s universe of diverse characters, as she is one of few female superheroes who possesses significant telekinetic powers.Debrii is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She was created by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Pasqual Ferry, and first appeared in New X-Men #128 (2003). Debrii is a mutant with the ability to fly and manipulate electromagnetic fields. She has a long history with the X-Men and has served as an important ally to them.

Debrii’s Powers in the Marvel Universe

Debrii, also known as Deborah Fields, is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. She is a mutant with energy manipulation and telekinesis powers. Her powers allow her to manipulate the kinetic energy of objects and people around her, allowing her to control their motion and trajectory. She can also generate powerful blasts of energy that can be used to attack enemies or defend herself against attacks. Additionally, Debrii has the ability to fly and move at superhuman speeds. With her telekinetic powers, she can lift and move heavy objects with ease and even control other people’s minds temporarily.

Debrii’s powers have been used in many Marvel comics stories over the years. She has been a member of several superhero teams such as X-Force, Generation X, and The Fallen Angels. In addition to being a superhero, Debrii has also worked as a private investigator for hire taking on cases no one else will touch. Her powers have allowed her to take on dangerous criminals that other superheroes would find too difficult or too risky to take on.

Debrii’s powers are quite versatile and have enabled her to be an effective superhero as well as a successful private investigator. Her telekinetic abilities give her an edge in combat situations while her energy manipulation gives her an advantage when trying to solve difficult cases or uncover secrets. Debrii’s powers make her an invaluable asset both in the field of superheroics as well as criminal investigation.

Debrii’s Role in the X-Men Team

Debrii is a valuable member of the X-Men team. She has a unique set of abilities that she uses to help her team in many ways. She is able to manipulate and control any form of metal or electromagnetic energy, making her an invaluable asset when it comes to taking down powerful robotic opponents. Her expertise in this field allows her to detect and disable any robotic threats in a timely manner.

Debrii also has the ability to fly, which proves useful for aerial reconnaissance and transportation when needed. She can use her metal manipulation powers to create various vehicles or tools that her teammates need in order to complete missions.

She also provides support for the team through her hacking abilities. Debrii is able to hack into most computer systems with ease, providing valuable information on their enemies or helping them find new safe havens. Her knowledge of technology also helps the team develop new gadgets and strategies as they go along their missions.

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Finally, Debrii’s upbeat personality and willingness to help are what make her an important part of the X-Men team. She is always willing to lend a hand or offer advice when needed, which makes her an invaluable asset during times of crisis or difficult situations. Her magnetic personality brightens up every room she enters and encourages others around her, making her an indispensable part of the team dynamics.

In conclusion, Debrii plays a vital role in the X-Men team due to her unique set of powers and skills combined with her optimistic attitude towards life. Her technical prowess combined with her unwavering loyalty make Debrii one of the most valuable members of this superhero squad.

Debrii’s Relationship with Other Characters

Debrii is an important part of the Marvel universe, having appeared in numerous comics, cartoons, and movies. She is an integral part of the cast of characters in the X-Men franchise and has many connections to other characters in the Marvel universe. Debrii has a close relationship with fellow X-Men member Banshee, who she often teams up with when fighting crime. She has also been known to team up with other X-Men members such as Rogue, Kitty Pryde, and Gambit.

Debrii has a strong connection to the Fantastic Four and has been seen working alongside them on multiple occasions. She is particularly close to Johnny Storm, who she refers to as her brother. Debrii also shares a special bond with fellow superhero Spider-Man, having appeared alongside him on various adventures in both comics and cartoons.

Debrii also has strong ties to the Avengers, having been recruited by Iron Man during his time as leader of the team. Over the years she has become close friends with many members of the Avengers including Black Widow and Hawkeye. Her relationship with Captain America is especially strong; they have formed a deep bond due to their shared sense of justice and commitment to protecting those in need.

In addition to her connections within Marvel Comics, Debrii also has relationships outside of it as well. She was briefly romantically involved with Deadpool during their time together as part of X-Force and continues to have an affectionate relationship with him even after their separation. She is also friends with members of other superhero teams such as the Guardians of the Galaxy and Darkhawk.

It is clear that Debrii has built many meaningful relationships throughout her time in Marvel Comics. Whether it be superheroes from her own world or those from others, Debrii finds a way to connect with them all and form lasting bonds through shared ideals or common experiences they can relate too.

Debrii in the Comics

Debrii is a fictional character in Marvel Comics. She first appeared in X-Factor vol. 2 #1 (2005). Debrii was created by Peter David and Larry Stroman. She is a mutant with the ability to generate and manipulate energy fields. She initially joined X-Factor Investigations as a secretary, but soon became an active member of the team. Her powers allowed her to fly, create force fields, and manipulate energy blasts.

Debrii was one of the core members of X-Factor Investigations for years, but eventually left the team after an accident caused her to lose control of her powers. Following this incident, she was sent to a mutant rehabilitation center where she stayed for some time before being released back into society.

After leaving X-Factor Investigations, Debrii became a freelance superhero and joined various teams such as The Initiative, The Six Pack, and The Revengers. During this time she developed close relationships with several other superheroes including Ms Marvel, Spider-Woman, Wonder Man, and Ant-Man.

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Debrii has also had several solo adventures where she has faced off against villains such as Doctor Doom and Red Skull. In recent years Debrii has been seen as part of The Uncanny Avengers and is currently an active member of the team. She continues to fight for justice and protect those who can’t protect themselves using her unique energy manipulation abilities.

Debrii: A Changing Character Over Time

Debrii is a character in the Marvel Universe, and one who has been around for some time. She first appeared in the comics in 2005, and has since gone through a number of changes. From her starting point as a rebellious, headstrong girl living on the streets of San Francisco to her current role as a member of the X-Men, Debrii has certainly come a long way.

When she first appeared, Debrii was an independent street kid with exceptional motor skills and electrical manipulation abilities. She was also highly intelligent and had a strong sense of justice, but her naivety and recklessness often got her into trouble. Despite this, she managed to become one of the key players in the Secret War storyline, alongside Captain America and Iron Man.

Since then, Debrii has gone through many changes. She has become more mature and level-headed over time, taking on more responsibility for her actions. Her relationship with the X-Men also changed; she eventually joined their ranks after being offered a chance to prove herself by helping them defeat Doctor Doom. The experience changed her for the better – she became an important asset to the team and developed close friendships with many of its members.

Debrii’s powers have also evolved over time; while she can still generate electrical energy from any source she touches, she can now manipulate it into defensive shields or attack forms as well as being able to control technology with it. This makes her even more useful to the team than ever before – not only can she use her powers offensively but defensively too.

Overall, Debrii is an interesting character who has gone through quite an evolution over time. From an independent street kid with powerful abilities to a respected member of the X-Men team – it’s clear that Debrii has come a long way since her introduction to Marvel Comics back in 2005!

Where Can We Find Debrii in Marvel Movies and TV Shows?

Debrii, real name Deborah Fields, is a mutant superhero who first appeared in the Marvel Comics universe in 2004. She has since made appearances on several Marvel movies and TV shows, including The Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Deadpool 2. In The Avengers, Debrii is a member of the S.H.I.E.L.D team sent to retrieve Loki’s scepter from Hydra’s base in Sokovia. In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., she is recruited by Daisy Johnson (Quake) to help investigate an alien artifact and find out what it does before the rest of the world can find out about it.

Debrii also appears in Deadpool 2 as one of the members of X-Force, a team formed by Wade Wilson (Deadpool) to help him rescue Firefist from Cable’s prison transport vehicle – though her attempt to save him fails when she is thrown from the moving vehicle and left behind.

In addition to her appearances in film and television, Debrii has also been featured in various issues of Marvel comic books as both an ally and enemy to some of Marvel’s most iconic heroes and villains alike – including Captain America, Iron Man, Doctor Doom, The Punisher, and Magneto among many others.

Debrii is an incredibly powerful mutant who possesses superhuman strength, durability and agility as well as the ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields – making her a formidable foe for even some of Marvel’s strongest characters!

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Debrii is a fictional character from Marvel Comics, first appearing in the Uncanny X-Men in May 2005. She is a mutant and a former member of the X-Men. Her powers include the ability to create and control kinetic energy, allowing her to fly, project force fields, and manipulate other objects with her mind. She is also highly skilled in martial arts and has been trained in hand-to-hand combat. Debrii is a strong-willed individual who doesn’t take orders easily and often speaks her mind without fear of consequence. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and will do anything to protect them.


Debrii has blue skin and white hair with red streaks running through it. She wears an all black outfit with yellow accents, including yellow goggles over her eyes. Her outfit also includes a pair of gauntlets with four blades on each gauntlet that she can use for close range combat or energy projection. In addition to this, Debrii wears a pair of boots with spikes on the bottom which allow her to stick to surfaces for added stability when she’s using her powers.

Powers & Abilities

Debrii has the ability to control kinetic energy which she can use for various purposes such as flight, force fields, and object manipulation. She can also create energy blasts from her hands that can be used offensively or defensively depending on the situation. In addition to these abilities, Debrii is highly skilled in martial arts as well as hand-to-hand combat which makes her even more dangerous when fighting enemies.


Debrii is a strong-willed individual who doesn’t take orders easily and often speaks her mind without fear of consequence. Despite this rebellious streak she has developed over the years, Debrii still cares deeply about those around her and will go above and beyond to protect them if necessary. She also has a mischievous side that enjoys playing pranks on people or getting into trouble just for fun.

Notable Appearances

Debrii made several appearances throughout Marvel Comics as an X-Man including Uncanny X-Men #409 (May 2005), New X-Men #19 (July 2006), Marvel Team Up #4 (November 2006), X-Factor #21 (December 2007), Astonishing X-Men #30 (March 2008) , Uncanny X-Force #7 (May 2011), All New Wolverine #8 (July 2015).


Debrii Marvel has been a remarkable presence in the Marvel Universe since her introduction in 1984. She has made a name for herself as a powerful and capable hero, taking on some of the toughest villains in the universe and emerging triumphant. Her unique ability to manipulate energy allows her to be an incredibly versatile team member and makes her an asset to any team she is a part of.

Debrii’s journey over the years has been an inspiring one, full of growth, self-discovery, and heroism. Her dedication to helping those in need and protecting those she loves is admirable, and her courage in the face of danger is something that all should strive for. Debrii Marvel stands out as one of the most formidable heroes in Marvel history, and she will continue to be a beloved character for decades to come.

Debrii is not only a hero but also an inspiration to all who look up to her. She has shown that even when faced with tremendous obstacles, perseverance and determination can help anyone overcome anything that life throws their way. Debrii’s story stands as an example of what can be achieved if you never give up on your dreams and always strive for greatness no matter what life throws at you.

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