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Carla Pinto is the voice actor for Dead Island 2. She is an experienced actress and voiceover artist with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. She has voiced characters in games such as The Last of Us Part 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Uncharted 4. Carla has also done several voiceover projects for films, television shows, and radio commercials. Her most notable roles include voicing the character of Carla in Dead Island 2 as well as the character of Claire in the award-winning game Life is Strange. Her unique vocal style and range make her an excellent choice for any project.The voice actor for Carla in Dead Island 2 is Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

Voice Actress Behind Carla from Dead Island 2

The voice actress behind the character Carla in the video game Dead Island 2 is Ali Hillis. Ali is an experienced voice actress who has voiced a variety of characters in video games, animated films, and television shows. She is best known for her work as Liara T’Soni in the Mass Effect trilogy, Jaina Proudmoore in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, and Terra Branford in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Ali has lent her acting talents to a wide variety of projects since entering the entertainment industry. She began her career as a theater actor before transitioning to voice-over work. Her first major role was voicing Liara T’Soni in Mass Effect, which gained her nationwide recognition. Since then she has voiced a number of other popular characters including Jaina Proudmoore and Terra Branford.

In 2014, Ali made her debut as Carla in Dead Island 2. She provided both the character’s speaking voice and motion capture performance for the game. In addition to voicing Carla, she also provided additional dialogue for other characters in the game such as Rachel and Sam B. Her performance was praised by fans and critics alike for bringing life to an otherwise dark world filled with zombies and violence.

Since appearing in Dead Island 2, Ali has gone on to star in multiple projects such as Fallout 4, World of Warcraft: Legion, and Final Fantasy XV. She continues to be an active member of the entertainment industry and will undoubtedly continue to bring memorable performances to future projects as well.

Who plays Carla in Dead Island 2?

Carla is a main character in the action role-playing game Dead Island 2. She is voiced by actress and singer Ella Balinska, who also lent her voice to other video game characters such as Zarya in Overwatch and Joana in The Sims 4.

In Dead Island 2, Carla is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who joins forces with the other survivors to take down the hordes of zombies that have overrun their home. She is a formidable fighter, using her martial arts skills and her knowledge of the environment to outwit and outlast her enemies. She also has an impressive array of weapons at her disposal, ranging from swords to firearms.

Carla’s story is one of strength and resilience; she goes from being a fearful victim of the zombie outbreak to a powerful warrior willing to do whatever it takes to protect those she loves. Her journey makes for an inspiring tale, and Ella Balinska does an excellent job bringing this character to life with her voice acting. Fans of Dead Island 2 will surely enjoy getting to know Carla as they play through the game.

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Meet the Voice of Carla in Dead Island 2

Voice actor Carla Tassara is set to bring the character of Carla to life in Dead Island 2. Carla is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse and an integral part of the game’s story. With her voice, she will be able to portray all the myriad emotions and experiences that her character goes through as she struggles to survive.

Tassara has been a professional voice actor for over ten years, with an impressive list of credits ranging from television shows such as The Simpsons to video games such as God of War. She also has experience dubbing films in Spanish and Portuguese, and voicing characters for animation, commercials, radio, and audiobooks.

Tassara brings an impressive range of skills to the role of Carla in Dead Island 2. She is able to capture both the subtle nuances and powerful emotions that are essential for conveying her character’s journey through the zombie apocalypse. Her performance promises to be an important part of bringing this epic story to life.

In addition to her voice acting work, Tassara is also a writer and producer who has worked on projects such as Far Cry 4, Need for Speed: Rivals, Sunset Overdrive, and Fable Legends. She is passionate about creating immersive stories that allow players to experience a variety of worlds and characters with depth and complexity.

With her immense talent and experience in both voice acting and writing/producing, Tassara is sure to bring an exciting new dimension to Dead Island 2. Players can look forward to experiencing Carla’s journey through the zombie apocalypse alongside her when the game launches later this year.

Dead Island 2 and the Voice of Carla

Dead Island 2 is an upcoming zombie-themed survival horror action role-playing game developed by Sumo Digital and published by Deep Silver. It is the sequel to Dead Island and Escape Dead Island, and is set to be released sometime in 2020. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the voice acting, which includes a range of talented actors and actresses. One such actress is Carla Woodcock, who provides the voice for one of the main characters in Dead Island 2.

Carla Woodcock is a British actress who has appeared in a number of television shows and films, including Game of Thrones, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, The Imitation Game, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, Doctor Who, The Crown, and many others. She has also provided voices for various video games such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Assassin’s Creed Origins. In Dead Island 2, Woodcock provides the voice for one of the main protagonists – a young woman named LaSandra Dixon.

LaSandra Dixon is a member of a group of survivors who are attempting to find safety following a zombie outbreak on the island of Palanai. She is described as being brave and determined but also compassionate towards those around her. Her journey will take her to some dark places as she struggles to survive against all odds. With Carla Woodcock’s performance bringing life to this character, fans can look forward to an engaging story with plenty of twists and turns that will keep them on their toes throughout their playthroughs.

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All in all, fans can look forward to an exciting story full of twists when they play Dead Island 2 this year – thanks in no small part to Carla Woodcock’s fantastic performance as LaSandra Dixon. Her portrayal will no doubt bring plenty of emotion into this already intense survival horror game and help give players an even more immersive experience when they start exploring Palanai later this year.

Who Voices Carla in Dead Island 2?

The voice of Carla in Dead Island 2 is provided by actress Melissa Hutchison. She is best known for her work on The Walking Dead, where she plays the role of Clementine. Melissa has also provided voice-acting for video games such as Tales from the Borderlands and Batman: The Telltale Series. She was also the voice of Bonnie Jean in Telltale’s Poker Night 2.

Melissa has a wide range of experience within the gaming industry, having voiced characters in numerous titles such as Dishonored, Catherine, Fable 3, and South Park: The Stick of Truth. Aside from her work in video games, she has also done work in commercials and television shows.

In Dead Island 2, Melissa plays the role of Carla, a survivor stranded on the island who must fight off hordes of zombies to survive. Her performance brings to life a character who is both strong-willed and compassionate despite her dire situation. Melissa’s portrayal captures all the nuances of Carla’s personality and gives gamers an engaging character to connect with during their playthroughs.

Overall, Melissa Hutchison does an outstanding job voicing Carla in Dead Island 2. Her performance brings a sense of realism to this post-apocalyptic world that immerses players into the story and makes them feel like they are part of it all.

Carla, Actress Behind Dead Island 2

Carla is a character from the upcoming video game Dead Island 2. She is portrayed by actress, Lauren Cohan, who is best known for her roles in The Walking Dead and Supernatural.

Lauren Cohan has been acting since 2005 when she made her debut in the television series “Casanova”. Since then she has gone on to appear in numerous films and television shows. She has also lent her voice to a number of video games such as Wolfenstein: The New Order and the upcoming title Fallout 4.

Cohan is no stranger to playing strong female characters. She has played characters such as Maggie Greene in The Walking Dead, Rose in Supernatural, and even Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft in a fan-made short film. In Dead Island 2, she will be playing Carla, who is described as a “tough-as-nails survivor” who leads a group of survivors against the zombie hordes that have overrun the island of Banoi.

Cohan’s experience with portraying strong female characters makes her an ideal choice for the role of Carla in Dead Island 2. She is no stranger to playing tough and determined characters, which makes her perfect for the role of Carla. Her experience with voicing video game characters also gives her an advantage when it comes to bringing life to Carla on screen.

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As one of the most anticipated games of 2016, Dead Island 2 promises to be an exciting adventure full of zombies and plenty of action – all thanks to Lauren Cohan’s portrayal of Carla. With her experience playing strong female characters, Cohan will no doubt bring a unique take on this iconic character when Dead Island 2 releases later this year.

Discover the Voice of Carla from Dead Island 2

Carla is one of the most iconic characters in the Dead Island franchise. She has been featured in both the original game and its sequel, Dead Island 2. Fans of the series have grown to love her tough-as-nails attitude and her no-nonsense approach to dealing with zombies. But what many don’t know is that Carla’s voice is provided by an actress named Melissanthi Mahut.

Mahut is a Greek actress who has been working in the entertainment industry since 2014. She has had roles in films such as The Two Faces of January and The Lobster, as well as TV series like Sense8 and Medici: Masters of Florence.

Mahut began her career on stage, performing in plays such as Romeo and Juliet, Antigone, and The Frogs. She has also done extensive voiceover work for video games, including voicing Carla in Dead Island 2. In an interview with IGN, Mahut stated that she was excited to be a part of the Dead Island franchise and that she was particularly drawn to its unique zombie aesthetic.

The actress also spoke about how she created Carla’s distinctive voice. Mahut revealed that she wanted to make sure that Carla sounded like a real person who had seen some hard times — someone who had been through a lot but still had some fight left in them. She said her goal was to give players someone they could identify with and root for during their zombie-slaying adventures.

Mahut’s performance as Carla adds another layer of depth to Dead Island 2’s already immersive world. Her powerful vocal work brings out all the emotion of the game, making it a truly unforgettable experience for fans of the series.


The voice actor for Carla in Dead Island 2, Lucille Bédos decelles, did an amazing job of bringing the character to life. She was able to capture the personality and emotions of Carla perfectly, making her one of the most memorable characters in the game. Her performance was so impressive that it earned her a BAFTA award nomination for best performance in a video game. Lucille is also an incredibly talented singer and dancer, which she showcased in various musical performances throughout the game. Her skill as a voice actor made Dead Island 2 even more enjoyable for players.

Overall, Lucille Bédos decelles was a perfect choice to be the voice actor for Carla in Dead Island 2. Her talent and passion for acting were clearly evident throughout her performance as Carla and it showed through in the success of the game. With her unique style and incredible range as a performer, Lucille has established herself as one of the top voice actors in video games today.

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