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Deactivating your primary PlayStation 4 (PS4) system can be a useful tool if you’re looking to move to a new console or are having trouble with your current one. By deactivating your primary PS4, you can make sure that no one else can access your personal information and data while the console is inactive. In this guide, we’ll explain how to deactivate the primary PS4 system and what it means for your account.To deactivate a primary PS4, you will need to access the console’s settings. Once you are in the settings menu, select the “PlayStation Network/Account Management” option. From there, select the “Activate as Your Primary PS4” option and then select “Deactivate”. You will then be prompted to confirm that you want to deactivate your primary PS4 console. Select “Yes” to complete the deactivation process.

Reasons for Deactivating Your Primary PS4

There are several reasons why you may want to deactivate your primary PlayStation 4 (PS4). The primary account on the console is the one linked to the PlayStation Network, and it is essential in allowing access to all of the features and services available on the console. It also helps ensure that your game progress and purchases are securely linked to your account.

The most common reason for deactivating a PS4 is when you plan on selling it or giving it away. By deactivating it, you remove any personal information from the system and ensure that only the new owner can use it. This is important because if you don’t deactivate it, anyone who accesses the console can access your account information, including your credit card details if you have saved them.

Another reason why you might want to deactivate your primary PS4 is if someone else will be using it for a long period of time and they need their own account. When someone else takes control of the console, they should have their own primary account in order to take advantage of all of its features and services. This will also prevent them from being able to access your personal information without your permission.

Finally, you may want to deactivate your primary PS4 if there is an issue with the system itself or with its connection to the PlayStation Network. This will reset all settings back to their defaults and ensure that all data associated with your account is removed from the system. This could help solve any issues that are preventing you from being able to access certain features or services on the console.

Regardless of why you need to deactivate your primary PS4, it’s important that you do so properly in order to protect yourself and others from potential security risks. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully when doing so in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Step 1: Log Out of Your PS4

The first step to deactivate your primary PS4 is to log out of the PlayStation Network on your console. To do this, go into your settings menu, select the ‘Account Management’ option, and then select ‘Sign Out’. This will log you out of the PlayStation Network and remove your saved data from the console.

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Step 2: Deactivate Your Primary PS4

Once you have logged out of your PlayStation Network, you can now deactivate your primary PS4. To do this, go back into the settings menu and select ‘System Activation’. From here, select ‘Deactivate System’ and then confirm that you want to deactivate the console. This will remove all saved data from the console and make it inactive on your account.

Step 3: Activate Another Console as Your Primary

If you have another console that is connected to your PlayStation Network account, you can activate it as your primary console. To do this, go into the settings menu of the other console and select ‘System Activation’. From here, select ‘Activate as Your Primary PS4’, and then confirm that you want to activate it as your primary console. This will allow you to access all of your saved data on the other console.

Step 4: Log Back In

Finally, once you have activated another console as your primary PS4, you can now log back in to the PlayStation Network with your account credentials. This will allow you to access all of your saved data on any other consoles connected to your account.

Benefits of Deactivating Primary PS4

Deactivating the primary PS4 from your PlayStation Network account allows you to move your gaming library to another system. This can be particularly useful if you are upgrading to a newer model or purchasing a console for a friend or family member. It also makes it easier to keep your game library up-to-date and access them from any PlayStation device. Additionally, deactivating the primary PS4 will help protect you from unauthorized use of your account by preventing others from accessing your games and digital content without permission.

Deactivating the primary PS4 also helps ensure that your gaming progress is not lost if something happens to the system. If the console gets damaged, stolen, or corrupted due to a software issue, you can simply reactivate it on another system and continue playing with all of your saved progress intact. This is especially useful for those who have invested many hours into their games and don’t want to start over from scratch. Additionally, deactivating the primary PS4 allows you to free up space on the console’s hard drive by deleting games that you no longer play.

Finally, deactivating the primary PS4 allows you to troubleshoot any issues that may arise with the console without worrying about losing access to digital content or progress in games. If there are any performance issues with the console, you can reset it without losing any data by simply reactivating it on another system later on. This can save time and effort when trying to resolve technical problems as opposed to having to start over completely with a new system or transfer data manually.

When You Should Consider Deactivating Primary PS4

When considering the deactivation of your primary PS4 console, there are a few factors that should be taken into consideration. If you are planning on purchasing another console, it may be beneficial to deactivate your current console as the primary device. This ensures that all your digital content is only playable on the new console and not the old one. Additionally, if you are planning on selling or trading in your current PS4, it will be important to deactivate it first in order to prevent any unauthorized access of digital content.

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Another scenario where deactivation of the primary PS4 may be necessary is if you are sharing a console with someone else. By deactivating your primary PS4, you can ensure that all purchased content is only accessible from the account associated with that particular user. This will prevent any potential conflicts due to multiple users accessing and playing the same content at once.

Lastly, if you are experiencing technical or performance issues with your current primary PS4 console, you may want to consider deactivating it and activating a different device instead. This will allow you to continue playing games or utilizing other services without having to worry about any technical issues associated with your current primary device.

In conclusion, there are several scenarios where it may be beneficial to consider deactivating your primary PS4 console. Whether it is for selling or trading in an old system, preventing unauthorized access of content, or dealing with technical issues – deactivating a primary device can provide a number of advantages depending on the situation.

What Happens After You Deactivate Your Primary PS4

When you deactivate your primary PlayStation 4 (PS4) system, you are essentially removing it from your PlayStation Network (PSN) account. This means that you will no longer be able to access any of the digital content associated with that account on your PS4. Your saved game data, screenshots, trophies, and other game-related items will also be inaccessible. Additionally, you will not be able to use any of the online features associated with the PS4, such as online gaming or streaming services like Netflix.

However, all of your information is still stored in the cloud and can be accessed through other devices that are connected to your PSN account. This includes your other consoles, as well as any mobile devices or computers that are linked to your account. You can easily re-activate your primary PS4 system at any time by simply entering the same information used when creating the account.

Your purchased content will also remain available for download on other compatible devices connected to your account. Any games or services that were previously downloaded onto the deactivated system will still be accessible on other compatible devices connected to the same account. This includes games purchased through the PlayStation Store as well as digital versions of physical media discs.

Finally, if you had previously subscribed to a PlayStation Plus membership, then it will remain active even after deactivating a primary PS4 system. All of your downloadable content won’t expire and can still be accessed on other compatible devices associated with your PSN account.

How to Reactivate a Primary PS4 After Deactivation

If you have deactivated your primary PS4 console and want to reactivate it, you can do so easily by accessing the PlayStation Network. First, sign in to your account on the PlayStation website. Once logged in, go to the “Settings” tab and select “PlayStation Network/Account Management”. Select the “Activate as Your Primary PS4” option to reactivate the console. You will then be asked to enter an activation code that will be displayed on your screen. Enter this code and your console will be reactivated.

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You can also reactivate a primary PS4 after deactivation by connecting it to your home network. On the console’s main menu, select “Settings” and then select “PlayStation Network/Account Management”. Log in with your account information and select the “Activate as Your Primary PS4” option. You will then be asked to enter an activation code that will be displayed on your screen. Enter this code and your console will be reactivated.

It is important to note that if you have multiple consoles activated as primary, only one of them can remain active at any given time. If you attempt to activate another console as primary while one is already active, the previous activation will be disabled automatically. Make sure that you know which console is currently activated as primary before attempting to reactivate another one after deactivation.

Troubleshooting Steps for Problems When Deactivating a Primary PS4

If you’re having trouble deactivating a primary PS4, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem. First, try restarting your console by holding the power button for 7 seconds until it beeps twice. You should also check that you have an internet connection and that your console is up to date with the latest software update. If these steps don’t work, then try logging out of your account and then back in. If that still doesn’t work, then try deactivating all other devices from your PlayStation account. This can be done by going to Settings > Account Management > Activate as Your Primary PS4 > Deactivate > Deactivate All. Once you’ve deactivated all other devices, try reactivating your primary PS4 again.

If none of these steps solve your problem, then it’s possible that something is wrong with the way the activation data is stored on the PlayStation Network (PSN). In this case, you may need to contact Sony customer service to ask for help with the issue. They should be able to reset your activation data so that you can successfully deactivate your primary PS4.


Deactivating a primary PS4 is a simple process and can be done in a few minutes. It is important to remember that once the primary PS4 is deactivated, all content will no longer be accessible on that console. That includes games, saved game data, and any other previously purchased content. If you plan on using the console with any other account, you must first activate it as the primary PS4 for that account. Doing so will allow access to all content associated with that account.

Overall, deactivating a primary PS4 is an easy process and is necessary in some cases. Whether you are switching consoles or transferring accounts, taking the time to deactivate your primary PS4 will ensure your data remains secure and accessible only by your chosen accounts.

This guide should have given you the knowledge and steps necessary to properly deactivate your primary PS4. With this information in hand, you can now safely transfer or switch consoles without worry of losing your beloved game data or purchased content.

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