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Bruce is a hilarious and lovable great white shark from the Disney/Pixar movie, Finding Nemo. He is one of the stars of the movie and is known for his endearing, yet comical quotes. Bruce’s quotes are full of wit and wisdom, making them perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up or something to make you laugh, Bruce’s quotes from Finding Nemo are sure to put a smile on your face!1. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” – Dory
2. “Fish are friends, not food.” – Bruce
3. “You can’t never let anything happen to him. He’s my friend and I’ll never let anything happen to him ever ever ever.” – Marlin
4. “Well, I guess that’s what you do when you’re desperate, desperate for a friend. You just have to keep swimming.” – Dory
5. “P Sherman 42 Wallaby way Sydney!” – Nemo
6. “No matter how small you are, you can do big things.”– Marlin
7. “Hey Mr Grumpy Gills! When life gets you down do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do? Just keep swimming!”-Dory
8.”Mine!” -Nemo
9.”Just remember: Our most important decisions are made with our hearts.” -Marlin
10.”Don’t just fly, soar” -Dory

Bruce’s Role in Finding Nemo

Bruce the great white shark plays a major role in the movie Finding Nemo. He is a vegetarian and helps Marlin and Dory on their adventure to find Nemo. Bruce first appears when Marlin and Dory run into him while they are traveling through the ocean. Bruce is initially hostile towards them, but quickly warms up to them after they explain that they are searching for Nemo.

He then agrees to help them on their quest, offering to provide them with transportation in his shark submarine. Bruce also provides Marlin and Dory with information about the whereabouts of Nemo, including where he was taken by humans and what dangers he may face along the way.

At one point during their journey, Bruce helps protect Marlin and Dory from an angry group of jellyfish by pushing them out of harm’s way. Later on, when they reach Sydney Harbor, Bruce uses his powerful jaws to break open a net that had trapped Nemo inside.

Throughout the movie Bruce serves as an ally to Marlin and Dory, offering advice, protection, and assistance in finding Nemo. He is a gentle giant who is always willing to lend a helping fin when needed. His contribution greatly aids Marlin and Dory in their mission to rescue Nemo from captivity. In the end, Bruce proves himself to be a true friend who was there for them every step of the way.

Most Memorable Lines from Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a beloved classic with plenty of memorable lines and moments. From funny one-liners to touching emotional moments, the movie contains plenty of memorable moments. Here are some of the most memorable lines from Finding Nemo:

“Just keep swimming.” – Dory
This line has become an iconic motivational phrase, encouraging people to keep going no matter what obstacles they face. Dory’s optimistic outlook on life is an inspiration to all.

“Fish are friends, not food.” – Marlin
Marlin’s line is a reminder that all living creatures have a right to life and freedom. It also serves as a warning against the dangers of overfishing and ocean pollution.

“You must be dory!” – Nemo
Nemo’s hilarious pun is one of the funniest lines in the movie. It shows that even in difficult situations, there can still be room for humor and lightheartedness.

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“Mine!” – Gill
Gill’s exclamation is both funny and poignant. He uses it to express his desperation for freedom and his determination to take control of his fate.

“I’m like a rock… I’m indominable!” – Crush
Crush’s line perfectly captures his carefree attitude and his courage in the face of danger. His phrase reminds us that we can all be indomitable, no matter what hardships we face in life.

Why We Love Bruce’s Performance in Finding Nemo

Bruce the Shark is one of the most iconic and beloved characters in the beloved Pixar film Finding Nemo. He is a great white shark with a bad reputation, but he turns out to be much more than just a menacing figure lurking beneath the waves. He is actually quite gentle and kind-hearted, which makes him all the more endearing. Bruce’s performance in Finding Nemo was truly remarkable because he was able to bring out both sides of his character so effectively: his menacing side as well as his compassionate side.

Bruce’s menacing side shines through when he first appears on screen as he intimidates Marlin and Dory with his big teeth and intimidating voice. His menacing side is also seen throughout the movie when he attempts to scare away any intruders who come too close to him or his friends. But, despite this, Bruce still manages to show some kindness and compassion towards Marlin and Dory when they are at their most vulnerable moments – something that is very admirable indeed.

The compassion that Bruce displays towards Marlin and Dory really helps to make him stand out as a character, especially since most sharks are seen as dangerous predators who show no mercy whatsoever. Bruce proves that even sharks can have a caring side, showing empathy for those in need of help. His willingness to take risks for the sake of helping others is also commendable, especially when it comes to helping Marlin find Nemo.

All in all, Bruce’s performance in Finding Nemo was nothing short of amazing – it truly brought out both sides of his character perfectly, making him an unforgettable character from this beloved Pixar movie. There’s no doubt that we will continue to love Bruce for years to come!

What Makes Bruce’s Character Special in Finding Nemo?

Bruce is a great white shark, and one of the main characters in the film Finding Nemo. He is a friendly, fun-loving shark who loves to sing and dance, and lives in a cave with his two fellow sharks, Anchor and Chum. Bruce is unique in that he is the only shark who has learned to control his natural predatory instincts. He has chosen not to feed on the smaller fish that are around him, instead opting for a vegetarian diet. This makes him stand out from the other sharks in the film, as they still hunt their prey.

Another thing that makes Bruce’s character special is his ability to inspire courage and hope in others. Throughout the movie, he encourages Nemo and Marlin to stay strong despite their obstacles, and reminds them that they can overcome anything if they put their minds to it. This characteristic makes him an important part of their journey, as it gives them the strength they need to carry on when things seem impossible.

Finally, Bruce’s character is special because of his strong bond with his friends Anchor and Chum. Despite being different species of fish, they all share a close friendship based on trust and understanding. His loyalty to them is inspiring and shows that even though he may be intimidating due to his size and strength, at heart he is really just a big softy who loves nothing more than spending time with his friends.

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All these things make Bruce’s character special in Finding Nemo, making him an integral part of the story as well as an important role model for viewers of all ages.

Bringing Life to Bruce in Finding Nemo

Bruce the great white shark is one of the most memorable characters in the beloved 2003 Pixar film Finding Nemo. He is a key figure in helping Marlin and Dory find their way back to Sydney. What makes Bruce so special is his unique personality and mannerisms that bring him to life.

Voiced by actor Barry Humphries, Bruce adds humor and a sense of danger to the movie. His character is likeable despite his intimidating size, as he is genuinely kind and caring when it comes to helping Marlin and Dory. He also has an affinity for vegetarianism, which provides an interesting contrast with his menacing appearance.

Bruce also has an endearing sense of optimism that helps bring out the best in Marlin and Dory. When they are feeling down, he encourages them with positive affirmations such as “Just keep swimming!” or “You can do it!” This helps them stay focused on their goal despite any obstacles they may face.

The animators at Pixar did a fantastic job of bringing Bruce to life through their attention to detail with his visuals and mannerisms. His movements are smooth yet powerful, emphasizing his size and strength while also conveying his gentleness at the same time. His facial expressions are also incredibly expressive, giving him a wide range of emotions that help make him feel like a living creature rather than just an animated character.

Overall, Bruce’s vibrant personality and endearing optimism make him a beloved character in Finding Nemo who helps bring out the best in Marlin and Dory during their journey home. His unique characteristics help make him stand out from other animated characters and create an unforgettable experience for viewers of all ages.

What We Can Learn from Bruce’s Role in Finding Nemo

Bruce, the great white shark, plays a significant role in Disney/Pixar’s movie Finding Nemo. He is a friendly and helpful character who teaches us many valuable lessons about friendship, trust, and loyalty.

Bruce is a vegetarian shark who becomes friends with Marlin and Dory. Despite their initial fear of him, Marlin and Dory soon realize that Bruce is harmless and even helpful in their quest to find Nemo. Bruce helps them out by teaching them how to be better swimmers and even giving them rides on his back, showing that he cares deeply for his new friends.

Through Bruce’s kind actions, we learn the importance of friendship and trust. We also learn that it’s important to look past people’s initial appearances – even though Bruce looks like a fearsome shark, he turns out to be kind-hearted and loyal. This teaches us not to judge people by their appearance or preconceived notions.

We can also learn the value of perseverance from Bruce’s story. As Marlin and Dory journey across the ocean looking for Nemo, they face numerous obstacles but continue on despite them all thanks to Bruce’s encouragement. This shows us that no matter how difficult our goals may seem, it’s important to keep going until we reach our destination.

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Overall, Bruce teaches us many valuable lessons throughout Finding Nemo – from the importance of friendship and trust to perseverance in the face of adversity. His story serves as an inspiring reminder that everyone has something special to offer – no matter how small or insignificant they may appear at first glance.

The Concept

Finding Nemo was an ambitious idea from the start. The story of a clownfish who is separated from his father and learns to find his way back home resonated with audiences around the world. The original script was written by John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton, and the development of the movie began in 2000. Throughout the process, the filmmakers worked hard to stay true to the core concept of a fish’s journey across the ocean while also exploring themes of family and friendship.

The Making

The making of Finding Nemo was a complex task that took over four years to complete. The movie was created using a combination of traditional animation techniques, computer animation, and digital compositing. The filmmakers used detailed storyboards to ensure that each scene had its own unique style and look. They also developed an innovative camera system that allowed them to capture realistic underwater scenes with great accuracy. In addition, they created a series of colorful backgrounds for each scene that brought the world of Nemo to life.

Bruce’s Role

One of the most crucial roles in creating Finding Nemo was filled by Bruce Smith, who served as head animator for the movie. He worked closely with director Andrew Stanton on every aspect of bringing Nemo’s world to life on screen, from character designs and storyboards to animation and effects. Bruce also led a team of animators who worked tirelessly to create smooth motion and believable facial expressions for each character.

The Final Product

When Finding Nemo was finally released in 2003 it became an instant classic. It went on to become one of Disney-Pixar’s highest grossing films ever, winning numerous awards including an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. But more than anything else it left a lasting impression on audiences everywhere with its heartfelt story and beautiful animation – all thanks in part to Bruce Smith’s tireless work during production.


Bruce’s quotes from Finding Nemo are a testament to the power of friendship and family. His words are filled with wisdom, compassion, and humor that can be applied to life’s greatest challenges. He encourages us to always stay positive and never give up, no matter how tough life gets. His lessons are timeless and can be used to help us navigate the difficult times that we all face. Bruce’s quotes from Finding Nemo have helped many people find strength in difficult times and provide comfort during moments of distress.

Ultimately, Bruce’s quotes from Finding Nemo can serve as a reminder that no matter what happens, friendship is key for getting through life’s challenges and staying strong. His words remind us all to never give up hope and stay close with the people we love. Ultimately, Bruce’s quotes provide us with hope when times seem dark, reminding us of the power of friendship in our lives.

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