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Blanka is a beloved video game character, first appearing in the Street Fighter series. He is a feral man from Brazil who has the ability to generate powerful electric shocks. His unique powers and wild nature have made him a fan favorite for decades. Blanka’s popularity has inspired many memes and GIFs, which often feature his iconic green hair and electric powers. Whether you’re a fan of classic gaming or just appreciate an awesome GIF, Blanka is sure to bring a smile to your face!1. Blanka doing a handstand
2. Blanka dancing
3. Blanka playing a guitar
4. Blanka giving a hug
5. Blanka smiling
6. Blanka jumping in the air
7. Blanka spinning around
8. Blanka laughing
9. Blanka flying around on a hoverboard
10. Blanka flexing with his muscles

Top 10 Best Blanka GIFs to Share

When it comes to classic Street Fighter characters, Blanka is one of the most beloved fan favorites. The electrifying beast-man is an iconic character who never fails to entertain. Whether it’s his fierce fighting skills or his signature green skin, Blanka’s got something for everyone to love. But no matter how you feel about him, there’s no denying that Blanka makes for some of the best GIFs out there. Here are the top 10 best Blanka GIFs that you can share with your friends and family.

1. The Classic Punch: Nothing says “Blanka” quite like his famous punch. This GIF captures the moment perfectly and is sure to bring a smile to any Street Fighter fan’s face.

2. Electrifying: When Blanka unleashes his special move, it’s always electrifying — literally! This GIF captures the moment perfectly and shows just how powerful he really is.

3. High Five!: Who doesn’t love a good high five? This GIF shows Blanka celebrating with a friendly high five that will make anyone feel good.

4. The Dance: While not as iconic as his punch, Blanka also has some slick dance moves that are sure to impress any crowd. This GIF shows him in all his glory as he busts out some funky moves.

5. Taking Flight: Not only can Blanka take on enemies in battle, but he can also take flight! This GIF captures him in midair as he takes off with ease.

6. Bite Time: When it comes to fighting, Blanka isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with some biting action! This GIF shows him taking a bite out of an unlucky opponent — ouch!

7. Air Punch: No fight would be complete without an airborne punch! This GIF shows off one of Blanka’s signature moves as he flies through the air and delivers a powerful punch.

8. Happy Birthday!: What better way to celebrate someone’s birthday than with a giant green beast man? This GIF shows off everyone’s favorite fighter wishing someone a very happy birthday!

9. Rollin’: Nobody rolls like Blanka! His signature rolling attack has become one of his most recognizable moves and this GIF perfectly captures this unique move in all its glory.

10: Winning!: Last but not least, this GIF captures the moment when victory is at hand for our favorite green hero! It’s always great when justice prevails!<

10 Funniest Blanka GIFs

Blanka, one of the most popular characters from the Street Fighter series, has been a fan favorite since his first appearance in the game back in 1987. He is a wild green man with electric powers, making him a great source of entertainment for many gamers. His wild and unpredictable nature makes him a regular source of hilarious GIFs that fans love to share and laugh at. Here are 10 of the funniest Blanka GIFs that will surely make you laugh out loud:

1. Blanka’s iconic electric shock – This classic GIF shows Blanka delivering an electric shock that is powerful enough to make even his opponent crack up!

2. Blanka’s hilarious victory dance – After winning a match, Blanka celebrates with an impromptu victory dance that is sure to put a smile on your face.

3. Blanka’s surprise attack – When an unsuspecting enemy walks into the ring, they get more than they bargained for as Blanka unleashes one of his signature surprise attacks!

4. The ‘Thumbs Up’ Blanka – When he isn’t busy fighting opponents, this cheeky version of Blanka gives us all the thumbs up!

5. The ‘Rolling Thunder’ GIF – This classic GIF shows off one of Blanka’s signature moves – Rolling Thunder – as he rolls along the ground in lightning speed!

6. The ‘Electric Slide’ GIF – As if his Rolling Thunder wasn’t enough, this GIF also shows off another one of his signature moves – Electric Slide – as he slides across the ground at lightning speed!

7. The ‘Backflip’ GIF – This classic move from Street Fighter II shows off how agile and acrobatic this wild green man can be!

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8. The ‘Spinning Kick’ GIF – This move may not be as flashy or acrobatic as some of his others but it sure packs a punch when it connects!

9. The ‘Berserker Rage’ GIF – When pushed too far, even the most peaceful fighters can snap and unleash their full power – just like when this enraged version of Blanka goes into berserker rage mode!

10. The ‘Surprise Headbutt’ GIF – Last but not least, we have this classic move where our hero delivers an unexpected headbutt to an unsuspecting enemy – always funny to watch no matter how many times you see it!

10 Crazy Blanka GIFs

Blanka is a wild and charismatic character from the Street Fighter series, and his wildness is perfectly captured in these ten GIFs. From electrifying opponents to crashing through walls, Blanka does it all with a show-stopping flair. Whether you’re a fan of Street Fighter or not, you have to admit that Blanka takes the cake when it comes to crazy antics!

The first GIF shows him absolutely wrecking an opponent with an electric shock. His opponent is sent flying into the air with such force that it appears as though he’s been lifted up by an invisible hand! Blanka then turns around to give the audience a satisfied smirk. This GIF perfectly encapsulates his mischievous personality.

The second GIF features Blanka taking on two opponents at the same time. He dodges their attacks with ease, using his agility and lightning-fast reflexes to keep out of harm’s way. He then proceeds to take out both opponents in one fell swoop, sending them both sprawling across the ground in agony.

The third GIF showcases Blanka’s strength and durability. He takes on several opponents at once, but manages to shrug off their attacks without taking any damage himself. His strength is further emphasized by the fact that he can even break through walls without any trouble!

The fourth GIF features Blanka doing what he does best – electrifying his opponents into submission! He charges up a powerful electric current which instantly incapacitates his adversaries, leaving them helpless against his onslaught.

The fifth GIF shows us yet another impressive demonstration of Blanka’s power and agility. He jumps over an opponent’s head while spinning in mid-air, before crashing down onto him with devastating force! It’s no wonder why he’s one of the most fearsome fighters in Street Fighter.

The sixth GIF gives us a glimpse of just how fast and agile Blanka can be when it comes to evading enemy strikes. He dodges several attacks from different directions simultaneously with incredible speed and grace, leaving no doubt as to why he is so feared by other fighters.

The seventh GIF features Blanka performing a daring move known as “the grand dragon”. After jumping off a high building, he flips around several times in mid-air before landing safely on the ground below – much to the surprise of those watching from afar!

The eighth GIF shows us yet another example of just how powerful Blanka can be when dealing with multiple opponents at once. He unleashes several electric shocks which completely incapacitate all those who stand against him – leaving them helplessly twitching on the floor as they try desperately to recover from his powerful attack.

The ninth GIF gives us insight into just how far reaching Blanka’s powers can be when used for destruction. In this case, we see him destroying an entire bridge using nothing more than his own electric shocks!

Finally, the tenth and last GIF shows us how cool and collected Blanka can be even under pressure. After annihilating several opponents with ease, he turns around and gives them a satisfied smirk – showing that even after all that chaos, he still has time for some showmanship!

10 Hilarious Blanka GIFs

Blanka is one of the most popular Street Fighter characters, and it’s no surprise that he has been the subject of many hilarious GIFs. Here are 10 of the funniest Blanka GIFs you’re sure to love!

The first GIF shows Blanka doing his signature electric shock move, and the look on his face is priceless! He seems to be really enjoying himself as he zaps his opponents.

The second GIF shows Blanka getting an unexpected surprise when a can of soda falls onto him from above. He looks understandably shocked by the sudden occurrence.

The third GIF shows Blanka getting knocked back by a powerful punch. His expression is priceless as he flies away in slow motion, and it’s sure to make you laugh.

The fourth GIF has Blanka doing a flip off a ledge, complete with a dramatic sound effect. It’s funny and impressive at the same time!

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The fifth GIF features Blanka rolling around in a ball to dodge his opponent’s attacks. He looks like he’s having loads of fun as he somersaults away from danger.

The sixth GIF has Blanka making an epic entrance with his electric shock move. The way he comes out of nowhere and shocks everyone is hilarious!

The seventh GIF has Blanka trying to make a run for it but getting stopped by a giant boulder blocking his path. The look on his face says it all—he’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

The eighth GIF shows Blanka being zapped by lightning from above, complete with surprise sound effects. It’s hard not to laugh at this one!

The ninth GIF features Blanka having an awkward encounter with some chickens who seem unimpressed with him. His facial expression says it all—he can’t believe they’re not scared of him!

Finally, the tenth GIF has Blanka doing some crazy dance moves while surrounded by fireballs shooting all around him. It’s truly an impressive sight that will make you laugh out loud!

Cute and Funny Blanka GIFs

Blanka is a lovable character from the Street Fighter series of video games, and he has been a fan favorite for decades. He’s also known for his electric attacks and green skin, which make him stand out from the other fighters. But what makes him so much fun to watch is his quirky, funny personality. Here are 10 of the funniest and cutest Blanka GIFs that will make you laugh:

1. Blanka doing a silly dance: This GIF shows Blanka doing a goofy dance with his arms outstretched and his head bobbing left and right. It’s so cute you won’t be able to help but smile.

2. Blanka showing off his fighting moves: In this GIF, Blanka is showing off some of his signature fighting moves in front of an audience. He looks so proud of himself!

3. Blanka playing peek-a-boo: This GIF shows Blanka playing peek-a-boo with someone offscreen. His facial expressions are just too funny!

4. Blanka being chased by a chicken: In this hilarious GIF, we can see Blanka running away from an angry chicken while making some funny faces in the process.

5. Blanka giving an angry stare: This GIF shows Blanka giving someone an intense stare with his eyes bulging out of their sockets. It’s both hilarious and intimidating at the same time!

6. Blanka eating a banana: In this GIF, we can see Blanka enjoying a delicious banana while making some funny noises in the background. It’s so adorable it will make anyone smile!

7. Blanka throwing a punch: This GIF shows us one of the most iconic moves from Street Fighter – Blanka throwing a powerful punch at his opponent while giving him an intimidating glare!

8. Blanka screaming in fear: In this funny GIF, we can see poor little Blanka screaming in fear after seeing something scary offscreen! His face is priceless!

9.Blank trying to do pushups: This hilarious GIF shows us poor little Blank trying to do pushups but failing miserably every time he tries! He looks so funny that it will make you chuckle every time you watch it!

10.Blank giving a hug: Last but not least, we have this cute little GIF of Blank giving someone an unexpected hug – complete with an adorable smile on his face! It’s too adorable to handle!

10 Classic Street Fighter Blanka GIFs

Street Fighter is one of the most popular fighting video game franchises of all time and Blanka is one of its most iconic characters. He’s known for his bright green skin, wild hair, and electric attacks. With his electrifying personality, Blanka has appeared in countless GIFs over the years. Here are 10 classic Street Fighter Blanka GIFs that will make you smile and laugh out loud:

1. A classic Blanka GIF shows him beating up an opponent with a flurry of punches and kicks. He finishes off with a huge electric blast that sends his opponent flying across the screen.

2. Another classic GIF shows Blanka in mid-air launching a fierce electric bolt at his enemy. His opponent is sent flying backwards as the bolt hits him.

3. In this GIF, we see Blanka doing an impressive backflip kick to send an enemy flying through the air. His long hair flailing behind him adds to the excitement of this amazing move!

4. This GIF features Blanka leaping forward to deliver a powerful punch while electricity crackles around his fist.

5. This classic GIF shows Blanka unleashing an electrifying uppercut on his enemy, sending them soaring offscreen.

6. This hilarious GIF shows Blanka launching electricity from both hands while doing a funny dance.

7. In this classic GIF, we see Blanka leaping up in the air to deliver a powerful electric shockwave to his opponent.

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8. Another funny GIF features Blanka launching himself into the air with an electrifying spin move.

9. This hilarious GIF shows Blanka doing a daring backflip before unleashing an electric blast at his enemy.

10. The last classic Street Fighter Blanka GIF features him running straight at an enemy with electrifying energy radiating from his body!<

10 Epic Street Fighter Blanka GIFs

Street Fighter is one of the most iconic video games of all time and Blanka is one of its most beloved characters. He has been around since the very first Street Fighter game and has become a fan favorite due to his unique moves and comical design. Blanka has become an integral part of the franchise, so here are 10 epic Street Fighter Blanka GIFs that will put a smile on your face.

The first GIF is a classic move from Blanka’s repertoire: The Electric Thunder. This move has been around since the beginning and it was actually one of the few moves that were not changed throughout the years. In this GIF, we see Blanka charging up his electric attack and unleashing it with devastating effect!

The second GIF shows us Blanka’s signature move: Rolling Attack! This move is as powerful as it is iconic and it’s been a staple of Blanka’s moveset since day one. We see him roll into his opponents, dealing massive damage in the process!

The third GIF features another classic move from Street Fighter: The Headbutt! This move has been around since the original game and it is still just as effective today as it was back then. We can clearly see how powerful this attack can be as Blanka headbutts his opponent into submission!

The fourth GIF showcases another iconic move from Street Fighter: The Tiger Uppercut! This move has become synonymous with Ryu and Ken but Blanka can do it too! In this GIF we can see him launch his opponent high into the air with a powerful uppercut!

The fifth GIF shows us another classic move from Street Fighter: The Spinning Piledriver! This move has been used by many characters throughout the series but none have done it quite like Blanka. We see him spin his opponents into submission with a devastating piledriver!

The sixth GIF features yet another iconic move from Street Fighter: The Air Fireball! This attack has been around since the very beginning and it’s still just as effective today as it was back then. We can clearly see how powerful this attack can be as Blanka sends out an explosive fireball straight up in to the sky!

The seventh GIF showcases yet another classic move from Street Fighter: The Slide Kick! This attack is often used by many characters in the series but none do it quite like Blanka. We see him slide in to his opponents with this devastating kick that knocks them off their feet!

The eighth GIF features one of the more obscure moves from Street Fighter: The Hammer Punch! While not seen often, this punch can be just as deadly as any other attack in Blanka’s arsenal. We can clearly see how powerful this punch can be when done right, sending his opponents flying away with a single punch!

The ninth GIF shows us yet another iconicmove from Street Fighter: The Somersault Kick! This kick is often seen used by many characters throughoutthe series but none do it quite likeBlanka does. We seethe powerofhis somersaultkick asthe full forceofit connectswithhis opponents sendingthem flyingbackwardsin defeat.

Finally,the tenthGIF featuresone ofBlankasmost famousmovesfromStreetFighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting-theCrazyCannonballAttack !Thismovehasbecome aniconicpartofthefranchiseandwecan seethe powerofthisattackasinBlankalauncheshimselfintoandthroughhisenemies formassive damage !


Blanka GIF has been an entertaining and enjoyable way to explore the world of Street Fighter. It has allowed fans to express their love and appreciation for the franchise in a unique and creative way. Blanka GIFs have also been used to make humorous references to the game and its characters, adding an extra layer of fun for viewers. Blanka GIFs are also a great way to show off your Street Fighter skills, as well as share your enthusiasm for the game with friends. All in all, Blanka GIFs have been an amazing tool for fans of the series, allowing them to connect with each other and explore their favorite characters in a fun and creative manner.

Blanka GIFs will continue to be popular amongst Street Fighter fans as long as they remain entertaining and relevant. With new updates added regularly, there is no telling what exciting features we may see from Blanka GIFs in the near future. Until then, we can continue to enjoy these awesome creations and celebrate our love for this iconic fighting game!

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