azur lane confluence of nothingness

Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is a unique strategy game based on the popular Japanese mobile game, Azur Lane. Players take command of an array of ships from the game’s world and battle each other in turn-based tactical battles. The game features a unique card-based system for customizing your ships and developing them into powerful vessels. With its vibrant art style and deep strategic combat, Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness offers an exciting and challenging experience for fans of the genre.Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is an event-based game mode available on the Azur Lane mobile game. It is a “Confluence of Nothingness” mode, which pits players against powerful enemies from across the universe. The player must build their fleet of ships and battle their way through several stages, each more challenging than the last. As they progress, they will be rewarded with special rewards such as ship skins, coins, and other items. The player can also take part in various daily missions and events for extra rewards. With its intense battles and unique rewards, Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is sure to provide hours of entertainment!

Gameplay of Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness

Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is a tactical role-playing game developed by Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi. The game has a turn-based system in which players command fleets of ships to battle against their enemies. The battles take place on a grid-like map, and the goal is to eliminate enemy fleets while protecting your own. Players can choose from a variety of different ship classes, each with its own unique abilities and strengths. Additionally, players can equip their ships with various items and equipment that can be used to enhance their performance in battle. Each ship also has its own unique skill tree, which allows players to customize their playstyle even further. In addition to the tactical battles, there are also various side activities such as events, story missions, and daily tasks that provide additional rewards and experience points. Overall, Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness provides an engaging experience for both new and experienced players alike.

The main goal in Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is to build up a powerful fleet that can conquer all enemies that stand in your way. Players begin the game by choosing from one of seven factions; each faction has its own unique set of ships and abilities which must be utilized strategically during battle. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new ships, equipment, skills and more that will allow you to customize your fleet as you see fit. Additionally, there are various events throughout the game where players can compete against other fleets for rewards or simply practice their tactics against AI opponents.

Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness also offers an extensive multiplayer mode where players can battle against one another in real time. In this mode, teams consisting of up to four players face off against each other on a variety of maps with different rulesets; the object is to defeat all enemy fleets before they do the same to yours. Battles are fast-paced and intense; there is no room for mistakes as even the slightest misstep can spell disaster for your fleet!

Storyline of Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness

Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is the latest installment in the popular Azur Lane franchise. It takes place in an alternate universe where two worlds collide, resulting in a chaotic war between the two factions. The story focuses on the battles between the forces of the Eagle Union and Sakura Empire, as well as other factions such as the Iron Blood and Sirens. Players take on the role of captains of their own ship and command their fleets to victory in an effort to save their world from destruction.

The game features a variety of characters from across all factions, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. Players will need to make strategic decisions in order to outwit their enemies and gain an advantage. They can also customize their ship with various upgrades to make them more powerful. In addition, players can also team up with friends in cooperative play to take on larger scale battles and conquer difficult scenarios.

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Players will also encounter challenging events known as “Sorties”, where they must battle powerful enemies for rewards such as rare items or resources. In addition, there are multiple game modes available such as “Encounter”, where players must complete objectives within a given time limit; “Scenario” which follows a story-based progression; and “PvP” where players can compete against each other for supremacy over the sea.

Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness offers an exciting and immersive experience that allows players to experience thrilling naval warfare on their own terms. With its expansive content, intuitive controls, and immersive visuals, it is sure to provide fans with many hours of entertainment.

Characters in Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness

Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is a mobile game that is well-known for its interesting characters. It features many unique and diverse characters, each with their own individual abilities and personalities. The game has a wide variety of characters from different nations, ranging from the Royal Navy, Eagle Union, Sakura Empire, Iron Blood, and the Sirens. Each character has their own unique story and background which makes them appealing to players. Furthermore, they all have different combat abilities and special abilities that make them powerful in battle.

Each character in Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness also comes with a variety of items that can be used to customize their look and increase their stats. Items such as costumes, equipment, weapons, and even pets can all be used to make your character stronger or more stylish. In addition to this, players can also collect resources such as oil and scrap metal which can be used to craft new items or upgrade existing ones.

Players can also form powerful fleets with these characters by combining them together into powerful formations. This allows players to take on more challenging missions and battles with their team of powerful ships. Additionally, players can use different strategies when forming fleets depending on the situation they are facing in battle.

Overall, Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness has an incredibly diverse cast of characters that appeal to players from all walks of life. With so many interesting characters to choose from and the ability to customize them however you want, it’s no wonder why this game is considered one of the best mobile games around!

Graphics and Visuals in Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness

Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is a 3D action game featuring stunning visuals and graphics. The game is set in an alternate version of the Pacific during World War II, where players take on the role of a naval commander in command of their own fleet. The graphics and visuals are highly detailed and feature a unique art style that captures the essence of the setting. The game has a vibrant color palette that brings out the beauty of the ocean, ships, and environments. The character models are highly detailed as well, giving each character their own unique look and feel.

The visuals in Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness also feature realistic lighting effects that make the game look even more stunning. The game features dynamic weather effects that change throughout the course of play, with rain, fog, and clouds all adding to the overall atmosphere. Additionally, there are various particle effects such as smoke trails from ships firing their guns or explosions from torpedoes hitting their targets. All these effects help bring life to this world and make it feel more immersive.

The sound design in Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is also top-notch with realistic sound effects for every action that takes place during gameplay. This includes realistic sounds for ship weapons firing off shots or planes taking off into the sky. The music in this game is also very well done as it perfectly captures the atmosphere created by its visuals, giving players an immersive experience while playing through its story mode or just exploring its world.

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Overall, Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness provides players with an impressive array of graphics and visuals that make it stand out amongst other 3D action games on the market today. Its vibrant colors combined with dynamic weather effects and detailed character models give it a unique look that will captivate players as they explore its world. Additionally, its sound design helps to further immerse players into this alternate version of WWII era Pacific Ocean battleships and warplanes battles!

Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness Music and Soundtrack

Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is a mobile game developed by Yostar Inc. and released in 2020. The game’s music and soundtrack are composed by a talented team of composers, including the renowned Shinji Hosoe, Yu Shimoda, and Ayako Saso. The music and soundtrack for the game has been well-received by fans, with many praising its unique blend of melodic, dramatic, and ambient themes.

The main theme for the game is “Confluence of Nothingness,” composed by Shinji Hosoe. The track is an upbeat and powerful orchestral piece that captures the excitement and intensity of the game’s battles perfectly. It features strings, brass, drums, electric guitar, synth bass, and other instruments to create a soundscape that is both dynamic and beautiful. In addition to this track, there are several other orchestral pieces used throughout the game’s soundtrack.

Other tracks in the soundtrack include “Azure Sky,” which captures the beauty of being out at sea in Azur Lane; “A Glimpse of Hope,” a soft piano melody that plays during peaceful moments; “Fury Roar,” an intense rock-inspired battle theme; “Envoy From Beyond,” an ambient track used during cutscenes; “Fading Away,” a sad yet beautiful piano piece used for certain characters’ story arcs; and more.

The music in Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is varied enough to fit any situation in the game while still feeling cohesive as a whole. Each track captures its own distinct emotion that helps to enhance the overall experience for players. Whether you’re fighting your way through enemy fleets or simply exploring the world around you, there’s always something fitting musically for each moment you encounter in Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness.

Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness Reviews

Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is a thrilling shooter game that pits players against some of the toughest enemies in the sea. With its intense action and exciting visuals, it’s sure to keep players engaged for hours on end. The game also features a unique storyline and an array of unique characters, each with their own special abilities and personalities. Players will need to work together in order to progress through the game and defeat the powerful enemies that stand in their way. The game also features an online component, allowing players to battle with other players around the world.

Overall, Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is a well-crafted shooter game that offers hours of intense action and excitement. It features a unique story with interesting characters and an online component that allows players to join forces with others across the world. The visuals are stunning, making it easy to become engrossed in this captivating world. The controls are simple and intuitive, allowing for smooth gameplay no matter what the situation. This highly polished title is sure to leave gamers wanting more!

Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness Pros

Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is a popular mobile game with a unique style and gameplay. It offers an exciting and challenging experience with its intense ship battles and strategic elements. The game also features numerous characters, ships, and scenarios to explore. Players can customize their ships to suit their playstyle and preferences. Furthermore, the game includes an array of events, challenges, and special rewards. Additionally, the game has an active community which can be accessed through the official website or various forums.

One of the main advantages of Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is its depth and complexity. It has multiple layers of strategy that are constantly evolving, making it difficult for players to master the game completely. The various customization options also allow players to make their own unique ships which adds further depth to the game. Additionally, it features a well-designed UI that makes navigation simple and intuitive.

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Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness also offers a range of events and challenges which keep players engaged for long periods of time. Many players find these events rewarding as they are often rewarded with in-game currency or other rewards for completing them. Furthermore, there are numerous special rewards available that can greatly improve a player’s progress in the game.

Finally, Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness has an active community which provides support for players who need help understanding how to play the game or require assistance with any technical issues they may have encountered while playing it. The developers are also highly active on social media platforms such as Twitter where they often provide updates about upcoming content or changes to existing content in the game.

Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness Cons

However, there are some drawbacks associated with Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness as well. One major issue is that it requires a lot of grinding in order to progress through the game’s many levels and obtain rare items or upgrades for ships. This grind can become tedious after some time as new content is not released regularly enough to keep players engaged for long periods of time without feeling bored or frustrated by having to repeat similar tasks over again just for a few minor rewards or upgrades.

Additionally, some players have expressed frustration at how difficult certain levels are due to powerful enemy ships that can easily overwhelm weaker player fleets if they are not prepared properly beforehand. This difficulty curve may be too steep for some less experienced players who may find themselves struggling against these tougher enemies despite their best efforts at proper strategy implementation during battle scenarios.

Furthermore, some have criticized Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness for its lack of story elements or character development as compared to other mobile games in its genre like Fate/Grand Order or Kantai Collection: KanColle Arcade Version 2nd Edition (KCA2). While these games feature more detailed stories that provide insight into characters’ motivations and personalities, Azur Lane Confluence lacks this depth due its focus on ship battles instead which leaves little room for character development outside what is necessary for understanding each character’s role in battle scenarios.

Finally, while Azur Lane Confluence does have an active community where players can ask questions or seek advice from more experienced players regarding particular strategies they may be using during battle scenarios, there is still some degree of toxicity present within this community due to certain individuals who may act inappropriately towards others because they believe they know better than them how best to play the game despite having less experience than those they criticize harshly when giving advice on how best approach difficult levels or strategies during battles against powerful opponents


Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is a unique and captivating game that takes players on an adventurous journey to explore the mysterious world of Azur Lane. With its innovative art style, engaging storyline, and varied gameplay, it provides players with an experience like no other. The game also features a wide range of characters that players can collect and customize, allowing for even more customization options. All in all, Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is an exciting and enjoyable game that offers something unique for any type of player.

Players will find themselves immersed in the world of Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness as they explore various locations, battle enemies, and collect rare items. Along the way, they will be able to customize their characters to create a truly unique experience. The game also features a variety of events and activities that offer new challenges and rewards to keep players engaged for hours at a time. Whether you’re a fan of anime or just looking for something different to play, Azur Lane Confluence of Nothingness is definitely worth checking out.

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