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The Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF is a popular and iconic image used to express goodbye. It features a still image of the character Shoshanna from the hit show Girls, with her hands thrown up in the air and her mouth wide open in a surprised expression. The GIF has become popular on social networks and messaging apps, often used to bid farewell to people or when leaving an online conversation. Its popularity has grown so much that it has even been featured as a meme. Au revoir Shoshanna!1.

When it comes to saying goodbye to Shoshanna, nothing says “au revoir” quite like a GIF! Here are 10 GIFs sure to leave her feeling loved and appreciated as she moves on:

A heartfelt hug for a special goodbye:
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A classic kiss on the cheek:
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A simple wave:
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A warm embrace: ![alt text](

6. A friendly fist bump: ![alt text]( “Logo Title Text 1”)

7 . A wink and a smile: ![alt text]( “Logo Title Text 1”)

8 . A high five: ![alt text](https://i1wpcomwwwreactiongifscollectionblogsiteblogsiteblogspotinblogsiteblogspotinbloggif?ssl=1 “Logo Title Text 1”)

9 . A cheerful thumbs up: ![alt text](https://data3brain-wpenginenetdna-sslcomexternal10wikiafilesnetwikianobigwikiaspacejam200pxlola_thumbs_upjpg “Logo Title Text 1”)

10 . A final farewell hug : ![alt text] (https://i2wpcomwwwreactiongifscollectionblogspoteasycapturescreencapturepro20140305133445png?ssl=1 “Logo Title Text 1”)

Adorable Ways to Say Goodbye with Au Revoir Shoshanna GIFs

Saying goodbye can be tough. Whether it’s to a friend, family member, or significant other, it’s never easy. But that doesn’t mean you have to be so serious about it! Spice up your farewells and make them fun with some adorable au revoir Shoshanna GIFs.

Shoshanna is an iconic character from the popular TV show Girls. She always has the best one-liners and hilarious facial expressions that make her the perfect choice for saying goodbye in a cute and lighthearted way. Whether you’re sending someone off with a laugh or just want to make your farewell more memorable, these Shoshanna GIFs are sure to do the trick.

One of Shoshanna’s most recognizable expressions is her classic “au revoir” wave. This GIF is perfect for saying goodbye with style and a bit of sass. It’s an adorable way to remind the person you’re saying goodbye to that they’re going to be missed – even if it’s just for a little while.

Another great option is Shoshanna’s classic “Oh my goodness!” face. This one is perfect for those times when you really don’t want your loved one to go, but know they have to anyway – like when their train is about to leave or they have an important meeting coming up. The look on her face says it all: she knows how hard it can be sometimes, but she still wishes them well on their journey!

Finally, if you’re feeling particularly playful or silly, there’s always the option of using Shoshanna’s “I’m gonna miss you” dance GIF. This one is sure to bring a smile (or a laugh) to anyone’s face and will definitely make them feel special as they head off on their way. It can also be used as a funny way of saying goodbye without taking away from the sentiment behind it!

These are just a few of the many adorable au revoir Shoshanna GIFs available out there, so don’t hesitate to get creative with your goodbyes! Whether you want something serious or lighthearted, there’s certainly something out there that will help make your farewells memorable in all the right ways.

The 10 Best Au Revoir GIFs Featuring Shoshanna

As fans of the hit show Girls, we all know Shoshanna for her quick wit, her fantastic one-liners and her unique style. And what better way to say goodbye than with a GIF featuring everyone’s favorite character? Here are the 10 best au revoir GIFs featuring Shoshanna.

1. The classic “au revoir”: This GIF perfectly captures Shoshanna’s classic style and attitude. She waves goodbye while looking over her shoulder in a cool and stylish manner.

2. The playful “au revoir”: This GIF shows us Shoshanna smiling and waving goodbye in an adorable way, while also looking a bit mischievous.

3. The sophisticated “au revoir”: This one features Shoshanna in her signature glasses and coat, walking away with a smile on her face but still looking quite elegant and sophisticated.

4. The sassy “au revoir”: This GIF shows us Shoshanna flipping her hair as she turns to walk away, leaving us with a cheeky grin on her face that says it all.

5. The happy “au revoir”: This is perhaps the most cheerful of them all, as it shows us Shoshanna beaming with joy as she waves goodbye to someone (or something).

6. The silly “au revoir”: In this GIF, we see our beloved character making an exaggerated silly face while waving goodbye with enthusiasm — it’s sure to make anyone laugh!

7. The thoughtful “au revoir”: This one is particularly special because it shows us an introspective side of Shoshanna — she looks thoughtful as she turns away with a sad yet determined expression on her face.

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8. The romantic “au revoir”: Here we see our heroine blowing a kiss goodbye while looking quite smitten — this is perfect for any romantic situation!

9. The excited “au revoir”: We love this one because it captures the excitement of saying farewell in the most perfect way possible — with lots of enthusiasm and energy!

10. The mysterious “au revoir”: Last but not least, this iconic image shows us an enigmatic side of our beloved character as she turns away from the camera with a mysterious air about her that will leave you wanting more!

These au revoir GIFs featuring Shoshanna are sure to bring back fond memories of the show for fans everywhere — be sure to try them out next time you want to say goodbye!


Au Revoir Shoshanna GIFs are a great way to show cuteness and express feelings of joy. Whether it’s a cute smile, an excited jump, or a funny dance, these GIFs are perfect for any situation that calls for some added cuteness. From funny animals to silly babies, these GIFs can help you show just how sweet and adorable someone or something is. For example, if you’re trying to express how much you love your pet, why not use a GIF of Shoshanna giving her cat a kiss? Or if someone has done something really special for you, why not show them how much it meant by using an Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF of her giving them a hug?


On the other hand, Au Revoir Shoshanna GIFs can also be used to express sadness and heartache. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one or the end of an important relationship, these GIFs can help bring out those feelings in an emotional way. For example, if someone has recently gone through a difficult break-up, why not share an Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF of her crying to let them know that you feel their pain? Or if someone has recently lost someone close to them, why not share an Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF of her grieving as a way to offer your condolences? No matter what emotion you’re trying to convey, there’s sure to be an Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF that will do the trick!

When You Have to Say Goodbye

Saying goodbye can be one of the most difficult things in life. We all have to say goodbye at some point or another, whether it’s to a job, a place we love, or even someone we care about. It’s never easy to say goodbye, but having heartfelt goodbye messages can make it a little easier. Here are 10 heartfelt goodbye messages with Au Revoir Shoshanna GIFs that will help make your goodbye a little bit easier.

1. “I’m Going to Miss You So Much”

Sometimes saying “I’m going to miss you so much” is all you need to express your feelings when saying goodbye. This simple message can be accompanied by an Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF that expresses just how much you’ll miss the person you’re saying goodbye to.

2. “I Wish You All the Best in Your Future Endeavors”

Wishing someone good luck and success for their future endeavors is a great way to show them how much they mean to you even after they are gone. This message can be accompanied by an Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF that will help show your support and love for the person you are saying goodbye to.

3. “You Will Always Have a Special Place in My Heart”

Letting someone know that they will always have a special place in your heart is another great way of expressing your feelings when saying goodbye. An Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF of a heart with a loving message will help show just how much this person means to you and how they will always remain close in your heart no matter what happens.

4. “Thank You for Everything You Have Done For Me”

If there is someone who has done something special for you or has been there for you through thick and thin, thanking them for everything they have done is the perfect way of expressing your gratitude when saying goodbye. An Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF with words of thanks will help show how grateful you are for all their efforts.

5. “I Will Never Forget Our Time Together”

Saying goodbye doesn’t mean forgetting about all the memories and times spent together; it just means that now you must go down different paths in life. Letting someone know that you will never forget all the memories shared together is one of the best ways of expressing how much their presence meant to you during those moments, and an Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF can help emphasize this sentiment even further.

6. “It Was an Honor Knowing You/Working With You”

If the person saying goodbye was someone whom you respected, admired or worked with closely then telling them “it was an honor knowing/working with” them is another great way of expressing how much their presence meant in your life during those moments or years together. An accompanying Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF can further emphasize this sentiment.

7. “You Will Always Be Part Of My Life In Some Way Or Another”

No matter what happens, some people will always remain part of our lives in some way or another; it’s just up us up to remember them fondly whenever we think about them or come across something which reminds us of them. An Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF which brings these thoughts into focus can really add emphasis on this feeling when saying goodbye.

8 . “It Was Fun While It Lasted”

The time spent together may not have been long but it was definitely enjoyable while it lasted; letting someone know that it was fun while it lasted is another great way of expressing yourself when saying farewell and an accompanying Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF can help put emphasis on this message as well.

9 . “Goodbye For Now But I Hope To See You Again Soon”
Sometimes goodbyes do not necessarily mean forever; sometimes they just mean until we meet again soon! Letting someone know that even though there may be distance between now and then, there is still hope that one day we shall meet again soon is one lovely way of bidding farewell and an accompanying Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF can bring out these feelings even more clearly.< br >< br >

10 . “Take Care Of Yourself And Don’t Let Life Pass You By”
Sometimes life passes by quickly without us realizing what we have missed out on; so before bidding adieu make sure to remind the person about taking care of themselves and not letting life pass them by without enjoying every moment! An accompanying Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF can really bring out these emotions as well!

Unique Ways to Say Bye with Au Revoir Shoshanna GIFs

Saying goodbye doesn’t have to be so hard. There’s plenty of ways to make a lasting impression when saying farewell, and a great way to do that is with Au Revoir Shoshanna GIFs. Au Revoir Shoshanna is a popular French phrase used to bid someone goodbye, which translates directly to ‘goodbye’. So why not use it as a way to say goodbye in style? Here are 10 unique ways to say goodbye with Au Revoir Shoshanna GIFs.

1. A classic wave: Wave goodbye with an enthusiastic and stylish waving hand GIF. It’s the perfect way to show that you’re leaving but still wish the other person well.

2. A sweet kiss: Show your affection with an adorable kiss GIF. This could be on the cheek or even on the forehead for an extra special touch.

3. A heartfelt hug: Hugging is one of the most meaningful ways of saying goodbye, and you can make it even more special by sending a cute hugging GIF along with it.

4. An encouraging thumbs up: Give someone a little bit of encouragement before you leave by sending them an animated thumbs up GIF. This is sure to put a smile on their face!

5. A friendly handshake: Show respect for someone by giving them an animated handshake GIF before you leave them behind. This is a great way to build trust and friendship in any situation.

6. An energetic fist pump: Show your enthusiasm for someone’s success or just give them some extra motivation before you go by giving them an energetic fist pump GIF!

7. A wide smile: Spread some joy around by sending someone off with a wide smiley face GIF! This will put them in good spirits as they move forward without you around anymore.

8. A peace sign: Wish someone peace as they move forward without you by giving them a peace sign GIF! It’s sure to bring good vibes and lots of positive energy into their lives after you’ve said goodbye for now!

9. An exuberant dance: Send someone off with some exuberant dance moves! Shake it up and send off your friend or family member with an energetic dance move GIF that will keep their spirits high as they go about their day without you there anymore!

10 .A graceful bow: Show your respect for someone by sending them off with a graceful bowGIF! This is sure to leave them feeling appreciated and honored before they part ways from each other for now!

Funny & Sweet Farewell Messages

Saying goodbye can be hard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and sweet at the same time. Whether you’re saying goodbye to a friend, family member, or coworker, a funny and sweet farewell message is the perfect way to let them know that you’ll miss them and wish them all the best. Here are some funny and sweet farewell messages that will make your goodbye memorable.

“I’m sorry to see you go, but I’m sure we’ll meet again someday! In the meantime, always remember that I think of you fondly.”

“It’s been great having you around! I wish you all the best in your new adventures. Goodbye!”

“Goodbye for now – I’m sure we’ll see each other soon!”

“As much as I hate to say goodbye, I know our paths will cross again someday.”

“Farewell my friend! Keep in touch and remember: life is an adventure – so keep exploring!”

“Goodbye and good luck! Always remember that I’m here for you if ever you need me.”

Au Revoir Shoshanna GIFs

Want to give your farewell message an extra touch of fun? Try adding one of these lively Au Revoir Shoshanna GIFs! Featuring a popular character from the television show Gossip Girl, these GIFs are perfect for adding a bit of humor to your goodbye messages. Whether it’s a silly dance or an adorable wave goodbye, these GIFs will make your farewell message stand out. So go ahead and make someone’s day with an Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF!

Here are some of our favorite Au Revoir Shoshanna GIFs:

• The classic wave goodbye – perfect for a heartfelt goodbye message.

• A silly dance – great for lightening up the mood.

• A friendly hug – ideal for sending hugs over long distances.

• A big smile – perfect for sending your best wishes.

So go ahead and add some laughter to someone’s day with one of these Au Revoir Shoshanna GIFs!

1. Wave Bon Voyage

Say goodbye to your pals with a wave and an au revoir as they sail away on a boat. Shoshanna GIFs can help you do just that! With a simple wave, you’ll be able to say goodbye with style and class.

2. Make a Toast

Add some pizzazz to your farewell with an elegant toast. Shoshanna GIFs can help you raise a glass in style and elegance. Toast to good memories, new adventures, and exciting times ahead!

3. Blow a Kiss

Show your friends how much you care by blowing them a kiss as they go off on their own path. With the help of Shoshanna GIFs, you’ll be able to show them off with ease and grace.

4. Give Hugs & Smiles

Hugs are always the best way to say goodbye – and with the help of Shoshanna GIFs, you can show your friends just how much they mean to you! Give them one last hug and send them off with smiles on their faces.

5. Sing an Aria

Add some music to your goodbye by singing an opera or an aria for your friends! With the help of Shoshanna GIFs, you’ll be able to serenade them in style as they go off on their own journey.

6. Dance Till You Drop

Dancing is always fun – so why not make it part of your farewell? With the help of Shoshanna GIFs, you’ll be able to dance up a storm for your departing friends without breaking a sweat!

7. Write Poems & Stories

Writing is always an expression of love – so why not express yourself through words? With the help of Shoshanna GIFs, you’ll be able to write heartfelt poems or stories for your departing friends that will stay with them forever!

8. Share Photos & Videos

Capture memories by sharing photos or videos of all the fun times you’ve had together before saying goodbye! With the help of Shoshanna GIFs, you’ll be able to share memorable moments in style without any hassle at all!

9. Send Gifts & Cards

Surprise your friends with gifts or cards before saying goodbye! With the help of Shoshanna GIFs, you’ll be able to choose thoughtful gifts that will stay with them wherever they go!

10 . Spend Quality Time
Make sure that your last moments together are filled with laughter and joy by spending quality time together before saying goodbye! With the help of Shoshanna GIFs, you’ll be able to make sure those moments are never forgotten!

Wrap Up

The Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF has become a cultural phenomenon and a go-to in the world of internet memes. It has been used to convey a range of feelings and emotions, from deep sorrow to heartfelt joy. Its versatility is its strength, as it can be used to represent many different emotions and experiences. In this way, it has become an expression of our shared humanity, which is something we can all appreciate.

Above all, the Au Revoir Shoshanna GIF is a reminder that no matter what life throws at us, we can turn to art and humor to make light of our difficult moments. It’s a symbol of hope and resilience that will continue on for many years to come.

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