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Archen is one of the rarest and most sought after Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It is a dual-type Rock/Flying-type Fossil Pokemon that was introduced in Generation V. Archen evolves into Archeops, which has the same dual-type combination. This makes it unique among other Flying-types, as it gives it access to powerful Rock-type moves like Stone Edge and Ancient Power. It also has the ability to learn Fly, making it an ideal choice for trainers looking for an alternative to the more traditional Flying-type Pokemon. Archen can be evolved by using 50 candies and a Sinnoh Stone.Archen is a Rock/Flying-type Fossil Pokémon introduced in the fifth generation of Pokémon. It is resurrected from a Plume Fossil and evolves into Archeops at level 37. It has a white head with two curved black horns, gray eyes, and a beak-like mouth. Its body is mostly brown with black wings and legs, and its tail is light green with four black stripes. Archen is capable of flight despite its small wings, which it accomplishes by riding wind currents.

Cottonee Evolution

Cottonee is a Grass-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It evolves into Whimsicott when exposed to a Sun Stone. Cottonee has a small, round, white body with no visible limbs and it has two green leaves on its head which look like ears. It is believed to possess the power to move unseen in the wind. In battle, Cottonee’s main weapon is its ability to absorb energy from an opponent’s attack and turn it into a powerful move of its own.

Cottonee Evolution Requirements in Pokémon Go

In order to evolve Cottonee into Whimsicott in Pokémon Go, players must use a Sun Stone. Once the Sun Stone is used, Cottonee will evolve into Whimsicott and gain access to new moves and higher stats. Players can find Sun Stones by completing raids or through special events. It should be noted that Cottonee cannot be evolved without using the Sun Stone, so make sure you have one ready before attempting evolution!

How to Evolve Archen in Pokémon Go

Archen is a Flying-type and Rock-type Pokemon that evolves into Archeops. In order to evolve Archen into Archeops, you will need to collect 50 Archen candy. This can be done by catching Archen in the wild or by transferring them from Professor Willow. Once you have collected the required amount of candy, you can use it to evolve your Archen into an Archeops.

Evolution is an important part of Pokémon Go as it allows you to obtain more powerful Pokémon with higher stats. Evolving Archen into Archeops will also give your Pokemon access to a powerful move set that includes Wing Attack, Ancient Power and Acrobatics. Additionally, Archeops has higher base stats compared to Archen.

It is important to note that evolving your Archen will not only require 50 Archen candy but will also require a certain amount of Stardust. The amount of Stardust required for evolution varies depending on the level of your Pokemon and can range from 1,000 Stardust up to 3,000 Stardust for high leveled Pokémon.

Once you have collected the necessary items for evolution, simply open up the Pokemon menu and tap on the ‘Evolve’ button next to your Archen. Confirm the evolution and watch as your Archen evolves into an Archeops! You can then use this powerful new Pokemon in battle or continue collecting more candy for further evolution!

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Archen’s Best Moveset in Pokémon Go

Archen is a Rock/Flying-type Fossil Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It is the first form of Archeops and can be obtained by resurrecting one of the two fossils that can be found in the game. Archen has access to many powerful moves, making it a great option for PvP battles. The best moveset for Archen will depend on what type of battle you’re looking to engage in. For PvP battles, Archen should learn a combination of fast and charged attacks that can take advantage of its Rock and Flying-type strengths.

For fast attacks, Archen should use Steel Wing or Ancient Power as its primary fast attack. Steel Wing is a strong Rock-type move that has a 0.6s charge time and does significant damage when it hits. Ancient Power is also a good choice for Archen’s fast attack as it has an even shorter charge time (0.5s) and also packs quite a punch with its Rock-type damage output. Both of these moves are great against Fighting-types, which is always helpful in PvP battles.

For charged attacks, Archen should learn Crunch or Aerial Ace as its main charged attack options. Crunch is an incredibly powerful Dark-type move with an impressive 2 bar charge time and excellent damage output against Psychic-types, which are often seen in PvP battles. Aerial Ace is also a great option as it’s Flying-type and can do solid damage against other Flying-types while also having an impressive 2 bar charge time.

Overall, Archen’s best moveset for PvP battles consists of Steel Wing or Ancient Power for its fast attack and Crunch or Aerial Ace for its charged attack options. This combination allows Archen to take advantage of both its Rock and Flying-type strengths while also having access to powerful moves with quick charge times that can quickly deal out significant damage against opponents.

Where to Find Archen in Pokémon Go?

Archen is a rare flying-type and rock-type Pokémon found in the Unova region. It is one of the few Pokémon that can learn the move Ancient Power, making it a valuable addition to your team. However, due to its rarity, players have had difficulty finding Archen in Pokémon Go.

To find Archen, you’ll need to look in very specific locations. This includes 10 km eggs and certain areas of the map that are known for rare spawns such as parks or rivers. You might also find Archen when a new event starts or when there’s a special raid day for rock-type Pokémon.

Another way to get an Archen is through trading with other players. Join a local Facebook group or Discord server dedicated to trading and see if anyone is willing to trade their Archen with you. You can also use third-party apps such as Pokécord or Silph Road to find trainers who are willing to trade with you.

If all else fails, you can always purchase an Archen from the in-game store using coins or real money. While this isn’t the most cost-effective way of getting an Archen, it does guarantee that you will get one eventually.

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Regardless of where you find your Archen, make sure you feed it plenty of berries and give it lots of love so that it can reach its full potential!

Best Counters for Archen in Pokémon Go

Archen is a Rock and Flying-type Pokémon, making it vulnerable to Ice, Steel, Electric and Rock attacks. It has a Maximum CP of 1250 and a Stamina of 87. With its low Defense stat, it’s important to choose the best counters in order to take it down quickly. Here are some of the best counters for Archen in Pokémon Go:

Ice-Type Pokémon: Ice-type Pokémon like Mamoswine, Glaceon, Weavile, Piloswine and Jynx will do massive amounts of damage against Archen. These Pokemon have high Attack stats and can easily outspeed and take down any Archen they come across.

Steel-Type Pokémon: Steel-type Pokémon like Metagross, Magnezone, Dialga and Lucario are great options for taking on Archen. These Pokemon have high Defense stats which make them difficult to take down quickly. Additionally, their Steel-type moves will do massive amounts of damage against Archen since it is weak to Steel attacks.

Electric-Type Pokémon: Electric-type Pokemon like Raikou, Zapdos, Electivire and Magnezone are great choices for taking on Archen. These Pokemon have high Special Attack stats which makes them excellent at dealing with Archen’s low Defense stat. Additionally, their Electric-type moves will do massive amounts of damage since Archen is weak to Electric attacks.

Rock-Type Pokémon: Rock-type Pokemon like Terrakion, Tyranitar and Rampardos are excellent choices for taking on Archen. These Pokemon have high Attack stats which make them great at dealing with Archen’s low Defense stat. Additionally, their Rock-type moves will do massive amounts of damage since Archen is weak to Rock attacks.

How to Beat & Catch Archen in Pokémon Go

Archen is a Rock/Flying type Pokémon that is quite rare to find in Pokémon Go. If you are lucky enough to encounter it, then you should be prepared for a challenging battle. To beat and catch Archen, you will need to understand its strengths and weaknesses and use the right moves and strategies. Here is how you can do that:

Firstly, Archen has a double weakness to Ice type moves, so it is wise to use an Ice type Pokémon when fighting it. Some of the best Ice type Pokémon include Glaceon, Articuno, Weavile, and Mamoswine. Furthermore, since Archen is a Rock/Flying type Pokemon, Fire type moves are also effective against it. Charizard, Moltres, Entei, Magmortar and Heatran are all good choices for Fire-type attacks.

Secondly, make sure you have plenty of Pokéballs ready as Archen can be quite difficult to catch. You should also try using berries such as Razz Berries or Nanab Berries during battle; these will make it easier for your Pokéball to stick when thrown at the end of the battle.

Finally, when attacking Archen with your chosen Pokémon remember to use quick-type attacks such as Steel Wing or Wing Attack as they can deal a lot of damage quickly. Also keep an eye out for its signature move Ancient Power which can be very powerful if used correctly.

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By following these tips you should be able to beat and catch Archen in Pokémon Go with relative ease. Good luck!

Archen as a Gym Defender

Archen is a great choice for defending gyms in Pokemon GO. It has strong defensive capabilities and decent offensive potential, making it an ideal defender. With its Rock/Flying typing, Archen resists all Fighting-type attacks and is immune to Ground-type attacks. Its high Defense stat also helps it take less damage from physical attackers. Furthermore, Archen has access to the dual STAB moves Ancient Power and Acrobatics, which can deal solid damage to attackers while still providing good defensive utility. Archen also has access to two other strong moves: Rock Slide and U-Turn, which can be used to surprise attackers or switch out if necessary. All in all, Archen is a great choice for any gym defender team.

In addition to its good offensive and defensive capabilities, Archen also has access to the move Roost, which allows it to heal itself after taking damage in battle. This makes it even more difficult for attackers to take down Archen and make it an even better defender than before. Finally, thanks to its Flying typing, Archen takes less damage from super effective attacks than most other Pokemon when defending a gym. This gives it an edge over many other defenders that are weak against certain types of attack.

All things considered, Archen is an excellent choice for defending gyms in Pokemon GO. Its dual STAB moves provide good offensive utility while its Rock/Flying typing allows it to resist most physical attacks and take less damage from super effective hits. In addition, its access to Roost makes it even harder for attackers to take down while defending a gym. For these reasons, Archen is one of the best choices for defending any gym in Pokemon GO!


Overall, Archen’s evolution in Pokemon Go has been a great success. It has become one of the most popular Pokemon and has gained a lot of attention from fans and players alike. Players from around the world have taken on the challenge of catching Archen and evolving it to its ultimate form. The excitement of battling with Archen in its evolved form is something that everyone can enjoy. With the help of special items, players have been able to further customize their Archen and make it even more powerful. The journey of evolving Archen in Pokemon Go will be an adventure that will keep players coming back for more.

Archen’s evolution is one of the many unique features that makes Pokemon Go so special. From its introduction, it has given players an opportunity to explore their own creativity and design their own custom Archen. With such an amazing feature, it is no surprise that Archen is so popular among the community of Pokemon Go players. It has been an exciting journey from start to finish and we look forward to what lies ahead as we continue our exploration into the world of Pokemon Go!

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