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Steelers memes are a popular form of entertainment among the Pittsburgh Steelers fan base. They are often light-hearted and humorous, but they can also be biting and sarcastic. These memes often poke fun at the team’s performance, its players, or even its coach. Some of the most popular anti-Steelers memes poke fun at the team’s losing record or how it fares against its rivals. Regardless of what kind of Steelers meme you find, they’re sure to make you laugh!Hilarious anti-Steelers memes have been popping up all over the internet lately. From jokes about their notoriously bad defense to funny pictures of Le’Veon Bell in a Jets uniform, these memes are sure to make any Steelers hater laugh out loud. Whether you’re a fan of another team in the AFC North or just don’t like the black and gold, these memes are guaranteed to give you a good chuckle. So if you need a little pick-me-up on game day or just want to share a few laughs with fellow Steelers haters, check out some of these hilarious anti-Steelers memes!

Bitingly Funny Anti Steelers Memes

The rivalry between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the rest of the NFL is legendary, and with good reason. The Steelers have been one of the most successful franchises in NFL history, winning six Super Bowls and racking up an impressive record of regular season wins over their decades-long run. But that doesn’t mean everyone is a fan. In fact, there are plenty of fans who take great pleasure in poking fun at the team’s success. Here are some of the most bitingly funny anti-Steelers memes out there.

One popular meme portrays a Steelers fan asking a non-Steelers fan which team they root for and getting a response like “anyone but Pittsburgh”. This meme is often used to highlight how much hate some people have for the team. Another meme shows a picture of Ben Roethlisberger with an evil smirk on his face, suggesting that he is somehow responsible for all of the team’s success. This meme is used to mock Roethlisberger’s reputation as a “clutch” quarterback who always manages to get his team over the line when it counts.

Then there are memes that make fun of the team’s uniform choices over the years. For example, one popular meme features an image of former Steelers’ coach Bill Cowher wearing an old-fashioned Steelers’ jersey with white sleeves and yellow numbers on it, poking fun at some of their more dated uniform designs. There are also plenty of memes out there that compare modern day players to those from past eras, suggesting that current players don’t measure up to their predecessors in terms of talent or skill level.

Finally, there are also plenty of memes out there about how Pittsburgh has managed to stay atop the NFL standings for so long despite its relatively small population size compared to other major cities with NFL teams. These memes usually feature images like cows wearing Steelers jerseys or other creative ways to show how even tiny towns can produce championship caliber teams year after year if they have enough passion for football and enough dedication from their players and coaches.

Whether you love them or hate them, it’s hard not to appreciate these bitingly funny anti-Steelers memes. They provide a great way for fans to express their opinions about one of the most successful franchises in NFL history while having a good laugh at their expense too!

Latest Anti Steelers Memes

The internet never fails to deliver when it comes to Steelers memes, and the latest ones are no exception. From hilarious takes on the team’s current struggles to poking fun at their past failures, these anti-Steelers memes have people in stitches.

For those unfamiliar with the team, the Pittsburgh Steelers are a professional American football franchise based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They are one of the most storied franchises in NFL history and have won six Super Bowl titles. However, they have not been having a great time of late, which has made them an easy target for ridicule among NFL fans.

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These latest anti-Steelers memes feature some great artistry as well as witty one-liners that make them both funny and clever. One meme depicts a pair of dejected Steelers fans sitting on a bench with the caption “When you’re 0-4 and can’t fall asleep because you keep thinking about how bad your team is.” Another meme features a drawing of star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger being tackled by an opposing player with the text “Big Ben: When you don’t protect yourself or your teammates.”

The memes also take aim at some of the team’s other shortcomings such as their lack of depth at certain positions or their inability to get over the hump in big games. One meme shows an empty stadium with a caption reading “When you can’t even fill up Heinz Field for your home games” while another features Roethlisberger throwing an interception accompanied by the caption “Big Ben: When you put up 500 yards but still can’t win.”

No matter what your opinion is on the Steelers, these anti-Steelers memes are sure to put a smile on your face while also bringing attention to some of their issues on the field. In any case, it will be interesting to see if they can turn things around this season and put an end to these hilarious yet critical images!

The Best Anti Steelers Memes

The Pittsburgh Steelers have long been one of the most successful franchises in the NFL, but they are also one of the most hated. From their boastful fans to their on-field success, the Steelers have become a lightning rod for criticism and ridicule. In recent years, this has been amplified by the rise of social media and “meme culture”, with countless memes poking fun at the team’s expense. Here are some of the best anti-Steelers memes out there.

The Terrible Towel

One of the most iconic symbols associated with the Steelers is their “Terrible Towel”, a yellow cloth that fans wave during games for good luck. Unsurprisingly, this has become a popular target for internet jokesters, with several memes featuring a towel being used in absurd or inappropriate ways. For example, one popular meme features an image of two dogs playing tug-of-war with a Terrible Towel while wearing Steelers jerseys.

Ben Roethlisberger

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has long been one of the most polarizing figures in football. He’s had multiple off-field incidents involving alcohol and sexual assault allegations over his career, which has led to plenty of criticism from outsiders and meme makers alike. One particularly popular meme features an image of Roethlisberger captioned “When your team is down 28 points at halftime”—a reference to his tendency to make late game comebacks against weaker opponents.

The Curse Of The Killer Bs

In recent years, some have argued that the Steelers have been cursed by their own success as they’ve become overly reliant on their star players—specifically Ben Roethlisberger and his supporting cast known as “the Killer Bs” (Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown). This idea has spawned several memes featuring images of Roethlisberger surrounded by voodoo dolls or hex signs meant to ward off bad luck.

General Disappointment

Of course, not all anti-Steelers memes are specific to individual players or moments—some simply express general disappointment or frustration with how things are going in Pittsburgh. For instance, one meme features an image of a dejected fan captioned “When you realize your team isn’t making it to playoffs this year…again!”

All in all, there’s no shortage of anti-Steelers memes out there—and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Most Criticized Anti Steelers Memes

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most storied franchises in the NFL, and fans of the team take great pride in their team’s success. Unfortunately, the Steelers have had their fair share of detractors over the years, with some choosing to express their dissatisfaction through anti-Steelers memes. These memes often poke fun at the team’s lack of championships, poor performances on the field, and various other issues. While some may find these memes funny, many Steelers fans have found them distasteful and insulting. Here are some of the most criticized anti-Steelers memes that have been circulating around social media.

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The first meme that comes to mind is one featuring a picture of a sad Ben Roethlisberger with the caption “Choking since 2004”. This obviously references Roethlisberger’s propensity for throwing interceptions in clutch situations during his career, which has cost the Steelers several games over the years. Fans have also taken to photoshopping pictures of quarterback Mason Rudolph with various unflattering captions such as “The best QB in Pittsburgh” or “The next franchise QB” which has drawn criticism from Steelers fans for being overly harsh on Rudolph.

Another meme that has drawn criticism from Steelers fans is one featuring a picture of head coach Mike Tomlin with a caption about his inability to win championships. This meme emphasizes Tomlin’s lack of postseason success despite having several successful regular seasons as head coach. The meme implies that even though he has had some success as head coach, his teams have been unable to win when it matters most.

Finally, there is a meme featuring wide receiver Antonio Brown with a caption referencing how he forced his way out of Pittsburgh after playing just nine seasons with the team. This meme highlights how Brown was able to get what he wanted despite having just one year left on his contract at the time. It also serves as a reminder that players who demand too much power can sometimes end up costing their teams in terms of performance and chemistry.

While these anti-Steelers memes may be humorous to some, they have been highly criticized by many diehard Steelers fans for being too harsh on players and coaches associated with their beloved team. As such, it is important for those who choose to share these types of memes to do so respectfully and without malice towards those involved.

Savagely Funny Anti Steelers Memes

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been one of the most successful teams in the NFL over the past decade, and as such, they have a lot of passionate fans. But with great success comes plenty of haters, and there is no better way to express your disdain for your rivals than through savagely funny anti-Steelers memes. These memes are sure to make any Steelers fan cringe, and can help you express exactly how you feel about the team.

One popular anti-Steelers meme is the ‘Le’Veon Bell Meme’, which mocks the star running back’s decision to sit out the 2018 season due to a contract dispute. The meme features a picture of Bell with his arms crossed and words like ‘I’m not playing until I get paid’, which perfectly sums up his stance on the issue. Another popular meme is the ‘Ben Roethlisberger Meme’, which pokes fun at Roethlisberger’s tendency to throw interceptions at crucial moments in games. This meme typically features an image of Roethlisberger looking dejected while throwing an interception, along with text like ‘Thanks for nothing’.

Finally, there’s the ever-popular ‘James Harrison Meme’, which jokingly depicts former Steelers linebacker James Harrison as an overly aggressive defender. This meme typically features an image of Harrison with a menacing look on his face, alongside text like ‘Don’t mess with me’. Whatever your feelings about the Steelers may be, these savagely funny anti-Steelers memes are sure to make any fan laugh (or cry!).

Bitingly Clever Anti Steelers Memes

Steelers fans have long been known for their passionate loyalty and devotion to the team. But when it comes to Steelers rivals, there’s no shortage of bitingly clever anti-Steelers memes that have been circulating the internet. From mocking their divisional rivals to poking fun at their home field, these memes are sure to spark a few laughs and start some lively conversations.

The ‘Pittsburgh Sucks’ meme is a classic example of how creative fans can be when it comes to poking fun at their opponents. With its simple but effective graphics, it has become an iconic representation of how some Steelers fans view their rivals.

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The ‘Not Ready for Primetime’ meme is another way that fans have made light of the Steelers’ struggles in big games. The message behind this meme is that while the Steelers may be good in the regular season, they aren’t quite ready to take on the best teams in the playoffs.

The ‘Crying Steeler Fan’ meme has also become popular amongst Steelers haters. This image of a distraught fan gives us a glimpse into what could happen if the team fails to meet expectations this season.

Finally, there’s the ‘Ben Roethlisberger Mustache’ meme which pokes fun at Big Ben’s signature facial hair style. This one is sure to get a few chuckles from anyone familiar with Roethlisberger’s style and his somewhat questionable fashion choices over the years.

Whether you’re a die-hard Steelers fan or an avid hater of the team, these memes are sure to spark some conversation and will keep you entertained for hours! So go ahead and share your favorite bitingly clever anti-Steelers memes today!

Sarcastically Funny Anti Steelers Memes

The Pittsburgh Steelers have had a long history of success, and their fanbase is one of the most dedicated in all of football. But that doesn’t mean everyone loves them – particularly Steelers haters. In recent years, the internet has been flooded with sarcastic anti-Steelers memes, poking fun at the team’s perceived flaws and celebrating its rivals’ successes. From pointing out the team’s lack of talent to mocking their questionable fashion choices, there’s no shortage of hilarious anti-Steelers memes to get a chuckle out of even the biggest Pittsburgh fans.

One popular meme features a picture of former Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger with the caption “you don’t have to be smart to be good at football…just ask Big Ben.” This meme pokes fun at Roethlisberger’s lack of intelligence and highlights how he was able to have success despite not being the sharpest tool in the shed.

Another popular anti-Steelers meme features a picture of wide receiver Antonio Brown with the caption “when you can’t catch anything but touchdowns.” This is a reference to Brown’s propensity for dropping passes even when he was one of the best wide receivers in the league.

Though these memes may seem harsh, they’re often made in good fun and can be enjoyed by both Steelers fans and haters alike. Whether you love or hate Pittsburgh, there’s no denying that these memes are some incredibly clever pieces of comedy gold.


Steelers memes can be seen as a form of expression that enables people to communicate their unique perspectives and opinions in a humorous way. They can also be a source of entertainment, providing a platform for people to interact and enjoy the lighter side of life. Despite this, the anti-Steelers memes should not be taken lightly as they are still hurtful and damaging to those in the Steelers community. On the other hand, if used responsibly, they can be used as an opportunity to create meaningful dialogue and provide an opportunity for growth and understanding.

While it is true that these memes are often created with good intentions, it is important to remember that they should not be taken lightly. It is also essential to remember that these memes should not be used as an excuse or justification for any form of discrimination or prejudice. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not they choose to engage in anti-Steelers memes and how they will use them responsibly.

Regardless of how one chooses to use the medium, it is important that we all understand the implications behind such content. With this understanding, we can then move forward with more productive conversations about diversity and respect within our communities.

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