5 letter word ending in ard

Bard is a five letter word that is used to refer to a poet or a singer. It is derived from the Old English word “beorht” which means “bright” or “shining”. This term was originally used to describe someone who was well-versed in the art of storytelling and verse-making. Bard has now come to represent an individual who is highly skilled in the creative arts, specifically those related to music, poetry, and literature. A bard is often seen as a powerful figure who can change minds through their words and music, often with magical and mythical undertones.Bard, card, yard, lard, ward.

Examples of Words Ending in Ard

Words ending in ard are quite common, especially in the English language. Examples of words ending in ard include “lizard,” “regard,” and “awkward.” The suffix -ard is often used to indicate a person or thing that is characterized by a particular quality, such as being stiff, awkward, or cowardly. For example, the word “drunkard” refers to a person who is characterized by drunkenness. Similarly, the word “proudard” describes someone who has an excessive amount of pride or arrogance.

Words ending in ard can also describe a place or event that is related to a particular quality. For example, the word “woodsward” refers to the edge of a forest or wooded area. Similarly, the word “lakesward” might refer to the shoreline of a lake. Additionally, the word “homeward” can be used to describe something that is directed towards one’s home.

Many words ending in ard are also used as verbs or adjectives. For example, the verb form of “regard” (to have respect for something) is often used when expressing admiration for an individual’s accomplishments or qualities. The adjective form of this same word (regarded) can be used when describing an object or person as being respected by others. Similarly, the verb form of the word “discard” (to throw away) might be used when referring to an action taken to get rid of something unwanted. The adjective form (discarded) could then be used when describing something that has been thrown away and no longer wanted.

Finally, there are many words ending in ard that are used colloquially or informally in everyday speech and writing. Examples include “sluggard,” which typically describes someone who moves slowly and lazily; and “dastard,” which usually refers to someone who lacks courage and behaves cowardly towards others.

In conclusion, words ending in ard are quite common throughout the English language and span multiple contexts including people, places, events, adjectives and verbs forms alike!

Ard Ending Words with Five Letters

Words that end with ard are usually adjectives. They are used to describe the characteristics of a person, place, or thing. Examples of words that end with ard include cowardly, weird, and awkward. These words can be used to express emotions or describe different situations in a humorous way.

The suffix “ard” is derived from the Old French word “ard” meaning “strong” or “fierce”. This suffix is often used to form adjectives that describe a person’s character or behavior. Examples include reckless, foolish, and feisty. Other words ending in ard imply a level of intensity for an action or emotion such as alert, ardent, and dogged.

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When used to describe a physical state or condition, words ending in ard typically imply something extreme such as rugged and gaunt. In some cases this suffix forms adverbs like backward and forward which indicate direction or movement. There are also some nouns that use this suffix like drunkard and wizard which refer to people who possess certain qualities or skills.

Overall, the suffix “ard” is versatile and can be found in many different types of words with five letters at the end of the word. Whether being expressed through an adjective, adverb, or noun these words help add color to our language by giving us more precise ways to express ourselves.

Five Letter Words with Ard Ending

Learning five-letter words with the ‘ard’ ending is an excellent way to expand your vocabulary. These words can be used in a variety of situations and help to make your writing and speaking more expressive. Here are some examples of five-letter words with the ‘ard’ ending that you could use in your next project or conversation:

laird: a Scottish landowner
bard: a poet
baward: towards the bow of a ship
board: a flat piece of material used for playing games or providing a surface to write on
award: a prize given as recognition for an achievement
coward: someone who lacks courage
steward: someone in charge of managing resources or overseeing an organization.

These are just some of the many five-letter words with the ‘ard’ ending. Learning these words will help you become more conversant and confident when communicating with others. You can also use them to make your writing more engaging and interesting. So, start adding these words to your vocabulary today!

Common Words that End in Ard

The English language has many words that end in the letters ard. Many of these words are used frequently in everyday conversation. Some of the more common ones are “regard,” “discard,” “regardless,” and “retard.” Each of these words has a unique meaning and can be used to accurately describe a variety of situations.

“Regard” is a verb which means to think or consider something. When someone expresses regard for someone else, they are acknowledging their presence or importance. For example, one might say, “I have great regard for my grandmother.” This sentence would indicate that the speaker holds their grandmother in high esteem.

“Discard” is another word that ends in ard and it means to throw something away, usually because it is no longer useful or wanted. In some cases, it can also mean to ignore or reject something. For example, one might discard an old pair of shoes if they are no longer wearable or discard an idea if they do not believe it makes sense.

“Regardless” is an adverb which indicates that something will occur despite any other circumstances. It is usually used as a conjunction to imply that something will still happen even if certain conditions exist or things change. For example, one might say, “Regardless of how much money I have, I will still travel.” This sentence implies that the individual will travel regardless of their financial situation.

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Finally, “retard” is a verb which means to slow down or delay progress. It can also be used as an adjective when describing someone with intellectual disabilities and should be handled with caution since it can be considered offensive in some contexts. For example, one might say, “The cold weather retarded the growth of tomatoes this summer.” This sentence implies that the cold weather caused tomatoes to grow at a slower rate than usual due to environmental conditions

Ard Spelling of Five Letter Words

The English language is full of words with interesting spellings that can be hard to remember. This is especially true for five letter words with an ‘ard’ ending. ‘Ard’ is a common spelling for words ending in a hard sound, such as ‘ward’, ‘bard’, and ‘yard’. There are many other five letter words with the same spelling that may not be as well known.

A few examples include ‘laird’, which means a Scottish nobleman, and ‘mard’, which means to grind or pound into small pieces. The word ‘sward’ refers to a piece of land covered in grass, while ‘tard’ is an archaic word meaning stiff or rigid. The verb ‘befard’ means to cover or conceal something, and the noun ‘shard’ is used to describe a fragment of broken pottery or glass.

The word ‘award’ has two different meanings depending on the context it is used in. It can mean to grant something as an honor or prize, but it can also mean to adjudge someone guilty of a crime or misdemeanor. Another related term is the word ‘discard’, which means to get rid of something that is no longer needed or wanted.

Finally, the words ‘girard’ and ‘kirard’ both refer to someone who lives on the edge of a forest or wooded area. There are many more five letter words with an ard ending that can be found in any dictionary, all with their own unique meanings and spellings.

List of Five Letter Words with Ard Ending

The English language is filled with vast vocabulary and an endless amount of words. Five letter words are often used in everyday conversation and can be great for adding a bit of flair to your writing. If you’re looking for five letter words that end in ard, then this list should help! Here are some of the most common five letter words that end in ard:

• Bard – A bard is a poet or minstrel who sings or recites stories, often about heroes and their deeds.

• Card – A card is a thin, rectangular piece of stiff paper or stiff plastic typically used to display information such as a name, address, or message.

• Yard – A yard is a unit of length equal to 3 feet or 36 inches. It is commonly used to measure distances, such as the length of a football field.

• Lard – Lard is rendered pork fat that can be used as a cooking fat as well as for making soap and candles.

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• Ward – A ward is an administrative division within a city or municipality, typically containing several blocks or neighborhoods and usually sharing the same postal code.

These are just some examples of five letter words that end in ard, but there are many more out there! With so many options available, you can use these words to spice up your writing and make it more interesting and enjoyable to read.

Unique Five Letter Words Ending in Ard

There are many unique five letter words ending in ard. Some of the most common examples include “heard,” “lard,” “bards,” and “shard.” Other interesting words include “stard,” which is a combination of the words star and hard; “dward,” which is an archaic term for a hill or mound; and “frere,” which is an old French word for brother. These words all have different meanings, yet they contain the same suffix, ard.

The suffix ard is derived from the Old English word hearde, which means brave or strong. This suffix has been used in many different words throughout history, some of which are still used today. For example, the word lard was originally used to describe a type of pork fat, while bards were originally troubadours who told stories through song and verse. Shard is another interesting example; it comes from the Middle English word scharde, meaning to cut or divide into pieces.

The suffix ard also has its own unique definitions when used as part of particular terms. For instance, stard can refer to a type of star that appears in the night sky as well as an especially brilliant person. Similarly, dward means a hill or mound and frere can mean brother as well as an old French term for friend or companion.

These five letter words ending in ard are certainly unique and interesting. They all have different meanings depending on how they are used in a sentence but each one contains the same suffix, ard!


The five letter word ending in ard is an integral part of the English language. It is a great way to express different ideas and concepts and can be used to create unique words and phrases. It is important to understand the meaning of each word ending in ard in order to effectively communicate with others. This knowledge can also help one become a better writer as it increases their ability to craft well-written sentences. With a few simple rules, anyone can learn how to use five letter words ending in ard with confidence.

The five letter word ending in ard has been used for centuries and will most certainly continue to be used for many years to come. Its versatility, simplicity, and ability to convey various emotions make it an essential part of any writer’s toolkit. Whether you are writing creatively or professionally, understanding how to use five letter words ending in ard will make your writing better and more effective.

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